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Monday, July 13, 2015

Code Name: Luminous by Natasza Waters...

Code Name: Luminous, the fourth book in the award winning series "A Warrior's Challenge"

Need a reason to sizzle other than the sun? Book Four of the hottest Navy SEAL series you'll read will set your senses to burn. If readers would like to get to know the men of Team One Alpha squad they can always pickup book one, Code Name: Ghost, the winner of best romantic suspense of 2014.
Code Name: Luminous
Book Trailer:

Tony Bale must stop a deadly virus before it’s launched on the United States, and resist an undeniable desire to take Lumin’s innocence. Mission success probability: slim.

Since their brief meeting, Lumin Edenridge can’t squelch her dreams of the handsome Navy SEAL who moved through her life like a shadow. By daylight he was gone, but the craving in his gaze left a mark. When she wakes up next to a dead scientist involving her in a terrorist plot, street smarts won’t help her survive. She needs Tony.
The stunning aerialist Tony left in Las Vegas lingers in his memory. A seven month deployment looms when he answers Lumin’s distress call. Defending her is his first priority. When terrorists turn her into a weapon, Lumin hides to protect him. His team name is Tinman, and he has twelve hours to rescue the woman who possesses his heart in “Code Name: Luminous”.

Book Viral says...Riveting and wholly engrossing, it takes a lot to stand out in this ever popular genre, but author Natasza Waters knows exactly how to deliver an outstanding read. Book #4 in the popular A Warrior's Challenge series, Code Name: Luminous is founded on pulsating action and a well-constructed plot with a notably observed balance between suspense and romantic tension, but its Natasza’s ability to create wonderfully endearing characters that quickly draws the reader to her pages. This reviewer could wax lyrical about Tony and Lumin, but in the final analysis they are simply superbly rendered, whilst their badinage is a delight to read. There’s a real connection here, but never at the sacrifice of a cracking tale. Unpredictable and immersive, Natasza creates a believable, and somewhat shadowy backdrop, against which events evolve, which is sure to engender broad appeal whilst paying crucial attention to detail.

From the author: Snippets of real life have been infused in this series. It's gritty and while suspense and romance abound, the characters are based on some of the people I've worked with in the Coast Guard over the last thirty years. For those who have enjoyed the series so far, there's three more books in the works. Code Name: Forever & Ever coming soon!

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