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Friday, January 29, 2016

Taming the Beast by Nicole Campbell...

Taming the Beast
Nicole Campbell

Kyrie Romero had to run from the life she knew.

Packing up her life, she fled from the warmth of her home in the southwest to the cold snowy northeast. It was the best way to escape the psycho stalker who was threatening her--one of the dangers of being an erotica author.

Xander Kane stumbled across Kyrie and was instantly smitten by her beauty and her tenacity. Every instinct in his body told him that she was his—his reina, his mate for life.
But the reason Kyrie ran so far so fast has followed her, and now she and Xander must find a way to get Kyrie free from her past—and Xander must tell Kyrie the truth about what he really is.


Xander watched the way she held her arms above her head. Her hips dangled from her spine as she stretched, and visions of her dancing pulsed through his head. “Well, if I get to call you Kyrie, then you’re calling me Xander.” He stood, pulling her quilt off the grass with him, gently shaking it out and folding it to hide the fact he adjusted himself away from the zipper of his slacks. While walking across the field back to her truck, Xander couldn’t help but to admire her ass. He was a big man, with big hands, and this little spitfire had the perfectly rounded hips, tits and ass to more than fill out his hands. He fumbled for something more to say. “So, you’re an author, huh?”
“Yes. According to one of the lovely letters I got, I write nothing more than verbal mental porn for bored housewives and lonely women. It’s wrong of me to write those things because women who read such filth end up having a twisted, unrealistic idea of love and what real men are really like.” Kyrie laughed.
Xander made a show of shining his badge. “Nope. We’re knights in shining armor.” He flexed his biceps, trying not to grin at Kyrie’s sharp intake of breath. “We’re strong enough to handle whatever comes our way, carry our women away from danger, and plenty of endurance. And we like carrying our women off for hours of sweaty screaming good sex. We fight for what we want, what we love, what’s close to our hearts, and some of us aren’t afraid to cry.

About the Author

A long time ago Nicole decided there were too many perfect characters in the books she read. She decided that she would add imperfections to her characters to make them feel more real, even if it was only in her own heart, but she hopes you enjoy reading about them as much as she loves creating each and every one of them.
Whether in the foothills of the Laurel Highlands in Southwest Pennsylvania or in the little worlds of her own making, Nicole is happy to be at home with her family and rambunctious dogs. After all, every day is an adventure and you should live it as such. Tomorrow is never a guarantee - live for today and be sure to tell those you love that you love them. You never know when you won't have that chance again.
Never stop dreaming - never stop believing - If you want the moon and stars - go get them... They won't just land in your lap without a little bit of help.

Nicole on Social Media

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sweet On You by Marianne Rice...

Sweet on You by Marianne Rice
Series: The Wilde Sisters #1
Release Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
An extravagant cake design brings small town baker Trent Kipson to fame…

After gaining social media exposure of his culinary art, Trent’s cake design goes viral. Soon he’s contacted by the Cooking Network to host a new show in California. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for the owner of a modest shop in Portland, Maine, and the financial freedom the network offers could be the answer to all of his monetary problems.

Fitness instructor Rayne Wilde wants the life every small-town girl dreams of…

Rayne wishes for a future full of romance and the pitter-patter of little feet. She wants it all, including a white picket fence and a dog named Spot—which is exactly why she refuses to sleep with Trent, the sexy man who attends her Zumba classes. After a series of dead-end relationships, this time she really is in love. Trent is special, and the fear of letting him slip through her fingers keeps her advances at bay.

Life is waiting—all it takes is a leap of faith...

As their friendship grows and skeletons creep out of their closets, their relationship is put to the test. Stakes get higher, and the spark between them burns hotter than ever before.

Can they handle the heat when life-changing secrets are exposed, or will the fear of being burned send them on two different paths?

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Available on Kindle Unlimited!


Marianne Rice writes contemporary romances set in small New England towns. Her heroes are big and strong, yet value family and humor, while her heroines are smart, sexy, sometimes a little bit sassy, and are often battling a strong internal conflict. Together, they deal with real life issues and always, always, find everlasting love. When she’s not writing, Marianne spends her time buying shoes, eating chocolate, chauffeuring her herd of children to their varying sporting events, and when there’s time, cuddling with her husband, a drink in one hand, a romance book in the other.

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Cursed Vengeance by Brandy Rivers & Rebecca Brooke...

