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Friday, December 11, 2015



Teegan Hallowell might be a good girl, but she’s tired of being teased for following the rules…
When her brother’s sexy best friend Liam Bates shows an interest, Teegan learns all about the good kind of being bad. But Liam’s ex-girlfriend Lucy shows up and destroys everything, especially Teegan’s trust in him. Crushed, she heads off to college in a new city, leaving behind the only guy she’s ever loved.
Ten years later, Teegan returns home to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend.
Already afraid she’s making another mistake, Teegan is shocked to discover her nephew’s best friend LJ is actually Liam Junior—the son Liam had with Lucy. She’s already formed a bond with the endearing boy, and realizes she’s also still in love with his father. Too bad she’s not good enough for either of them, being a shattered shell of a person, thanks to Oliver.
Liam, however, has his own agenda—getting Teegan back.
Now that the love of his life is back in town, he has no intention of losing her again, and he’s more than willing to leave all other women behind. One woman in particular, though, schemes to make sure Teegan stays far away from Liam, but he catches on quickly and finally wins the battle to regain Teegan’s trust—and love.
Though all Teegan wants is to start over, her past isn’t done with her yet.
Can Liam save Teegan from an obsessive monster, or will they lose their second chance at always…forever?

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Excerpt – 

Jagged rocks aligned along the coastline. The moist, salty air was refreshing as the tide slowly rose on the Fundy Shore. It was good to be home again, Teegan thought as she sat on a fallen tree trunk and tried to capture the beauty of the scenery with her sketchpad.
She hadn’t been there in years, and the view was still just as breathtaking as she remembered. This secluded patch of beach had once belonged to Liam’s family, and she wondered if it still did. Seeing Liam again had brought so much back to her, and she just needed a place to unwind. Some of her most precious memories belonged right where she was now, so this seemed like a good place.
Smiling, she turned up her iPod and sang along with Shinedown’s “Breaking Inside,” relating to the lyrics. As she sang, she imagined a boy and his father fishing right where she sat. Liam! Why can’t I seem to let you go?
She almost fell off the log into the water as large arms wrapped around her. They pulled her close, and Liam’s heat enveloped her senses. He was the one man in the entire world who could make her weak in the knees just by being in close proximity to her. The one man she was trying to avoid because she was too afraid of her emotions.
Oh Lord, he smells so good. Get it together, Teeg. You don’t even know him anymore.
“Liam?” She sounded breathless and winced as she pulled out of his embrace and turned away. She could not let him see how he affected her, could not risk losing her heart again. It hurt too much. “Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to sneak up on someone like that? Geez, you just about gave me a heart attack, not to mention an unwanted swim.”
Placing a hand to her heart, she turned to face him again, only to have the urge to smother his smile with her lips. He was beautiful, and she missed the taste of him.
“It’s good to see you too.” He chuckled. “And there is no way I would have let you fall in. Hasn’t anyone ever told you this is private property?” She could tell by the glint in his eye he was only teasing, and she hated how easily he could make her smile. As if she were eighteen all over again.
“Yeah, but you see, I used to know one of the owners of said property very well. I have many fond memories of this place, and I just had to see if it was as remarkable as I remembered it.”
“Well, is it?” His face turned serious as he closed the distance between them.
 With his closeness distracting her, she whispered, “Is it what?”
Before she knew it, he was lowering his head, and her breathing turned rapid. Be careful what you wish for. His breath warmed her cheek, and all she could think about was the taste of his soft, plump, and delectable lips.


Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

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