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Friday, June 13, 2014

A FREEBIE & an Amazing Paranormal Romance GIVEAWAY with Eve Langlais...

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Next Welcome to Hell book, Hell's Kitty, releases June 17th

Giveaway ebook copy of A Demon and His Psycho, book 2 of Welcome to Hell.

Excerpt of A Demon and His Witch

Lucifer lined up his shot and gave a few practice swings with his number nine thigh bone. The shrunken skull waited for him to putt. He pulled back and –
“I demand you castrate him!”
– his shot went wild, careening off the pillars and missing his interior putting green entirely. Sighing, he turned and faced Ysabel, who, as usual, appeared annoyed.
“What has he done this time?” he asked as she flopped into a chair.
“He kissed me.”
He’d always known Remy was braver than most. “The horror. The shame. And?”
“What do you mean, and? I didn’t want him to.”
“So tell him no.”
“I did. Kind of.” He stared at her. She sighed. “Fine, I kissed him back. But I didn’t want to. He made me do it.”
Lucifer blinked. Stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it. Surely he misunderstood. “He made you do it? I’m sorry, did I suddenly enter an alternate universe? Since when does anyone make you do anything? I’ve been trying to get you to show up on time for five hundred years and you still insist on making your own hours.”
A smirk graced her face. “I do it to keep you on your toes. But, back to the kissing demon. I want to know how to stop him from using his magic or potion or whatever it was he used to make me like it.”
Now this was interesting. “You’re mad because you enjoyed it?”
“Loved it, actually,” Remy announced, striding in unannounced. It seemed his witch’s bad habits were rubbing off.
“Does no one knock anymore?” But they weren’t paying Lucifer any attention as they faced off.
“I did not like it.”
“Liar. The tongue in my mouth said otherwise.”
“I was pushing yours out.”

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Next Welcome to Hell book, Hell's Kitty, releases June 17th


Eve has generously offered not only the first book in the series as a freebie on Amazon for the whole month of June, but also an e-book copy of the second book, A Demon and His Psycho, to one lucky commenter on Labelle Books. 

So please leave a comment with your email address' at the bottom of this post and Eve will draw the lucky winner on Tues. June 17th.

Giveaway ebook copy of A Demon and His Psycho, book 2 of Welcome to Hell.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Great excerpt. Loved the interchange.
    debby236 aT GMAIL DOT COM

  2. Loved the first book. Totally interested in the second!!

  3. ambercole04@gmail
    Love you Eve You rock

  4. I'm stoked about reading this one. I've read several of Eve's books and have loved all of them. I've even posted some reviews on Amazon. I like to reward good authors with good ratings and reviews. You deserve them! Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Cool! I love Eve's books because her dialogue makes me laugh :)

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

    Cant wait for hells kitty, love eve's books!

    Cant wait for hells kitty, love eve's books!

  8. Love the excerpt.

  9. Loved the first book it was very witty and enertaining.

  10. I cant wait.

  11. love the cover!!! very HOT!!!!

  12. A Demon and His Witch was funny and hot. But then, Eve Langlais never disappoints!


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