Cursed Vengeance
Brandy L Rivers
And Rebecca Brooke

Sierra prefers to avoid the Pine Barrens—the folklore and myths always left her uneasy. Which only grows worse when she runs into a man, and her first instinct is to help. The stranger tests her patience before disappearing and she can’t shake the instant, shocking attraction.
One chance meeting deep in the woods and Dylan is lost. The woman with red hair and blue eyes tempts his most primal nature to claim something he’s never wanted. As a male of his pack, destined to die on his thirty-fifth birthday, he does not want to claim anyone. Not unless they can find an answer to a fifty-year-old curse.

Sierra learns things aren’t always as they seem. Her brother and his best friend Dylan are werewolves with limited time and they believe she may be the key to breaking the curse. Dylan will do everything he can to convince her werewolves aren’t simply a nightmare lurking in the pines. They need her help to break the curse and save their pack.

But first, she has to accept a birthright she doesn’t believe in...

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Silence filled the air between us. The hell I was about to cause Sierra ran through my mind. From the moment I saw her the night before, I knew something was different. While she was beautiful, with her deep blue eyes and lips that begged to be kissed, her looks weren’t the only thing calling me to her. It went so much deeper than the fact her looks were enough to keep any man up at night.
But that wasn’t what kept her in my thoughts. It was the way she didn’t take shit from me. Since the moment we met, whenever I gave her a hard time, she shoved it right back in my face. If her powers were coming to the surface, like Sean believed they were, she should be able to sense my wolf and the truth in what we’d been telling her. So why couldn’t she? What kept her seeing this all as one big joke on her?
A hand landed on my shoulder, breaking me out of my head.
“For what it’s worth, if it weren’t for all of the other bullshit, I couldn’t ask for someone better for my sister.”
Those few words held a bit of comfort in a shitacular situation. There I was, sitting on the porch of my best friend, with my mate not twenty feet from me, yet it was all for nothing. Sierra might be destined for me, but that didn’t mean I’d use the connection and bring her even more heartache than necessary.
“Thanks, man, I wish things were different.” I rested my elbows on my knees and dropped my head into my hands.
“Maybe if we keep looking we’ll find something.”
For the last few years, we’d been trying to find the answer. At that point, I didn’t have confidence we’d ever find it. Sean lost more and more of his faith in his abilities every day. The end loomed closer and closer with each day that passed and there we were, stuck, watching it fly by.
“What do we do now?”
He turned back toward the front door.
“Right now, we go back in and make sure Sierra’s not too deep into the bottle of chocolate wine I bought her.”
“Chocolate wine?”
“Yeah, the shit is her favorite.”
Standing up, I followed Sean to the door, only to have him stop in front of me, his eyes on the door.
“I’ll leave it up to you, if and when you want to tell Sierra. As much as I want to save her from the heartache, I know there’s no way to keep it from her at this point,” Sean offered.
“I’m not sure if I should tell her. If I do, it won’t be tonight.” I paused and waited for him to say something else. When he said nothing, I asked the next most pressing question. “What do we tell her about the rest of this?”
He looked back at me. “The truth. It’s about time she understood everything. I may not be around forever to guide her. If her powers are pushing out, I may need to unblock them, before they come out at the wrong time.”
Taking a deep breath, he pushed open the door and walked back into the living room. Sierra sat curled up at one end of the couch, a wine glass in one hand, the bottle in the other, and a quarter empty bottle of Vanilla Rum sitting on the table. The wine glass was half-full with chocolate wine. There was a less than half of the wine left in the bottle.
“Hey, creeper,” her voice sing-songed. “I see you decided to stay.”
“Shit,” Sean sighed. “Too late.”
Looking down at my watch, I saw we’d been on the porch for about thirty minutes. She must have started drinking the minute we walked out the door. It shouldn’t have, but it annoyed the hell out of me that she’d drink instead of facing the reality of what we were telling her. “What the fuck?”
Sean grabbed my bicep. I hadn’t even realized I’d stormed closer to her.
“Give her a break. She was giving the magic idea a chance, then we threw in furry monsters and curses. If you knew nothing about any of this, how much would you believe if all that was thrown at you at once?”
“Sean,” she snapped. “Stop talking about me as if I’m not in the room.”
“Then put down the bottle of wine and we can all talk like adults.”
“Fine.” She plunked the bottle down on the table hard enough I thought it might break and grabbed the rum. Twisting off the cap, she lifted the bottle to her lips, drinking down a few swallows. Well, I guess we figured out how the hell she ended up in this state.
“Sierra,” Sean groaned. “Knock that shit off.”
“Oh no. I don’t think so. Any conversation with you and your voodoo is going to include this bottle.” She held up the rum and placed it back on the table. “Or this one,” she said, picking up the wine and shaking it before pouring herself another glass.
“Whatever,” Sean grumbled. “Maybe this will make it easier to introduce her to everything. She’ll be more accepting of it.”
Sean took a seat in the chair across from Sierra, leaving me next to her on the couch. Why in all holy hell he put me next to his sister after our conversation on the porch, was completely beyond me.
“Sierra, did you eat anything?” Sean asked.
“Nope,” she answered, popping the ‘p.’
Oh damn, the conversation didn’t have a chance in hell of going well.
“You’re going to regret it in the morning, but that’s your problem. No whining at me when you feel like shit,” Sean said, no pity in his tone.
Rolling her eyes, she took a long sip from her glass, watching her brother over the rim.
“Sierra, we need to talk about you being a witch. Hell, I’m pretty sure you still have your powers, something I didn’t expect.”
She laughed. Not an uncomfortable one of disbelief, more of a belly laugh that said she thought this was one big joke. “Does that mean I’ll be able to cast spells with a little wiggle of my nose?”
While her joke might have been funny under other circumstances, we didn’t have time for her games.
Sean rubbed his thumb and forefinger over his eyes and the bridge of his nose. “Don’t be ridiculous. You recognized the books on my shelf. Somewhere deep down you can feel your power if you try.”
Sierra sat silently for a moment. “Okay, say I’m willing to go along with the magic side of things, why are you trying to drag me into it?”
“Because you need to know and we need your help.”
Her eyes rounded, her pupils dilated. “How could believing your story about being a witch help you?”
Lifting the glass, more of the wine went down and I had to clench my fists in my lap to keep from grabbing the bottle and slamming it against the wall. I groaned. “We told you before, there is a curse on our pack.”
“Oh, that’s right.” She giggled. “You both think you’re werewolves. Next you’re going to tell me one of you is the Jersey Devil.”
“Jesus, Sierra. Don’t be fucking ridiculous,” Sean said, exasperated.
Her attitude sober was hot and sexy. Drunk it was not cute at all and made me want to shake some sense into her. “What the hell? Is she serious?” I snapped.
Sierra giggled. “Why not a Jersey Devil? We’re in the right place for crazy shit.”
“The Jersey Devil isn’t from anywhere around here,” Sean argued.
Her eyes darted back and forth between us, until she landed on me. “And let me guess, it’s you?” she asked, pointing right at me.
That was it! Hopping to my feet, I pulled my clothes off.
One brow arched as her eyes trailed over my body, then her mouth popped open with a gasp. “What on Earth are you doing?”
“Proving we’re werewolves.” Normally I wouldn’t consider changing in front of a human, but this was an extreme case.
My bones and muscles reshaped themselves, as I felt fur flow down my body.

