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Thursday, May 8, 2014

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Getting Around Forensics

Sitting here, I have the TV on, most of the time for no more than background noise. When I do hit a breather spot, one of those ‘what do I write not?’ moment, I look up, sometimes to stare blankly at it and other times to get involved in watching. Crime shows, the real things, not fiction, nearly always do. I can’t help but wonder what kind of a quandary a wolf shifter killer would throw a forensic scientist into. Forensics certainly makes it harder and harder for criminals to get away. The bad guy can’t bleed, spit, sweat, or yes, have sex, at the scene without DNA nailing them. Today I looked up to see them take a handprint off of a body. Who would have thought it? They got him too. You know, of course, that all of that makes it hard for mystery writers as well. Gone are days when the bad guy could break in without worrying about what microscopic part of themselves they might leave behind. Another show I watched nailed the guy with a quarter inch of his beard hair. As if forensics wasn’t enough, computers run them down. Used to be fingerprints in one state were no help to police in another unless some connection was made between the unknown criminal and there. Now? If you’ve ever been fingerprinted for anything and leave one behind at a crime scene, you’ve pretty well been had. So how does a writer of shifter fiction get around all of that? Carefully and hope her wolf doesn’t shed. Then again, how many cops would believe a human being can turn themselves into a wolf? Oh, yes, I consider them humanwith something extra, but still human. Vampires too. Mine, at least are in myshared with Shannon WestDead Reckoning Series. They evolve. What about you? Human or animal? Something in between. I won’t ask if you think they’re monsters. Like any human being, that would depend on the person. In A Beast of Vengeance, first in my Black Mesa Series, you can decide. Is Brand the predator Daniel thought him to be? Human or animal? Or somewhere in between.

 Blurb and excerpt: A Beast of Vengeance.

The cop in Daniel recognized Wolf as a predator and knew he was dangerous…but he couldn’t stay away from the only man who ever attracted him

Had he ever read the man wrong! He’d thought he’d seen interest in the gaze of ice blue eyes sweeping over him. The reception he got instead told him he better be damned careful, and he flinched when the big man leaned toward him and sniffed. Sniffed? What the hell was that? What the hell was he smiling about?
“If you want a bust, try the guy on the end. He’s a pimp. He’ll either chase you out of his territory, beat the hell out of you for invading, or…” His eyes traveled over Daniel’s face, down and back up from his chest behind a too tight T-shirt to his crotch and the cutoff jeans he wore so short his balls peeked out if he wasn’t careful in how he moved or sat. “…cold cock you and force you into his stable. You better have good backup.”
“I ain’t no cop.”
The man turned back to face his drink. “So you say, kid.”
“I’m not—” He bit the words back, nearly forgetting his cover in an instant reaction to how young he looked. As far as his appearance went, he’d been stuck in puberty since he was sixteen years old. A sore spot for Daniel and the bastard taunting him smiled at that too. “Who the hell are you?”
“No one who is any of your business.”
“I doubt that.” Predator popped into Daniel’s mind. The man was a predator.



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~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. thank you for having me as a guest, Jennifer. very nice presentation.

  2. That was a nice excerpt. It was just enough to titillate you imagination.

  3. Interesting excerpt. Sounds like a winner. My email: synlab 1 at yahoo dot com

  4. Interesting excerpt. Sounds like a winner. My email: synlab 1 at yahoo dot com

  5. Interesting excerpt. Sounds like a winner. My email: synlab 1 at yahoo dot com


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