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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome Dina Redmon...

Hi, it’s really nice to meet you…at least, I think it is.
Isn’t that kind of how it goes? You meet someone on the internet and become instant friends. The two of you talk every day be it on messenger, video calls or on the telephone. You bond over daily stresses, family drama and common interests.

And then they do or say something that makes your skin crawl so you start to distant yourself a bit…and then a bit more…and then all together.

Is it easier to end a friendship on the internet than it is in real life? You don’t have to face them. You just hit one little “block” button and they disappear. I often think about what it would be like to be able to use that button in real life.
I don’t write this to debate the authenticity of online friendships/relationships, but instead to discuss some of the patterns I’ve been noticing.

Do you think it’s possible that the speed and convenience of the internet is changing our society? Are we becoming more of a throwaway society because of the block button?

Don’t like what someone has to say? Don’t bother to listen to them, hear their side of things or debate…just block them.

Think she dresses like a whore? Guess there’s no sense in talking to her about it. Just block her.

Religion? Politics? Blocked!
Sex? How dare she! BLOCK!!!

See where I’m going with this? We no longer communicate as we once did. We don’t take the time to listen to people, to talk to people…to learn. We simply block them when they don’t agree with us and move on to the next friendship.

What is that teaching the younger generations when it comes to acceptance and love? Don’t like it? Trade it in. Broken? Throw it away. Yep…great message.

I understand it’s not like this with everyone so please don’t bombard me with hate mail. I’m just pointing out a trend I’ve noticed.

You know what you could do right now? Use the internet for something fun! Like—oh, I don’t know—looking for a new book or two to read?

I hear there is some author chick by the name of Dina Redmon that has some pretty amazing books out! I think one of them is called Chasing Circumstance and the other is To Speak of it Again. Yep, I just checked, both of them are available on Amazon and have quite a few 5 star reviews.

 Oh, and you can check her out on these sites as well!

Well, thanks for hanging out with me. I suppose this is where I should close this and send it in before I say something that really gets me in trouble. *wink* Plus, I have a book or three that need my attention.

In all things ~ Love yourself.


I'd like to thank Dina for joining us today and sharing this interesting post. Don't forget to check out her work folks!

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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