About the Authors

Rebecca Brooke

Rebecca lives near the shore towns of New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. When she's not writing she loves reading and watching SOA and TrueBlood

Social Media

Brandy Rivers

Brandy L Rivers is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her two main series are Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle. She has also written a couple contemporary stories.
An avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. Her secret lair, guarded by a pint-sized pound puppy who imagines himself a hellhound, contains a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out with new creations she is constantly dreaming up.
Living in rainy Western Washington with her husband and three kids, Brandy is already working on future stories in each of the series, and several other projects.

Social Media

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Gangster's Kiss by Ginger Ring...

The Gangster’s Kiss
Ginger Ring

John O’Malley’s sister is missing. All the clues of her disappearance lead to Hayward County, Wisconsin and the crooks and questionable sheriff that reside there. Pretending to be one of them, John takes a job as bodyguard for the sheriff’s beautiful sister, Grace. It seems like the perfect way to investigate their crimes and corruption, but when someone threatens to kill Grace, the job proves harder than he thought. Is she an innocent witness to a crime, or just as guilty as everyone else?

Grace Sullivan just wanted a normal life: find a good man, get married and have a family. She has had enough of looking the other way while her brother hides behind his sheriff’s badge to conduct shady dealings. Hiring a gangster named John to watch her is the final straw. When a face from the past threatens her life, she is forced to put her life in John’s hands, but as time goes on, all she really wants is to be in the gangster’s arms.


