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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Emma Nichols...

Title:  Heaven in Hedonism, Book 3 of the Sinful Series
Release date: 11/23/2014
Author: Emma Nichols
Genre: Romantic erotica
For ten years, Sin and Jolie were inseparable. Now, with Sin happily married and pregnant with twins, Jolie is feeling lost and restless. She knows something is missing, but the closest she comes up with is a desire for her own baby. Maybe, if she could just get past her issue with men, she could find a proper sperm donor.

For the past ten months, she's been working with Mac. Other than being male, he's younger, her complete opposite, and pretty much wrong in every way. Soon, he instructs Jolie to take a vacation and decides to join her. It's only a week, but by now Jolie should know that someone who seems wrong can be oh so right, and a week can change the course of a life.
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  1. How long have you been an author?
It’s been about a year and a half since I went on the cruise and wrote a book as soon as I returned which started the Sinful Series: Sin at Sea.
  1. What is your favourite genre?
I love all things romance…the hotter the better!
  1. If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why?
Definitely start with Sin at Sea.  While it’s officially book one of the Sinful Series, it is now complete as a trilogy with Vixen in Vegas and Heaven in Hedonism.
  1. What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
It’s so much harder than I ever imagined.  And believe it or not, writing sex scenes gets so tiresome!
  1. Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
I’m terrible.  I have about three manuscripts started.  The one I intend to publish next, however, is The Bad Boy, a follow up to The Good Girl.  In this, we get to see a continuation of Willow and Wyatt’s unplanned love story.
  1. Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.
The lips on my profile picture…not mine.  ;)
  1. Name your top three writing goals?
Like every other author, I’d love to make a list…or all of them.  Some day I hope to get a handle on social media.  It still baffles me.  And for once, I’d like to finish a book when I planned.
Fun Questions -
  1. If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Too hot to handle.
  1. If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
I could spend days with Jolie, one of the main characters in the Sinful Series.  She’s the perfect best friend, just the right amount of sympathetic and suck it up.  She’s witty and wonderful.  And she’s one of the few females I know who isn’t into competition.
  1. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Let’s call it…book research.  My then boyfriend and I engaged in some pretty fun romps…with another couple.  Shhh!
  1. Finally, can you give us your contact links?


The chair on the other side of my desk creaked. Immediately, I stiffened and swiped at my eyes before meeting the face of the only other person in the office tonight. Fuck. It was Mac. His face was the picture of concern. His mannerisms, the quiet way he moved, the gentleness of his touch when he laid a hand on my arm, the slight pout to his lips made me cry harder.
“Have I told you how much I hate you?” I asked him in frustration. “Could I not have a minute?”
Shaking his head, his grasp on my arm tightened. “Why are you crying? You should never cry alone.”
“Well, my boss,” I began in an effort to joke and deflect. It was my way. Mac saw through it.
“Really. What’s bothering you, not Just Jolie?” A smile played at the corner of his lips at what was obviously his attempt at lightening the mood.
“Not just?” I asked, brightening some, even if I wanted to fight it.
“Yeah. There is so much more to you. And I want to know all of it.” Even if he meant it in the most innocent of ways, his words had the opposite effect.
“Time to call it a night, I think,” I mumbled as I pushed back my chair and stood.


Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, January 26, 2015

An Interview & A Generous GIVEAWAY with Eryn Black...

