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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Safe with Him By Tina Bass...

Safe With Him (The Safe Series 2)


Bree Winters grew up distrusting cops and all they stood for, with only her brother to take care of her. After years of being forced to live apart, Bree moves to the small town of Mt. Eve with two goals in mind: to once again have 
her brother nearby and turn the dream she’s worked years to accomplish into a reality. Now with one goal met and her dream so close, she’s thrust into a situation filled with the things she hates the most…deception, lies, and cops.

Draco Vittore grew up in a life he didn’t want. At a very young age Draco discovered the true meaning of ‘bad guys’ and the type of person he didn’t want to be. Now a Virginia State police officer in their specialty unit, he’s good at two things:being a cop and picking up women—and he’s never had a problem in either department. His rules are simple—be the best damn cop he can be and never bring a woman home.

Until—a chance encounter involving a broken shower, a situation he won’t back down from, and a woman he can’t seem to forget.

When Bree's life is threatened with a fate worse than death, Draco will do anything to keep her safe. Will he cross a line he can’t come back from? Or will both of their pasts keep her from being… Safe With Him?

“Bet you’re glad I didn’t take you up on that beer, huh, Kojak?”
she questioned, still giggling.
He just stared at her for a moment, then two. She was only

twenty, and he was...too damn old to be thinking what he had been thinking.
“Trying to catch flies?” she asked, and when he still didn’t answer or move, she leaned over and placed her hand under his chin and pushed his mouth closed, then slid her fingers slowly back. “Relax, super sleuth. I’m twenty-six. But thanks for the compliment, even if you didn’t intend it that way.” She sat back and started eating again, like she didn’t just scare the piss out of him and turn him on at the same damn time.
Okay, I have to get this woman out of my house, he told himself.
“Serves you right for asking a woman her age,” she said, adding a small side smile that was just cute as hell.
“After we eat, wanna watch the movie?” he asked her before he even realized what the hell he was doing.
She looked down at the DVD that was still lying on the table, staring at it hard, like it was the answer to every prayer she ever had. Oh, hell no! His brain screamed, while his body screamed, Damn! as he watched her bite at her bottom lip. He wanted to bite that lip, lick it, along with many, many other places he could list that he could lick. All damn night.
She looked back up at him. “I should really get going,” she finally said, sounding a little sad.
Not yet! He wanted to yell, but instead he said, “Come on, you know you wanna and it’s supposed to be really good.” He picked up the box and waved it back and forth, then brought it closer to his face. “Watch me, watch me,” he repeated in a somewhat higher voice. She smiled at him, then giggled, and damn if he didn’t care if he was acting like a complete moron.  “Okay, but first I will clean up.” She started to rise from the table.
He jumped up too. “I’ll help you.”
She had her plate in hand, ready to walk to the sink when she noticed his plate. “You haven’t finished,” she said, then returned her gaze to him.
He grabbed his fork, scooped up the rest, and shoved all of it in his mouth. “All done,” he stated around his stuffed mouth, surprising himself when he didn’t spit any out.
She just smiled, shook her head, and walked her plate to the sink.
What the hell am I doing? Bree asked herself as she bent to look under the cabinet below the sink for dish soap. She grabbed it and stood up as she heard what sounded like a low growl. She looked back over her shoulder to see Draco turning around, facing the table. She turned on just the hot water, put the stopper in the sink, then added the soap, bent to put it back and again heard that strange low growl. “What is that noise?” she questioned, looking back over her shoulder at him as he was walking up to her.
“What noise?”
“Do you have a dog or something?”
“No,” he said, looking at her again like she was crazy.
“Stop looking at me like that, I’m not totally crazy.” She turned 
the water off.
She walked back to the table to grab her glass and before she could get back, he had stuck his hand in the water she’d filled the sink with. “Son of a bitch!” He yelped as he jerked his hand out of the water, slinging water everywhere. “Damn, woman, are you trying to boil the skin off?” he hissed.
Shaking her head, she walked back to the sink. “It’s not that hot.” She stuck her hands in the water and started washing the plates. “You need to get that water  up, Mr. Clean, before someone slips.” She turned back to finish what she was doing. 

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I'm a light erotic romance writer, who loves a happily ever after. I lives in a small town in Virginia with my three children. I am your normal everyday mom of one grown and two almost grown teenagers who has recently discovered the joys of writing. When not busy writing, I enjoys reading and shopping for vintage items. I came into writing later in life, after my characters decided to take over and I was able to hear the stories in my head.


Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

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