The hair rose on the back of his neck. He licked his lips and smirked. She was spying on him. Her silhouette outlined a second floor window. A slight breeze nudged the curtain now and then to reveal the color of her nightgown. It looked to be a pretty, pale pink or peach shade of satin and lace. He removed his hat and ran his fingers through his hair. Her name suited her. She was as elegant and graceful as a dancer he’d once seen.
Eryn had dragged him, kicking and screaming, to a play. The dancer’s arms and legs swayed with the music. The vision in his mind didn’t compare to Grace though. She was one of a kind. A woman way out of his league.
His bare feet sunk in the thick grass as he crossed the yard to sit on the bench in front of the barn. No doubt she was following him with her lovely blue eyes. He had moved into the living quarters above the garage. The heat in the small room was stifling. Way too many thoughts circled in his head, and he couldn’t get any sleep.
Babysitting the sheriff’s sister was not part of the plan. Mickey had found out that Eryn was somewhere in the Hayward County area and he figured working for the sheriff, the man that he was told, knew everything that was happening in his jurisdiction. Was Grace knowledgeable about things like her brother or just an innocent bystander? He had yet to find out. At least she was a pretty thing. Pretty? She was a doll.

Excerpt 2

They finished eating but their conversation lasted into dusk. The mosquitos drove them inside where they continued to talk. He volunteered to wash the dishes while she dried. John was a lot smarter than she thought. He was quite well educated, in fact, but why was he here? Again, her lack of trust kicked in.
“Well, I think we have everything done.” John wiped his wet hands on a flour sack towel and gave the room the once over.
“Yes.” She gazed up. “Thank you for helping.” Her heart was aflutter. It was just the two of them alone. Her eyes fell to his lips. What would it be like to be touched by them? A few evening birds still crooned outside by the bird feeder and the buzz of a bee could be heard.
He rested one hand on the kitchen counter and reached to tuck a loose strand of blond hair behind her ear with the other.
“Good night.” John grabbed his hat off the table and headed to the door. “Get some sleep. We have a driving lesson tomorrow.”
“Ah, yes.” Grace shadowed behind, her fingers locked behind her back. “Good night, John.”
He paused in the doorway. “Lock the door behind me.”
“I will.” She gripped the door handle in her hand and leaned on the door frame.
“I’ll be right outside, in case you need anything,” he halted before going down the steps, “or, in case you just want to stare at me some more.” Why, the man was impossible, but he made her laugh.
“You flatter yourself, Mr. O’Malley.” She giggled and those butterflies took flight again.
He stepped closer. “But what if I steal something?” he ribbed.
“I trust you.” Did she just say that? Her heart skipped a beat.
He stood close, so close she could feel his warmth. He didn’t wear any fancy cologne but yet smelled fresh, like the outdoors. It was a clean, pine scent, and definitely all male. Her fingers itched to touch his strong jaw but she couldn’t move. She could feel the pounding of her heart in her ears.
“Then we are making progress.” He cupped her cheek in his hand, leaned in, and kissed her forehead. “Sleep well, Princess.” Goose bumps rose on her arm. She couldn’t move. Her eyes closed. Would he kiss her again? Her lips parted. His boots sounded on the steps. She opened her eyes and watched him cross the yard to the garage.
Grace sighed as she her bodyguard disappeared in the dark.
“Lock the door, Grace!” John yelled from somewhere in the shadows.
She rousted herself from his spell and locked the door. The lights turned off, she danced around the kitchen with just the moonlight to guide the way. Her feet waltzed across the living room until she stubbed her toe on the leg of a chair. Grace stopped. She was acting like a schoolgirl, giddy from her first kiss. Well, she had about as much experience as a schoolgirl. The number of kisses she’d had could be counted on one hand. She was a mature woman. She needed to act like one. Who was she kidding? Her feet ran up the stairs as fast as she could go.
In the darkness of her room, she slid on her peach satin nightgown and sat in the window seat. Was he out there watching her? Keeping her safe? A chill ran down her spine. Was Killian gone? She really needed to tell John about him.
Something moved by the tree line. Why would John be over there? The lights above the garage came on and she saw John opening the window of her room. She dropped behind the curtain. He didn’t need to know she was spying on him, even if she was.
Activity by the trees caught her eye again. She tried to focus but there wasn’t anything there. It must be a raccoon or opossum. She pulled the pink chenille bedspread back and climbed in bed. John had whispered for her to have sweet dreams. Her lips turned up at the corners. She would surely be dreaming of a tall Irishman and there would be nothing sweet about them.

