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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cowboys Anyone? Check out Susan Fisher-Davis' New Series...

Coming soon...

Lucas by Susan Fisher-Davis

Emily Walters needs help fast. Her ex-husband is being released from prison and Adam Walters swore he’d never let her go. She knows he’ll come for her. Her only choice is one of the bad boys of Dry River, Lucas Taggart. Lucas raised a lot of hell when he was younger and never backed down from anyone. It's what Emily needs in a protector and a husband. She offers him half of her ranch in exchange for protection and marriage. Whispering Pines is one of the largest horse ranches in the States. Would it be enough to entice the brooding man? 

Lucas Taggart isn't interested in marriage but he is interested in Whispering Pines and when he looks into Emily’s eyes, he knows it wouldn't be a hardship being married to her, as long as it's a real marriage. 

When Adam Walters shows up to claim the woman he still thinks of as his wife, will Lucas have to do the unthinkable to protect the woman he's come to love with all his heart? What happens if or when Adam is finally out of the picture? Will Emily still want Lucas around and will she ever return his love?

Emily slowly moved toward the doorway. She was about to peer into the mudroom when he came out. Her nose encountered a hard, naked chest. His arms quickly came up to grasp her arms to keep her from falling backwards and her hands moved to his solid pecs. Emily slowly raised her eyes and gazed up at him and found him staring down at her. Her eyes moved to his right arm and she raised a finger to trace the tattoo of an eagle on his bicep. The wing spread out from his shoulder to above his right nipple. Lucas hissed in a breath when her fingers traced it slowly.

“You’re playing with fire,” he murmured.

Emily raised her eyes. “Am I?”

“I don’t think you need me to answer that.” Lucas slowly lowered his head until his lips were barely touching hers. “But you need to make sure you can handle the heat.”

Emily smiled up at him. “I want to find out.”

He smiled against her lips. “I do too.” He pressed his lips to hers as he picked her up and carried her back into the kitchen.

“I need to turn the stove off,” she whispered.

Lucas nodded and strode to the stove and turned the burner off and then carried her up the stairs. At the top of the landing, he glanced at her. “Which room?”

“You have the bigger bed.”
“My bed it is then, since I plan on using every inch of it.” Lucas chuckled when she blushed.


Well, if you loved that little teaser check out Susan's other books starting with Jake, and then Gabe...



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