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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rarity by D.A. Roach...

Not Another Teen Romance
(said with the teenage griping voice and an eyeroll)

Have you read Twilight?  Yeah, me too.  I loved it but just like the other popular things in life, it has dimmed down to a more standard popularity.  How about Fault in Our Stars?  Paper Towns?  John Green has quite the social media presence and has a way with words.  So why would you want to branch out and read a book by a new author?  Yes, my story is getting 4 and 5 star reviews but it only has 23 reviews.  Fault in Our Stars has 36,124!  I don’t blame you for doubting me and my work.  To be honest, I would too.  I mean 36,124 is REALLY impressive.

But Rarity is an amazing story that begged to be told.  It is a fictional tale that is based on real life stories that I heard from others diagnosed with the rare disorder that Jay from Rarity was diagnosed with.  Two years ago my son was diagnosed with this disorder and our lives were plunged deep into unknown territory.  We had to learn about this disorder, the complications that occur, the life changes, the medications, and the emotional toll that our future held.  It was overwhelming, like a tidal wave of sadness pushing me under. I fell into a deep pit and felt so low, so helpless.  I did not want this for my child.  I had dreams for him and a different life painted than the one handed to us.

This diagnosis stole my humor, my smile, and my happiness. My husband said to me, “I’m afraid I have lost you.”  I knew what he meant.  His words shook me and made me realize that life was not over, it was just different.  We were dealt a hard blow BUT, I was still a mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister…and this kid needed me to fight for a brighter future for him. 

I made a bucket list so that I would not regret whatever our future held.  On the list were things like: go to the top doctors in the country, get on meds that helped, educate others, make memories every day, live mindfully, and raise money for research.  We also joined support groups and have heard some amazing stories.  The people who face this disorder are true warriors.  They have been through so much physically and emotionally and their spirits are so strong.  It’s empowering to get to know them and I have learned so much from them.  Unfortunately, there are some sorrowful stories amongst those of hope. 

Rarity is a glimpse into their world.  Rarity is more than your teen drama.  It is a story about dealing with hardships, facing fears, and a true and beautiful, unconditional love.  I hope you enjoy Rarity and fall in love with Brogen and Jay as others have.  It’s a story and a couple worth rooting for.

Brogen Mathers can’t deal with teen drama… As an empath, she is constantly bombarded with other people’s energies. Despite coping techniques taught by her psychologist mother, it’s often too much to bear, forcing her to avoid most activities a typical high school junior would enjoy.

Jay Wilken won’t let his past define him… A dead mother and an alcoholic father brought Jay to Stanton, but he doesn’t want pity. His good looks, charisma, and friendly nature quickly win over the whole student body, but he has his eye on one girl…Brogen. Brogen can’t believe anyone could be so genuinely nice. It has to be an act, right? But when Jay literally saves her from deadly jaws, she has to admit he’s exactly what he appears, and he’s worth risking the potential emotional upheaval.

“Drama” might as well be Becca Grant’s middle name… Another newcomer to Stanton, Becca’s blonde beauty and abundant attitude shoots her straight to the top of the popularity charts—and she believes Jay belongs right there beside her. Accustomed to getting exactly what she wants, she launches a relentless mean-girl campaign to shake up Brogen and claim Jay for her own.

Everything changes with a devastating diagnosis… When Jay learns he has a rare and potentially fatal disorder, he keeps it secret and begins to push Brogen away to spare her future pain—which is exactly the sort of opening Becca is waiting for.

As Jay’s well-meaning deception unravels, Brogen realizes there is much more than her heart at stake… But how far is she willing to go to fight for someone she loves?

Things always looked different the next day. Skies seemed bluer, the grass was greener. The worries of yesterday were magically reduced to a manageable size, and brand new ideas and thoughts were born. Oddly enough, Mom’s words were like seeds planted in the night, now growing and blossoming inside me. Jay was very much alive. He was healthy, a bit fragile, but more alive than many kids my age who lived life mindlessly. If anything, this stupid disorder made him more alive. Made me more alive. I wanted to make memories with Jay— live each day to the fullest, laugh until my belly hurt, cry at sad movies with him, and watch the sunrise and the sunset whenever I could. Life was a gift, not to be taken for granted. It could be here one day and gone the next, or it could go on for a very long time.

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