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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcome Jami Brumfield & Check out her Amazing new Paranormal Romance Series, Winter's Saga...

Interview with a Fire Witch, Hunter Winters of the Winters Saga
                Ever wonder what it would be like to sit down with your favorite characters outside of the pages of the book? So do I. I love interviewing my characters outside of the books. Check out this interview I did with Hunter Winters from my Winters Saga Series.
                Hunter Winters entered my office with an easy, likable grin. He shook his blond head and shrugged his broad shoulders to shake off excess dampness. “Miss. Brumfield?”
                “Yes, hi Hunter. Please call me Jami.” I told him as I indicated the chair situated across from my desk.
                He sat down and gave me his full attention.
                I pursed my lips with a concerned frown. “Is it raining outside?” It was not common for rainfall in Phoenix, Arizona this time of the year.
                A red blush crept across his cheeks as he lowered his eyes and leaned forward in a secretive manner. “My sister, Savannah, called up a little rainstorm to put out a fire my dragon friend and I created.” He whispered. “I was one of the casualties.”
                I couldn’t help but smile. It had to be pretty fun being part of the Winters family. Witches, werewolves, vampires, dragons, psychics, angels, and all sorts of magical creatures were part of the tightly woven group of family and friends. “Your dragon friend, Freya? I was hoping you’d bring her along to this interview.”
                “My sisters Miracle and Mystery are watching her. She’s still getting acclimated to this world and has to learn that magic is not something used here in public as it was on the earth she came from.”
                I nod, “makes total sense.” I moved my eyes to his face. “How does it feel to know you have two more sisters raised by your recently returned from the grave father?”
                “Wow, you ask some tough questions. I guess it’s good to get down to business right away. I’m happy but also uncertain. They don’t seem as involved as we are in the supernatural war brewing on the streets of Phoenix.” He examined his heavily chewed fingernails. “They’ve been lucky enough to get magic training since the day they were born and would really be great assets in the battles but they’re more interested in their own lives, which I can’t blame them… it just disappoints me.”
                I nodded, having interviewed his sisters Savannah and Rebecca I completely understood. “Because for so long you and your sisters have always taken care of each other?”
                He agreed, “yes, for so long it’s only been Savvy, Becca and me… well grandma was there but she always seemed distant from us. Now that I know her distance was because she was keeping the secret of our bloodline from us makes the whole thing sad. We missed out on so much because of the secrets.”
                “Some would say it was secrets that made Savannah a vampire.”
                “Possibly, but we all know there’s more to it than that. Our two family lines, the Winters and the Matthews made us targets from the moment we were born.” He looked at me. “Some would say, secrets kept made Rebecca a werewolf. Heck, I got in a sticky situation a month ago because of secrets I kept. Thankfully, our family comes together when things are important.”
                “What secret is that?”
                The left side of his lips rose and a twinkle sparked in his sapphire blue eyes. “You’ll have to read Fire Master Rising to find out.” He teased.
                “Fair enough, so tell me what it’s like being a fire witch?” I went back to my questions.
                “How so?”
                “Well one time I hurled a fire ball at Rebecca by accident, which led to her sucking the air out of the room and making us all pass out. My girlfriend, Natalia got a head injury from that one.”
                “I remember reading about that in Vampire Princess Rising.” I grinned.
                “It’s funny looking back now, but scary in the moment. Then when I used blood magic to open the family grimoire I blew up Rebecca’s office. My sister just had to save Rebecca’s front yard from bursting into flames a few hours ago.” He shook his head. “I think it will be cool when I get these things under control but for now, dangerous.”
                “Who’s helping you get them under control?”
                “Many people; Natalia, dad, grandma, Mysti, Mira, even little Freya. It’s pretty sad when an eight year old dragon has better control over fire than a seventeen year old fire witch.” He admitted sadly. “But I’ll get there.”
                “I’m sure you will.” I agreed.
                “It’s the empathy that really gets the signals crossed.”
                “Oh yes, emotions have power and sometimes when I’m overwhelmed with emotions from others it can backfire into my fire power.”
                “That can be dangerous.”
                “Yep, especially because I can’t control other people’s emotions. I have to work hard at controlling my empathy in order to reign in the fire.”
                “And how is the empathy control coming along?”
                “Slowly and painfully.” He looked up at me. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the gifts but wished I had better control. It’s hard to keep a secret like this from the rest of the world when you can’t even control when it flares up,” he chuckled, “no pun intended.”
                I couldn’t help but giggle myself. He really was an amazing character. So happy about life, reflective, and compassionate. It was refreshing to meet a likable character that held your interest and Hunter definitely did. “In Vampire Princess Rising, we read that you went off to the alternate universe because Ophelia told you the witches in her world could help you cure your sisters. Can you give us an idea of what happened?”
                “Ophelia lied.”
                “Why would she do that?”
                “Because she’s a bad guy.” He shrugged, “I can’t really answer to her motivations but she doesn’t like Rebecca and anyway she can hurt Becks she does. I learned a lesson in that situation.”
                “And what is that?”
                “I learned that family will always be there… and that family is not just those that share your blood, it’s a deeper connection and a stronger commitment.”
                “That’s an important lesson.”
                “One that I’ll never forget.” His phone buzzed. “Sorry.” He looked down at the screen. “I’m really sorry, I’d love to chat more but Freya needs me.” He stood up.
                “Sure, I completely understand. Can you just tell me what fans of the Winters Saga can expect when they read your story, Fire Master Rising?”
                He nodded and grinned. “I do a lot of growing in this upcoming book. You may remember the drugs I took in Rebecca’s story?” I nod and he continues. “I have some struggles with addiction as a side effect from the Black Death pills. Freya helps me work through it but it’s a difficult battle. I also need to learn to let my sister’s grow in their own direction. The former vampire queen, Violet goes on trial for the massacre of the wolf pack. Savannah plans her royal wedding and there is a showdown between Rebecca’s pack and Ophelia and her otherworld pack. Gosh, there are plenty more surprises. I guess you’ll just have to read it and find out.” He headed to the door as his phone went off again. “I’m sorry I really have to go.”
                I nod and tell him thank you and he disappears.
                He was right, there are plenty more surprises in store for the fans of the Winters Saga. Fire Master Rising is coming soon. If you haven’t read Rebecca’s story (Lone Wolf Rising) or Savannah’s story (Vampire Princess Rising) check them out on Amazon.
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