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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Check out Scarlett Jade's new Release, Saving Grace...


Saving Grace (Wild Rose Book 1)

The rule was simple—don't fall in love with a student. Drake had never had that problem—not until he met the buxom brunette in the bar. Grace was one of a kind, virginal but far from chaste. When she wanted him to teach more than history, he was left with a choice that could ruin them both.
Grace was always the good girl, until she met her wild best friend, Christina, who pushed her out of her shell. She fell head over heels for the sexy, young college professor, but when everything shattered around her, she was left with figuring out who she really was. Her journey led her somewhere she never imagined, but along the way she learned that even the wildest roses have to put down roots in a place they can call home.

Christina picked up the ladle in the punch bowl and scooped up some of the bright red liquid. She sniffed it and dropped it back in the bowl. “Yeah, don't drink that,” she mumbled. “Why not?” Grace asked. “It looks like punch.” “Yeah, do you want to end up naked in Mexico doing a donkey show? The answer to that should be no. Pass on the innocent looking punch. Always.” Christina advised. “Oh. For some reason I don't think being in Mexico and doing a donkey show would be good,” Grace agreed. “Look, here are some beers.” Christina fished two beers out of a red cooler on a table. “It's sealed, no one can slip you a roofie. This is a plus.” “I heard about roofies on the news,” Grace said proudly. “They make you like pass out and you can get raped.” “Bingo!” Christina tipped her beer toward Grace with a smile. She cracked the tab and took a drink. Grace rolled the cold can between her hands and stared down at the tab. Her father's sermons boomed through her head that alcohol was bad. She gripped the can firmly and popped the tab. The beer fizzed and spewed creamy froth out over her hand. She squeaked and held it away from her clothes. A guy jostled her from behind as he grabbed a beer. “Hey there, cutie. Did that beer explode on you?” He winked and leaned against the table as he opened his beer and took a sip. Grace nodded. “I guess I played with it too much. I was nervous.” The guy choked on his beer and a slow smile crossed his lips. “Aww, honey, there's no need to be nervous when you play with it. You'll get the same reaction no matter what you do. I'm Jaxon. What's your name?” Grace opened her mouth to speak and Christina pushed in front of her. “Hey, sleazebag. She's not interested in playing with your wiener, so skip along.” Jaxon tipped his beer in their direction and moved away with a grin on his face. Grace sighed. “He was nice.” Christina rubbed her eyes. “He was talking about you jerking his dick off.” “No, we were talking about our beer.” Grace insisted. “No, honey, he was talking about you playing with his dick and him coming all over your hand.” Christina took another sip of her beer and watched as Grace paled. “Oh my,” Grace whispered. “Yeah. You'll learn. It just takes practice. Till then, roomie, I have your back.” Christina tossed an arm around her shoulders and smiled brightly. Grace relaxed and took a tentative sip of the beer in her hand. With a wrinkled nose, she placed it on the table behind her. “That tastes like puke.” “At least it tastes the same going down as it does coming up.” Christina chuckled. “I will pass on that.”


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