  1. 1.         How long have you been an author? First self publication was May of 2013 and before that I would conceptualizes and edit story development with original scripts as well as Script editing for several productions going back to my teen years.
  2. 2.         What is your favourite genre? Historical Romance
  3. 3.         If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why? Black Lace, which was released spring of 2014 is a collection of three Novellas that intertwine in 1850’s London. This is a collection that is dear to my heart.
  4. 4.         What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process? You can’t not always trust the professionals you hire 100%. I am Dyslexic and early on searched for an editor who would work in my budget. It wasn’t until after a couple reviews referring to the editing in one of my books that I found out that my editor had not been applying himself to the job as he had assured me. he had been doing I have since parted ways with that editor and Currently I am published through Beau Coup Publishing, but I am keeping an eye out for an editor in the future should I decide to take on a self published project again. For now I appreciate the security and professionalism of this publishing house.
  5. 5.         Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress? I am currently developing my first Paranormal series where a number of supernatural creatures including Vampires and shifters meet in battle. The Series is contempterary, but being the History nut that I am each novel has a root impact set in another time. This allows me the opportunity to explore my love of swordplay and sailing along with my love for my native Southern California.
  6. 6.         Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.    I studied Cubism oil painting when I was 9.
  7. 7.         Name your top three writing goals?  This is the most difficult question to answer having never given myself a goal of awards or bestseller lists. The most important thing to me with my writing would be knowing that the people who read my stories enjoy them. From there I would like to one day be published in both Spanish and Italian and perhaps hold a book signing in Firenze Italy
  8. Fun Questions - 
  1. 1.         If you had a warning label, what would it say? May encourage random fits of playful spanking while experiencing uncontrollable giggles
  2. 2.         If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do? Rachel in my Vampire novella The perfect little bite and set to appear in my up coming series. As a history nut I would love to sit down with a 2,000 year old vampire over a bottle of wine and hear of all she had seen in her life.
  3. 3.         What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? Waltzed half naked in the moonlight.
  4. 4.         Finally, can you give us your contact links?


Eryn has generously offered a giveaway with two of her books, Black Lace and Carnal games. So please follow this blog, and comment below with your email addresses for a chance to win one of two e-copies of Black Lace and Carnal games.

That's right she's giving away two copies of each book to a couple of lucky readers.

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome Michele Gwynn...

Title:  Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown (Kriminal Erotic Series Book I)
Release date: Sept 1, 2014
Author:  Michele E. Gwynn
Genre:  Fiction/Erotic Suspense
Blurb: The Dangers of Sex

Sarah Brown sets out on a journey to sexual self-discovery and falls face first into danger. In Barcelona, Anthony de Luca, an author and photographer, unleashes the full force of his charm that threatens to steal her heart, a prize he openly admits he doesn’t want. Still, she can’t resist him, and finds herself experiencing the heights of ecstasy and the lows of heartbreak as her lover leaves without a word. In Berlin, Paul Christiansen, a handsome Dutch lothario with a sordid past works his wiles to seduce her body; while in the shadows, a predator stalks a young boy close to Sarah determined to get what he wants or kill anyone who gets in his way. One of her two lovers has led a dangerous criminal straight to her door, but which one? And who can she trust? Will Sarah survive or will she lose both her heart and her life to desire?

1.      How long have you been an author?  I’ve been a freelance journalist since 2006 writing for local news and community papers in San Antonio, and also contributing online to sites such as,, Yahoo Voices, and magazines such as FashionErotica, Film Industry Network, and AlwayzTherro. In 2011, I published my first two books; The Cat Who Wanted to be a Reindeer, a children’s illustrated fiction, and Harvest, a short-story horror/sci-fi. Both were self published and are still doing well. In 2013, I began writing Exposed in earnest. I’d started the tale much earlier, but had put it aside for a while. Then, my must struck, and an international tale of criminal intrigue grew around an erotic love story. The two threads came together in a story that still surprises me. It seems my love of a good mystery bubbled to the surface and manifested onto the pages.

2.      What is your favourite genre? Definitely mysteries right now. Conspiracy theories are fascinating, and the more based in reality, the better. After that, I enjoy contemporary and historical romance, horror, and some really imaginative science fiction.

3.      If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why? I’d recommend Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown to those who love international suspense, and my short, Murder in the Vale (The Ghosts of Cardiff Series kickoff) for people who love mystery with a supernatural twist. Oh, for those who adore stories inspired by a true event, Harvest.

