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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Not Quite Juliet with Katherine Rhodes...


Author of erotica, light BDSM erotica and paranormal erotica. Expert in the profundities of bad movies and awful literature. Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature she has set her mind to writing 

erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. A lackadaisical laundry goddess, Katherine resides in Philadelphia with her husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey.

One fateful night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, Morgan Kirkbride--the self-professed super fangirl of Silver Soul-- falls for the sexy rock god, Nick D. Literally. 

Lands on her ass right in front of him. 

Morgan is sure the lead singer of Silver Soul thought she was a graceless flake, but instead asks her to a midnight diner and winds up back at her place. She’s captivated, but sure it’s just a crazy one-night fling. Imagine her shock when the very next Monday at Allegheny County Courthouse, the highly respected, well-credentialed chemist Dr. Nicholas Dovadsky is called as a witness, and Morgan recognizes him as the rock god who rocked her bed. 

Sparks fly between them, but things get complicated - fast. When an ex-boyfriend returns to haunt Morgan and her roommate, no one takes him seriously. But when the simple threats become violent, perverse and horrifying, she realizes someone is out to get her. 

Nick doesn’t intend for anything or anyone to stop him from getting to know the spunky, curvaceous, if clumsy, woman. He just keeps coming back...because there's one thing he knows: he wants Morgan in his life, for good. 

**Content Warning: Contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Also contains erotic content and language. 18+ Audience

His hands were at my waist and he pressed me back onto the bed. I was agreeable to the suggestion and willingly lay back, watching him. He slid his hands down to the waist of my pants, and he moved his finger to the button.
I grabbed his hand. “Wait. That doesn’t work.”
“You can’t unfasten it there.” I leaned on my side, and pointed to the seam. “Zippers.”
“Well,” he said, grabbing the tab of the slider, “That makes this so much easier.” He pulled the tab down slowly, sliding his hand down my leg behind it. He raised goosebumps all over my body and my nipples pulled so much tighter they were starting to hurt.
Hell and heaven was when he did the same on the other side, all the way down to the ankle of the pants. I swore I was going to explode. He pulled the now-open pants off me, and dropped them to the floor “Brilliant. Leather is so hard to peel off.” He stood up and assessed me for a minute. He looked at me, ready to move back in.
I put my foot on his thigh, and realized I still had the damn four inch heels on. I waggled my finger at him. “Uh uh. I have a no pants on the bed rule.”
“Oh do you?” he asked.
“Very strict,” I answered.
He ran his hand lightly down my ankle to the top of my foot. “And what about shoes?”
“I’m more flexible about that one.” I hoped he took it as the offer it was. I made a mental note to remember what I had for dinner, because clearly it had given me the balls to act like this around the hottest guy I’d ever seen. Sex Wheaties? Whatever. Stock the pantry.
I moved the tip of my shoe to the button of his jeans and nudged it. He complied, and pulled the zipper down. My little prayer that Nick was commando went unanswered; he was wearing something black underneath. As I watched, the black caught the lights filtering in from outside in a shimmery pattern.
He popped the waist of his pants down over his slim hips and dropped them to the ground as he shoved the motorcycle shoes he was wearing off his feet. He stepped out of the pants, pushing them to the side and stood up.
Sweet baby Jesus and the camel.
His erection tented out the gorgeous black satin boxers he was wearing. He was not small, oh no, not small at all. I couldn’t stop looking and moved my foot off his thigh.
“You see something you like?” It wasn’t a statement, and I still couldn’t move my eyes.
“Yes, I do.”
“Any rules about boxers in bed?”
“Just a time limit,” I answered, finally ripping my eyes from his endowment. I suddenly saw a flicker of doubt in his eyes. “What is it?” I tried not to show my anxiety.
“I...uh...” It was odd to hear the stutter in his otherwise confident voice. He reached down to his pants and pulled out his wallet and pulled something out, his confidence ramping back up. “Protection.”
I raised my eyebrows. “Nick, how old is that?”
“Um.” He looked at it. “I don’t know.” He screwed up his face. “Shit!”
I smiled and sat up from where I was reclining on the bed. I took a few steps forward, wearing just the shoes and the panties. I leaned into him and captured his mouth with mine, sliding my hand over his erection. “Don’t go anywhere,” I said, and stroked him a few times. Seriously, I need to find out who this person was who had taken over. I liked her. She had balls. Specifically, Nick D’s. In her hand.
I sashayed over to the other nightstand. I pulled out a box and put it on the nightstand, and smirked at him. He walked closer to the other side of the bed and looked at the box. His mouth fell open. “Sixty?!”
“My roommate is a very sweet, very sex driven girl, and she’s constantly forgetting to pick them up,” I said. “So I keep an extra box in here.” I leaned down and brought my knees up on to the bed crawling to where he was standing. “You okay with that?”
He was eyeing my pendulous breasts, and I could see him twitch hard in the boxers. “Oh, I am more than okay with it.”
I leaned back on my feet and slipped my hands under the waistband of his boxers, slipping my hand back to his ass. The boxers rode down my hands to grab again just at the top of his legs in the back. I squeezed his ass again, and it was even better than the first sampling. He kicked off the boxers, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pushed me back onto the covers, following me.
“I like a woman who’s prepared.” He dropped his head to my breast again, and licked the nipple. I gasped, throwing my head back as he maneuvered me so he could settle between my legs. “You’re still overdressed,” he said, and grabbed the side of my panties, pulling them down. I moved so he could get them down my leg.
“Shoes?” I asked, staring up into his eyes.
“I think we can leave those, kitten,” he breathed.
He gasped the next moment as I wrapped my hand around his hard shaft. Oh, but he felt good in my hand. Nothing else in the world felt like a hot erection in your hand: hard steel wrapped in the softest velvet. It was so easy to stroke him gently and I loved the feeling. “Nick, I want to taste you.” It was the barest whisper.
“Shit,” he breathed, and I could feel his shaft jerk in my hand. “Kitten, I would love that, but I really want to be inside you.”
“You’re going to owe me a taste,” I said.
He assaulted my mouth: his tongue caught mine and railed against it, stroke and sucking and petting. He was kissing me dizzy, and before I could really process what was going on, his hand slipped down between us and his finger brushed against my clitoris. I nearly screamed, and bucked hard against him.
I slammed my hand on the nightstand and groped for the condom I’d pulled out of the box. I finally landed on it. I was already trying to rip it open before I could get both hands on it. I finally got it and flung the wrapper on the night stand pulling the condom out. I had it rolled on him a heartbeat later, and pulled him down to me.
“Please, go gentle,” I said. “It’s been a long time.”
“Me too, kitten,” he answered. “And I want to enjoy this.”
Him too? But...he was Nick D. He had fan girls all over—
His finger knocked all thought out of my head as it grazed over the bundle of nerves again, a moment later his head nudged at my entrance. I wrapped my hand around him again, guiding him inside me—and all I felt was thick shaft spreading me open, a delightful invasion where no one had been in far too long.
“Oh, hell,” he said, his eyes wide and capturing mine. “Morgan...”


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~Jennifer Labelle~

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