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Friday, January 2, 2015

Spice It Up...

Bonds are tested, a passion ignites, and love is in the air as two best friends explore their spicy side...

Heidi Taylor has fallen in love with a man who’s off limits. He’s her best friend and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels, that is until Nathan suggests she needs a little spice in her love life, and designates himself as her something spicy. 


She stood in the middle of Nathan’s bedroom completely naked. Nathan stood in front of her, while Rafe stood close behind. Sandwiched in between two sinfully gorgeous men she cursed as Nathan licked and nipped at her nipples.
Licking from her shoulder to her lobe, Rafe whispered, “I told you I would one day collect. I’m so glad that day is finally here, sweetheart. I want you so fucking bad, I ache.”
“Then let me help you with that.”
Nathan stood as she turned so she could face them both. Admiring both erections that she got to play with, she smiled. “Stay,” she whispered to Rafe. Taking Nathan by the hands she led him to the bed and gently pushed him so he’d lay down.
She went back for Rafe and positioned him in front of Nathan on the bed. “This is what I’d like to do to get rid of everyone’s initial ache. I plan on enjoy both of you for hours to come. Here’s the deal, Nathan, baby, I miss how your lips feel on me, and how your tongue works me just the way I like. I want to watch as you stroke yourself for us, or fuck my tits while you taste my honey. That will be your choice to make, and Rafe, I want to taste you in my mouth. I can’t wait to feel you’re silky heat at the back of my throat fucking my mouth, while Nathan’s tongue fucks my pussy. How about it gentlemen?”
“Get your ass over here.” Nathan growled, getting to work immediately as she went on all fours above him and pushed her pussy against his face. One hand rested on her hip holding her in place as he feasted through her slick folds, while the other hand stroked his cock just like she’d asked. Biting her lip at the beautiful sight before her she moaned as Rafe’s cock stood proud patiently waiting for her.
Her tongue circled his head, lingering on the sensitive slit before taking it as far back as she could over and over. Heidi moaned as Nathan worked his magic on her. Rafe’s cock popped out of her mouth as she began to stroke him with her hand.
“Fuck, Nathan, your mouth feels so fucking good, eat me baby, show me how much you missed me.”
She licked from Rafe’s tip to his base as she then kissed and sucked on his balls. “Mmm, Rafe baby, you taste so fucking good.”
“Oh, honey, you feel so fucking good.” Rafe cursed, and then tugged on her hair. “Suck me, Heidi, take my cock back in your mouth, and fucking suck me.” His hips flexed as he pumped into her and she sucked and licked with enthusiasm. They were all so close. Rafe roared his release first, followed by Heidi screaming I love you Nathan, as she came on his face, and Nathan roaring Heidi’s name as he creamed her breasts with his own release.
Breathless, and still wanting, Nathan got up from the bed. “All right, Rafe, it’s your turn to lie down, while I take her from behind.” Rafe and Heidi both smiled as they eagerly got into position. Condoms were put on, and lube was readily waiting. They both groaned as her pussy took him to the root. Heidi thrust her ass in the air as much as she could, wanting Nathan’s heat around her. She’d never been doubly penetrated before and looked forward to the experience.
Nathan’s tip settled at her back entrance before slowly entering. Making her hiss as he started. “Is it supposed to burn like this?”
“It gets better, sweetheart, I promise.” Nathan groaned.
Rafe held himself completely still until Nathan fully entered her. He began to kiss and savour her breasts with his tongue making her close her eyes and moan.
“Shit, Heidi, You’re so fucking tight, and feel so damn good around me.” He finally managed to get himself completely inside of her and worked in rhythm with Rafe.
Leaning down, Nathan nipped at her shoulder, licking up her neck, and nibbled on her lobe. “I love you, Heidi, so, so very much.”
Heidi thrust her breasts in Rafe’s face loving what he was doing to them with his mouth. Reaching back she cradled Nathan’s head with one arm as he kissed and nipped at her neck. Her body began to vibrate as they pumped, and her excitement skyrocketed into bliss making her come again and pulse around them. Like a chain reaction both men seemed to follow.
Exhausted all three lay breathless in each other’s arms, cuddling close. “That was amazing, I’m sandwiched between the man I love and a very sexy good friend, what more can a girl ask for?”
Nathan chuckled. “You mean what more can a guy ask for? I have a woman who’s just as insatiable as I am. I’ve hit the jackpot.”
“Lucky bastard!” Rafe laughed. “Your very sexy good friend is available for you anytime, sweetheart, anytime. Just remember that.”
“I’m counting on it.” Heidi leaned forward to give Rafe a quick kiss on the lips. “But next time I was thinking about having a four way. Let’s spice things up a little more. What do you say we find a really hot woman to bring to bed? I’ll let you both watch the two of us play for awhile before we really get started.”
“Damn, Heidi, where have you been all my life?”



Best wishes, 

~Jennifer Labelle~

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