4.      What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process? What I’ve recently discovered is that the characters take on a life of their own. They literally have conversations in my head that demand to be put to paper. The best part is when they drop a bomb on me while I’m writing their words revealing something about them I hadn’t previously thought of, something that is pertinent to the plot and the reasons why they do what they do. It’s almost like channeling in a weird way.

5.      Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress? I’ve just completed book two in the Kriminal Erotic Series, The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss. It’s due out (tentatively) January 26th, 2015. I also began work on Camael’s Battle, book II in my novella series, Angelic Hosts, a YA and New Adult series about warrior angels battling the Dark Ones (fallen angels and demons). Once that is completed, I’ll be starting book three for the Kriminal Erotic Series.

6.      Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.  People who know me are never surprised, but readers would be surprised to know what a real goofball I can be. I’m downright silly sometimes, and completely unafraid to do craziness in public like dancing in my car as if no one is watching (and they’re always watching!). I’ve noticed it makes observers have a good laugh, and don’t we all need one? I’m also very outspoken; a defender of the innocent and underdogs everywhere. If I saw someone hurting another, whether it’s a child, an elder or a stray animal, I’d be the first person to charge into the fray and deal with that individual. Probably not the smartest thing to do these days, what with people carrying weapons openly and being unpredictable, but that’s me. Not sure if you’d classify that as brave or foolish, but I suppose it’s a little of both.

7.      Name your top three writing goals?  Hmmn, goal one would be to write a killer series that people talk about in the office when they’re supposed to be working. Goal two would be to see that series translated to the screen, and goal three is to always introduce real-life, global issues that need a little light shone upon them so people can be made aware, and help do something to change the world in a positive manner. If I can make a reader think, and then discuss those thoughts with another, then I’ve made a difference. That makes me happy.

Fun Questions -

1.      If you had a warning label, what would it say?  “Do not be offended by anything that comes out of her mouth…it isn’t about you, unless you think it is, and if her words fit, you just wear that shoe and strut!”

2.      If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do? Detective (Kommissar) Joseph Heinz. Heinz is an older gentleman, somewhat grumpy, but brilliant, caring, and brave. I’d like to spend the day on a ride-a-long with him to see how a typical day as a Berlin Kripo goes.

3.      What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?  Oh, we cannot speak of it….It’s forbidden. However, it’s possible I wrote about it in one of my short story erotic tales written under my pen of Xaviera Snow. Maybe.

4.      Finally, can you give us your contact links?

My blog: The Write of Way with Author Michele E. Gwynn
Follow me on Twitter @MGwynnExaminer
San Antonio Sex & Relationships on


Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Welcome Nicole Andrews Moore...