About the Author

Ginger Ring is an eclectic, hat-loving Midwestern girl with a weakness for cheese, dark chocolate, and the Green Bay Packers. She loves reading, playing with her cats, watching great movies, and has a quirky sense of humor. Publishing a book has been a lifelong dream of hers and she is excited to share her romantic stories with you. Her heroines are classy, sassy and in search of love and adventure. When Ginger isn't tracking down old gangster haunts or stopping at historical landmarks, you can find her on the backwaters of the Mississippi River fishing with her husband.

Other Books from Ginger Ring

The Gangster’s Woman
Red Roses Black Orchids

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, January 15, 2016

Bitter Sweet...

by Author Jennifer Labelle is available on Amazon!

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An accident on a rain-slicked highway leaves Jenna Baker alone… 

Jenna is scarred, confused and vulnerable after surviving an accident that took her husband’s life. After a year of mourning Tyler and struggling to raise their son on her own, Jenna’s best friend whisks her off to fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting Ireland. She never dreamed her trip would include a self-appointed tour guide in the form of a sexy Irishman with piercing blue eyes and a smile that promises to fill her empty heart. 

Brady Connelly is irresistibly drawn to the lovely, broken Yank… 

As the weeks pass, Brady comforts and supports Jenna, convincing her to live and chase her dreams. His attraction to her grows and their chemistry ignites, but Jenna isn’t sure she’s truly ready to move on. How can he convince her to release the past and take a leap of faith…with him? 

The impossible happens, and Jenna’s world is thrown into chaos… 

Tyler is alive and re-enters Jenna’s life, burdened with guilty secrets. Jenna knows she has to try to make things work between them, if only for their son’s sake, but she’s blessed—or cursed—with vivid visions of Brady. The visions begin to consume her and leave her questioning her sanity and the bittersweet nature of her marriage. 

Jenna’s dreams of Brady become her lifeline as she questions the boundaries of fantasy and reality. 

Is her one hope for happiness waiting for her somewhere across the sea?


★★ Meet the Author ★★
Jennifer Labelle

Jennifer Labelle resides in Canada with her husband and three beautiful children. After her third child she became a stay at home mom. In her busy household Jennifer likes to spend her down time engrossed in the stories that she creates. She is an active reader of romance (especially historical), mystery and anything paranormal. With an education in Addictions work she's decided to take a less stressful approach in life and hopes that you enjoy, as she shares some of her imagination with all of you.



Rapture At Midnight By Isobelle Cate...

She is the very essence of his immortal life.
He is her soul.

Finn Qualtrough, a Cynn Cruor warrior, is on a mission to find the leader of the Scatha Cruor, Dac Valerian. When he pursues three Scatha warriors who can lead him to Dac, he discovers a woman who awakens a desire within Finn to claim her as his own.

Eirene Spence is an insomniac and a computer genius. Her penchant for midnight walks in the park puts her life in danger when the Scatha Cruor find her. She is saved when a handsome stranger rescues her. His touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy.

By a twist of fate, Eirene’s client is Dac Valerian. She can lead Finn—and the rest of the Cynn Cruor—to Dac’s lair. But Dac wants her dead.

Now Finn must fulfill his mission while trying to keep Eirene alive. With Valerian after Eirene, nothing is certain, not even her place in Finn’s life.

There is a growing war between the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor: two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood. The Cynn Cruor want to live in harmony with the human race. The Scatha Cruor want to enslave them.