Title:  Hiding Out
Release date: Live now!
Author: Nicole Andrews Moore
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Samuel Davenport runs his family's New York based advertising agency. His brother, Adam, runs from responsibility and anything remotely boring. And his temp, Haley, runs so she'll never be caught and hurt again. She moved to the city New Year's Day to hide and recover, to build a new life far from her past. In an effort to lie low, Haley never expects to be more than a temp. What begins for Sam as an excuse to get to know her better, ends up being an opportunity for advancement and excitement for Haley. When Sam tries to uncover all of Haley's mysteries, he exposes her hiding place, endangers her life, and threatens to destroy any chance of them ever having a future together.
Buy link: (only one link please)
  1.             How long have you been an author?
In 2011, I finally started self-publishing, but it wasn’t until 2013 I decided to get serious and make a career out of it.
  1.             What is your favourite genre?
Contemporary romance is my favorite genre to write.  I wish I had the talent to write a really great paranormal romance.  That is such a true reading escape for me.
  1.             If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why?
Hiding Out, The Davenport Series Book One, is one of my favorite books I’ve written.  This has a bit of suspense in it and just the right amount of romance.  Readers tell me it sticks with them.  I love hearing that.
  1.             What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Writing isn’t like a normal job.  The story often comes in bits and pieces.  I know how I want it to begin and end, but the middle is a bit foggy.  Sometimes, it works itself out and evolves naturally.  Other times, it takes forever for me to figure it out. 
  1.             Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
It feels like I’ve been working Tempest Torn forever.  It’s the second full-length novel in the New Hope Series.  At one point, I completely lost the book.  It failed to save.  My zip drive died.  I wanted to give up.  Somehow, I couldn’t find it in me to tell the story anymore.  Now, it’s coming together very nicely.  Bam.  Plot twist.  And life makes sense once more. 
  1.             Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.
Lately, I have a two liter of Coke a day habit.  I’ve been so tired and struggled to function.  Caffeine and sugar make me so much more pleasant and productive.  I don’t drink coffee.
  1.             Name your top three writing goals?
Of all time?  I’d love to hit a list.  What author wouldn’t?  I’d like to finish all my series this year.  And I’m determined to branch out into some non-fiction self-help/inspirational writing.
Fun Questions -
  1.             If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Approach with chocolate.
  1.             If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
If I could spend an afternoon with Adam, who is Sam’s brother in Hiding Out and the main character in Finally Found, I’d die happy.  Nothing naughty.  I’m happily married.  It’s just that Adam is so fun, full of life, and quick with a comeback.  I love witty banter. 
  1.             What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Does anyone ever answer this question?  Let’s suffice it to say, I did a bit of experimenting in college.  Not drugs.  Guys.  Enough said. 
  1.             Finally, can you give us your contact links?


Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Check out Shari Nichols latest release, Witch Hunter...

Determined MBI (Magickal Bureau of investigations)agent Alex Denopoulos will stop at nothing to catch a killer, including recruit notorious felon, Willow McCray to work for the agency. The lines between duty and passion become blurred the more time he spends with the sultry witch. In the midst of the investigation, they succumb to the dark edges of desire, placing both their lives in danger. Alex will risk more than his badge to keep her alive.
Kick-ass witch Willow must use her powers for good if she wants to stay out of Hellios, a mage prison for those who have broken the Wiccan Rede of ‘Harm ye None.’ Willow never expects to fall so hard for Alex, a mortal with a penchant for justice and a deep seated hatred of witches. Though a future together seems impossible, she doesn’t want to let him go. If only she can vanquish the evil surrounding them and give Alex what he wants, her mind and body-before she loses her heart and maybe her very soul in the process.


WITCH HUNTER by Shari Nichols

Long before El James exploded on the scene with her debut novel Fifty Shades of Grey, also known in some circles as mommy porn, many authors came before her and penned their own brand of erotic romance. As a teenager, I can still recall sneaking into my sister’s room to peek at her very worn and tattered copy of the Harrod Experiment. It didn't matter that some pages were ripped or missing, this was hardcore sex and erotica, like I’d never read it before.

There are so many wonderful, erotic authors on the market today who write in this expanding genre. These are stories ripe with passion, love and emotional turmoil, and hot steamy sex as an added bonus. When people ask me what my book is about, I give them my tagline, In a desperate attempt to catch a killer, a special agent hires a notorious felon to come work for the agency. In the midst of the investigation, they succumb to the dark edges of desire, placing both their lives in danger. The next question that typically follows is always, “Wow, it sounds steamy like Fifty Shades,” to which I reply, “It’s not a BDSM, but yes, it’s erotic.”  

What was once considered the bodice ripper novel is now simply a thing of the past. The romance genre has evolved over the years to include the exploration of relationships across boundaries and between same sex partners. Now the book shelves and the e-readers are full of stories about M/F/ M/M/ F/F or even multiple partner relationships. 

Let’s face it, erotic romance sells. Captivated By You, Book 2 in Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series was number one on the USA Today best sellers list last week and Fifty Shades is still holding steady at number 34 on the list, even after its debut in February of 2013.