The swish of the front glass door broke their connection. Eirene exhaled slowly. She hadn't realized she’d been holding her breath the whole time. She turned to see who had arrived, her stance defensive as she backed away from Devon's office door. Four hunks appeared and entered the office one at a time. All of them were as tall as Finn, their jeans riding low on their hips. Their black shirts skimmed and hugged their muscled chests and washboard abs. They were also wearing leather jackets in different styles. The third man to come in had a satchel slung over his shoulder. He strode immediately towards Devon.
“Stop! You're not going anywhere near him.” Eirene placed herself between Devon, Finn and the man with a satchel.
“Zac is a doctor,” the man who appeared to be their leader said. “If you don't allow him near your friend, his injuries will only get worse.”
Eirene briefly hesitated, looking at all of them warily. Finally, she conceded moving to one side to allow the man called Zac to kneel before Devon and start cleaning his wounds.
“We were not properly introduced,” the man said, his silver blue eyes crinkling into a smile. “Roarke Hamilton.”
“I very much doubt you were really planning on introducing yourself to me before.” Eirene gave an unladylike snort.
There was a sudden fit of chuckled coughing from Roarke's two other companions.
“Graeme Temple.” A man with wavy dark brown hair and eyes that seemed to swirl with grey, brown, and green extended his hand. Eirene hesitated before she gave his hand a quick shake.
“And this joker here is Blake Strachan.” Roarke's mouth lifted to give her a lopsided grin. “Zac McBain is our resident medic. And the man whose life you saved three nights ago is Finn Qualtrough.”
At the mention of her saving Finn's life, dusky rose heat crested her cheeks at the remembrance of what happened between them. She could feel Finn's eyes on her, but she refused to look at him. Didn't he know it was rude to give her that sexy look in front of his friends?
Finn moved closer to her and Eirene snapped her head around to look at him.
“And she saved me again tonight, though my ears took a bashing.”
“So you're the female who helped kill the Scatha,” Blake said, slightly awed.
Eirene's gaze swung to him. “Better them than me.”
Blake chuckled before looking at Finn.
Finn’s lopsided grin was the most devastating smile Eirene had ever seen on a man. His perfectly formed and sensuous mouth was made for kissing, and her mouth tingled at the memory of his lips on hers.
“I never got to thank you.”
“No need,” she said, her body heating under his gaze.
“Finn, we need to know what happened here,” Roarke spoke, breaking the sexual tension between them. “We couldn't get up here as fast as we could with that shrill bell.”
Finn appeared to reluctantly shift his gaze to Roarke.
“Dac was here.”
Eirene was startled by the numerous swear words that fell like rain over her head.
“Hold it! My ears are ringing with all of you swearing.” She made the “T” sign with her hands. She still clutched the baton in her right fist. A trickle of trepidation skittered all over her body when she saw their eyes turn to red orange, like the dying rays of the sun. Except for Finn, whose eyes remained a sexy midnight blue.
Roarke looked at her. Soon, the fury in his eyes began to ebb, returning to its silver blue colour. He raked his hand through his hair as he gave her a brief smile.
“Sorry,” he said. “We've been searching for Dac for a very long time and this has been the closest we have ever gotten to him.”
“And how long is a long time?” she asked. Her pulse began to race again because she knew she was treading on deadly ground.
Everyone was quiet. Roarke's face was devoid of emotion as he continued to stare at her.
“Maybe way before I was born?”
Eirene heard Finn's sharp intake of breath and she became the cynosure of five pairs of eyes. Her heart seemed to thunder towards the centre of her chest. She looked at Finn, then Roarke, then at everyone else. She inhaled deeply before expending her breath.
“I remember everything.”


Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.

Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

 Visit me on:
Beau Coup Publishing

The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series:

Rapture at Midnight
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series:
Book 1

Forever at Midnight
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series:
 Book 2

Midnight’s Atonement
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series
Book 3

Midnight’ Fate
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series
Book 4

My Haven, My Midnight
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series
Book 5

More books by Isobelle from Beau Coup Publishing

Lakam (The Mana Series)

Dying To Live 

YOU and I 

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, January 11, 2016

Texas Wildfire by Sable Hunter...

Preview attachment Texas Wildfire.jpg
‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ are the words engraved on the plaque awarded to volunteer firefighter/rancher Titan Sloan. Daily he risks his life to save and protect friends and neighbors. When he finds out the person he loves the most is the o
ne he’s failed to protect, Titan is fit to be tied. Titan Sloan is a hero, but he’s no angel. For years he’s secretly been in love with his Captain’s wife. When he finds out their marriage is a sham and Makenna is being abused, all hell breaks loose. A Texas Wildfire is the backdrop for a story so hot and a love so intense, no one will come through it unscathed.