Recently, I was interviewed for a local newspaper. After sending out my press release with the caption, Local Erotic Author Debuts her First Novel, to get a buzz going. I never expected the writer to include my comment, “Books like these have opened up discussions such as sex and sexual fantasies that women can now talk about with friends and with their partner. Now the reader can freely explore more explicit levels of sensuality that were once left only to the imagination.” I didn’t   expect her to publish those exact words. Now the entire town and all of my teenager’s friends know I write erotic romance.  What do you think? Is erotic romance still taboo?

I don’t think anyone should be too quick to assume erotic romance is a genre only about sex that features whips and chains, handcuffs and the random fetish to the exclusion of the story itself. These are tales about love and commitment, overcoming inner demons and self-acceptance. Characters must learn to grow and work toward their happily ever after, not to mention get tortured along the way. It’s one hell of a ride I encourage readers to take!

And who doesn’t want to fall in love? My dream was to make my readers experience that same heady sensation of falling in love when they sit down to read one of my books. Many years back, I read an article about a research study conducted on the brain by a Harvard scientist. Apparently the emotional center of the brain can only sustain that falling in love feeling for up to three years, max. After that, those intense feelings grow and change into something deeper, less flighty, and the brain stops releasing large amounts of dopamine in the process. In some cases, people end up engaging in flirting, internet relationships and extramarital affairs, simply because they’re addicted to the dopamine release.

Can you become addicted to the euphoria? Here's a cure, why not pick up an erotic romance and fall in love? Maybe you can practice and experiment with what you’ve read? There’s nothing that compares to that feeling of bliss, even for a little while.

Two years ago, I attended the Popular Romance Authors Symposium at Princeton University. I was intrigued to hear so many perspectives on the origins of the romance genre from academics, to NY Times bestselling authors, and even a sociologist’s unique perspective. As a society, we’ve come so far in overcoming negative perceptions about self-sufficiency and the equity between the sexes. So let’s continue to evolve and grow! Why not pass the word? Erotic romance is alive and well. Here’s to falling in love!



Willow took a sip of her margarita and glanced down at Alex’s big hands, tanned and sprinkled with a smattering of dark hair. Funny, she never found a man’s hands sexy. Suddenly her mind filled with images of Alex trailing those big, masculine hands over her body. She wondered if he fit the stereotype. Big hands, big…
“You never did answer my question. Are you considering taking me up on my offer?” The sound of his voice pulled her from a host of fantasies. Willow dug her nails into her palm to get her head back in the game. She shouldn’t be thinking about this man in such a raw, sexual way.
“Why not? My car’s parked in the back.”She probed through the nearby crowd to check if Alex came here with bodyguards. A virtual cacophony of conversations invaded her thoughts, but nothing about protection for Alex. Once she got him alone, she’d take her chances and pray she wouldn’t be outnumbered. “Then let’s get out of here. Unless of course I’ve got some competition.” He   motioned over her shoulder to the incubus whose head now lolled forward over the bar.
“I think you’re flying solo here.” She’d set her trap and let the consequences be damned. She rubbed her finger along the rim of the glass and licked off the salt.
She lifted the glass to her lips, savoring the tangy flavor of margarita mix along with the zing of tequila as it slid down her throat. Headrush. No surprise there, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept or eaten in the past forty-eight hours, existing on a combination of raw nerves and pure adrenaline.
“You missed a spot.” He ran his thumb along the seam of her lip. He put it to his mouth and licked. “Mmm, sweet.” Her plan didn’t involve foreplay…but damn he was hot. In another time and another place she would be seriously into this guy. Too bad I might have to kill him.


Shari Nichols grew up in a small town in Connecticut where haunted houses, ghosts and Ouija boards were common place, spurring her fascination with all things paranormal. Ever since she read her first Barbara Cartland novel, her life-long dream has been to write sexy, romantic stories. Shari has been married to her own alpha hero for twenty-two years. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, going to the gym, or hanging out with family and friends.
She lives in New Jersey with her husband, two teenagers, and her adoring golden retriever. Shari graduated from Rider University with a degree in Business Administration. After spending several years in the grind of Corporate America, she quit to stay at home with her kids. Now she’s thrilled to spend her days in sweats, eating chocolate while pounding on her keyboard to create her next novel. 
Her first book, Witch Hunter is available with Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Her next book, another steamy, romance, will venture into the world of ghosts and haunted inns. Shari is a member of Romance Writers of America, New Jersey Romance Writers, Liberty States Fiction Writers and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Romance Writers.


I'd like to thank Shari for joining us today. It's always a pleasure to host you here. For those of you who haven't read Shari's book, don't forget to grab your very own copy today.

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Language of Love by V.L. Locey...

Language of Love Book 5 of the To Love a Wildcat Series by V.L. Locey

Life was so much easier for Margarite Lancourt before she had set eyes on Petro Shevenko. Her diploma to teach hearing impaired children would be in her hand within a year. Then she would find the right man, the right neighborhood, and bear the right children. Her deafness was not going to get in the way of her aspirations. But were they her dreams or her mother`s?
Now that she has met Petro, the Wildcats sexy new acquisition who has an unquenchable thirst for the wild side of life, Margarite`s nicely mapped out life is in chaos. Can she tame this unruly Russian Wildcat? Or will his family demons drag him, and Margarite, back into the darkness the couple have struggled to break free from?

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I had to smile when I saw what had lured him from our bedroom. Breakfast. Of course. Well, at least it hadn’t been booze or some trashy bimbo. Since I had been here, he had been remarkably well behaved. He attended AA meetings weekly. He never missed a training session with Clarkie, Bernie, or Schultz. He ate well, worked hard, stayed sober, and kept his pants zipped. Aside from last night. Olaf swept us into our chairs, talking as she served bowl after bowl of her homeland’s delicacy. I thought that athletes who were training as hard as Petro was were supposed to eat chicken and pasta. Most of the Wildcats had a strict nutritional, as well as personal, schedule. Morning skate of twenty to forty minutes to loosen up, light stretch or bike, home or hotel for the biggest meal that is usually around lunch, then a nap followed by a return trip to the arena about two hours before game time. Perhaps because it wasn’t in-season he didn’t feel the need to be so strict.
I poked at the heavy foods laid out before me. Petro ate his fill and then some. I made a small sandwich out of one slice of dark rye, or “black bread” as Olaf called it, folded over to hold some scrambled eggs with a fat slice of ham and butter. I suppose the bread counted as his carbs, although ham certainly wasn’t as lean as chicken. The coffee was thick, strong, and invigorating. I stirred some sugar into my coffee as Petro and Olaf fell into a rather animated conversation. She sat down beside me with a huff. I peeked at her over my cup of coffee. The hot brew trickled over my tongue.
“So, when wedding?”
Danny Thomas would have been impressed with my spit-take. Petro shook his head then growled something at his grandmother. She waved the man off with a strong hand. I grabbed a handful of napkins to dab at my chin, my dish, and the table.
“Bad news no wedding. Back in Chatsky if couple found naked gooey together, they make vows. But.” She threw her hand into the air dramatically. My shirt was wet with spewed coffee but I could not pull my sight from Olaf. “This is America, land of free and funny TV shows. You two make me great-grandmother, you get married. End of discussion, “she spat at her grandson who must have been retaliating verbally.
I was so mortified I couldn’t move. Coffee soaked through my shirt.
“So,” the rumbling Russian tank said her steely eyes back to me, “Petro say he makes good with you. I like this match. You make good player out of him, keep him on narrow path. Walking the line, yes?”
Petro slapped the table. My stunned sight jack-knifed over to him. He was smiling widely. Olaf grinned at me, shoved a platter of potato pancakes at me then pinched my hip. I jumped in pain. This morning was just going so well.
“You need more meat. When I coached women’s team, I make players get more muscle. You too skinny, thighs too thin. Eat more.”
My mind was completely overwhelmed. Coached women’s team? What women’s team? My thighs were fine. Now my ass on the other hand…
The touch of Petro’s warm fingers on my arm startled me. My head whipped back in his direction. His fingers slid down my arm to my wrist. Far more gently than one would think, he lifted my hand to his lips then tasted my palm.