**Content Warning: This book contains adult language and sexual situations. It is intended for adults 18+ ONLY**

You can’t get any more beautiful than you are, Makenna,” Titan called from the other side of the door.
She smiled. That man always seemed to say the right thing. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the biggest towel she could find, wrapped it around her
self and went to meet Titan.
When he saw her coming, he hid a smile. If she thought that terry-cloth towel was going to deter him, she was barking up the wrong tree.
“I was beginning to think you’d gotten lost,” he muttered, eyeing her appreciatively.
“That would be hard in a two room house, Cowboy.” She held on to the ends of the towels like they were a life preserver and she was being tossed in a stormy sea. “I was just having second thoughts about this swimsuit.”
“I’ve been having second thoughts about it too…and thirds…and fourths.” He pushed his hat back on his head and crossed his big arms over that chest she thought should be a national monument.
“I know you’ve seen me in it before, but I’d had several margaritas at the time. I was basking in a false sense of fashion security.” Even as she grumbled, she was moving closer to him. “Just don’t look at me too close. This belongs to Allie and it’s about two sizes too small.”
“Well, if it’s bothering you, when we get to the spring, you can take it off.”
Titan’s matter-of-fact solution made Makenna laugh. “I can’t win with you, can I?”
Putting an arm around her waist, he guided her toward the door. “Au contraire, my dear. You’ll win with me every damn time.”
For some reason, she was beginning to believe him.
A ten minute walk took them from the front porch of the cabin to the very edge of one of the foothills. “These limestone hills are riddled with caves and springs,” Titan remarked as they came upon the first outcroppings of rocks.
“Yea, I’ve seen some of them,” Makenna answered. “There’s a small one near the house where a stream of water flows from a crack in the rocks about nine months out of twelve. I call it the ‘squirrel shower’. I’ve always envisioned walking up one day and seeing a squirrel standing on his back legs, washing under his arms with a little loofah.”
Titan threw back his head and laughed. “I love being with you.” He held her hand as they traversed some rough ground. “Careful. Not too much farther.”
Makenna didn’t know what she’d been expecting, but this wasn’t it. This was no pond in the pasture. Titan led her into the mouth of a small cave. Her eyes widened as she saw the opening was much smaller than the cavern they entered. “It’s breathtaking,” she whispered.
“This is my own private paradise.” He beamed. “Only a handful of people know about this place. My uncle kept the location of this spring pretty much to himself and I’ve followed suit.”
Her eyes mapped the magical place. Enough light shone through the opening so she could see a deep pool of crystal clear water. Bubbles decorated the top as water flowed into the cave from an underground aquifer. “I love it,” she breathed reverently. “It makes me think of those tropical grottos I’ve seen in movies.”
“This pool feeds the Blanco River through an underground stream. Cave divers have tried to follow the path, but it’s too narrow.”
Makenna was listening, but mostly she was watching. As he’d promised, Titan hadn’t brought clothes to change into. Instead, he began to strip. “Is the water warm?” she asked, trying not to stare. She found a large flat rock to sit on. No way was she getting in the water first.
“It’s not a hot spring by any means, but the water is comfortable.” His signature white cowboy shirt went first, revealing a chest which rose powerfully from lean hips. She let her gaze slide over massive shoulders, then down over the bulge of his biceps. If she didn’t know how gentle he could be, Titan’s size would’ve made her nervous. Damien had always used his strength against her, but Titan would use his to defend her.
The boots, socks and jeans went next until he was down to a pair of gray boxer briefs. The light in the cave was dimmer, but she could clearly see the outline of his cock. He was aroused. When he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and began to push down, Makenna’s breath hitched in her throat. Her gaze darted up to his eyes and she saw he was watching her closely. “Do you want me to leave them on? I can.”
“No, it’s okay.” She was acting silly. Just this morning she’d held him in her hand. In her mouth. “I want to…” Enunciating what she wanted to do was impossible. “Sorry, the cat’s got my tongue, I guess.”
“Lucky cat.” The material bulged as his hands worked beneath the soft cotton, revealing the solid length of his manhood little by little. Each time she thought there would be an end to it, an additional inch was revealed until the broad head lay throbbing against his thigh.
Makenna couldn’t help but stare, realizing he was too heavy to stand upright. She gulped, her insides clenching. Allie had wondered if the size of his cock matched the rest of him. Now she could tell her for sure it did. The sight of him caused her body to respond. She felt her nipples tighten and her pussy soften.
“Ready?” He held out his hand and she took it, rising.
“I think so.” Makenna knew he was speaking of more than just a dip in the spring. He stepped in first, never letting go of her.


Best wishes, 
~Jennifer Labelle~