A moment later I stood outside the Wolverines’ locker room, my eyes fastened to the sign barring anyone except authorized personnel. Placing my purse back on my shoulder, I turned the knob slowly. The aroma of stinky pads, sweaty skates, soap, unwashed man, and old socks hit my nose. I hurried to close the locker room door. If Petro were in there, he could stay in there. Rubbing at my affronted nose, I glanced back the way I came. Something wet hit my arm. I jumped in fright. Spinning around I saw him, leaning on the doorway of another room minus his skates and jersey. I threw a glare at the wet washcloth he had chucked at me. Then I grabbed it off the dirty floor and flung it back at him. It missed by ten feet or more. Petro laughed then stepped back into the open door behind him. Down the hall I went, my purse slapping my hip, my hair bouncing, my eyes locked on my goal.
I slammed into the training center. Massage tables, cold plunge tubs, and whirlpools greeted me, as did the Russian Romeo. Petro was shucking off his padding. The door drifted shut. He threw his shoulder pads to the floor. My mouth filled with saliva. I swallowed roughly then stood there, rooted to the spot, as he worked on divesting himself of every damn bit of gear he had on. When he got down to his compression shorts, my legs grew a little rubbery. Down they came, as did his cup. I ogled his ass. He gave me a sly look over his shoulder before he walked toward a whirlpool. He took just a moment to turn the jets on then he stepped down into the frothy water. His cock hung down the inside of his thigh, growing fatter and longer as I looked at it.
“Come,” he called over the rumble of the whirlpool. I chewed my lip with indecision. Dare I?
Dark eyes smoldering, prick now rising to the task, he called to me yet again. I ran back to lock the training room door, and then scurried past the six massage tables. This rink was bare compared to the new training facility at the Houseman, but that whirlpool seemed to be in fine shape, as was the nude man waiting for me with foam and hot water swirling around his knees. I couldn't undress quickly enough. My eyes roamed over him as I shimmied out of my panties. His hand took mine. Petro pulled me against him as soon as my feet were on the bottom of the whirlpool. My fingers took hold of his sweat-soaked hair. Down I pulled his mouth. His lips roamed over mine. His cock was pinned between us, hard yet soft. The taste of him was divine, sinspirational even. The smell of him? Gross. I broke the kiss then tried to wiggle free. He cocked an eyebrow as if to ask what was wrong. I pinched my nose shut. The man lifted up one arm to smell his pit. Oh God. Even he made a face. I was then yanked downward into the hot, bubbling water, his arm never moving from around my waist.
I slithered free once our skin was wet. He leaned back, arms on the side of the tub. His head dropped back as his eyes drifted closed. My legs were resting over his. I decided to do as he had done. My head rolled back as well. My lashes fluttered closed. There we sat, letting the hot jets work their magic. I cracked one eye open when Petro slid out of the whirlpool. His ass and legs were simply amazing. Muscles flexed and rolled with each step. Water ran between his tight buttocks. My mind filled with wicked thoughts of nipping that ass repeatedly. He unlocked the door then left. I sat up stiff as Nana’s back, my hands over my wet breasts. What kind of game was he playing? Enough time had passed that I was seriously contemplating getting out when his naked form filled the doorway. He had a bar of white soap in his hand and that erection that made my mouth water. He stopped only long enough to shut and lock the door. I was all over his fine ass when he lowered himself back into the whirlpool

Author Bio:

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted goofy domestic fowl, and  two steers: one named after a famous N.H.L. goalie while the other carries the moniker of a 60`s pop legend.
When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.

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