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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Teaser, Some Fun Facts & A Giveaway with Pender Mackie...

Image and video hosting by TinyPicViva Las Vegas, Baby!

Title: Stage Fright

Release date: January 22, 2013

Author: Pender Mackie

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

When Jennifer offered to host me on her blog I accepted eagerly. After all a guest spot on a well-designed and popular blog is a great way to let readers know about a new release.  As I cast around for a blog topic I decided to do something a little different.

Since my new release, Stage Fright is set in Las Vegas; I decided to share some of the fun facts I learned while writing Stage Fright. Some I discovered in person while visiting Vegas and some I found in travel guides, travel videos and Vegas tourism websites research. Some of these tidbits made their way into the story.

The Strip is almost four miles long—and technically not in Las Vegas. City limits start closer to the Stratosphere than the airport. In fact, the famous Strip is actually on land owned by Clark County.

Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, but not in Las Vegas or Clark County. Those “business cards” handed out on the Strip are for exotic dancers who will show up and perform in your hotel room. Pahrump is the closest town with legal brothels. (Only forty-five minutes away.)

Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert so where does the Bellagio get the twenty-seven million gallons of water needed for its ten-acre man-made lake and those fabulous fountains? It’s “grey water” reclaimed, filtered and chlorinated from the showers, bathtubs and sinks (though not the toilets) of the hotel. The Bellagio has over three thousand rooms. That’s a lot of bathtubs and sinks.

The WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS sign was erected in 1959. It’s located at the south end of the Strip across from the now closed Klondike Hotel. You can buy light bulbs from the sign as a souvenir. A portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. There’s even a live webcam to view the sign online.

The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest building west of the Mississippi. The top of the tower has a revolving restaurant, two observation decks and various thrill rides. The Insanity ride, at nine hundred feet, dangles thrill seekers over tower’s edge and spins them at forty miles per hour.

If you can’t afford a trip to Europe maybe Las Vegas is the next best thing. You can see a replica of the Eiffel tower, a full-size marble copy of Michelangelo’s David, a half-size Statue of Liberty, and a version of Venice’s Grand Canal, complete with gondola rides. There’s also a smaller Statue of Liberty made entirely of jellybeans located inside the New York, New York Hotel. I once saw someone lick it while having their photo taken. Yuck!

Las Vegas is known for its variety and sheer number of shows. At present there are seven different Cirque du Soleil shows, including a show featuring Criss Angel and a Beatles tribute. There are numerous comedy, hypnosis and magic shows as well headliner and big production-style shows. Looking at the list of current shows my curiosity’s piqued by Evil Dead, the Musical.  

And speaking of shows, Las Vegas is home to my fictional all-male revue, the Erogenous Zone where my sexy dancer, Jesse struts his stuff.

Stage Fright Blurb:

After six months dancing in a Las Vegas all-male revue, Jesse Snowe is used to being groped by enthusiastic females, but he's more interested in Val, the sexy new bartender. Jesse's tired of the closet, but when he thinks of coming out he gets stage fright. The thought of telling his fellow dancers he's gay makes his palms sweat and his heart race and not in a good way. Dating Val under the watchful eyes of the dance captain could reveal Jesse's secret and might be more of a gamble than Jesse's willing to take.

For Val Tremain the glamor of Vegas is wearing thin. He's even less enamored with his new job, but knowing he'll see Jesse's beautiful body makes it easier to go to work. When Jesse hints he's interested Val can't believe his luck. But Jesse's latest dance routine encourages a little too much audience participation and Val struggles with jealousy.

Jesse knows his job's hard on their relationship and being closeted doesn't help. Strangers slap his butt every night, yet he's afraid to touch his lover in public. If he wants this relationship to work Jesse may have to reveal more than just his body.



Jesse watched Chaz, their dance captain, work his magic. Chaz was an old hand at stripping and made it look so easy. He had a woman from a bachelorette party up onstage. She reached around and gripped his ass hard, her fingers digging into tanned flesh. Chaz pulled her to her feet. Jesse could see his muscular ass bunch and flex as Chaz mimed grinding against her.

Jesse looked over at the bar and sighed. The new bartender was wiping the counter. He wasn’t even watching the show. Maybe the new guy wasn’t gay after all. The guy behind the bar seemed more interested in dirt than dancers.

Jesse scrambled into his next costume, then nodded to Eric, their MC, from the side of the stage. “And now, ladies. Here’s the newest member of our revue and the baby of the group, Firefighter Jesse.”

Jesse bounced onstage to shouts and catcalls. He did a couple of backflips, then slapped on his helmet. His routine went off without a hitch, but as usual he needed to mentally gear himself up for the finale. He grabbed the crotch of his tear-away turnouts and yanked them off, leaving him in nothing but his T-bar. After six months of working as a dancer, he still felt kind of stupid wearing the minuscule thong, but he was grateful for the no-nudity policy. It helped him maintain the illusion that he still had some dignity. He spied a table that didn’t have too many drinks on it and jumped into the crowd.

The audience loved it. Jesse danced the length of the table, shaking his ass for the screaming women—and saw the bartender watching. He faltered, then recovered, leaping lightly off the table, squeezing through the press of bodies. He smiled and high-fived outstretched palms on his way as other hands reached for his chest, his butt, even trying for his package. His ass was slapped at least three times before he managed to return to the stage.

“Let’s hear it for Jesse. Who wants Jesse to put out their fire?” Eric asked the enthusiastic audience.

Backstage Mike threw Jesse a towel. “Holy shit, they’re wild tonight. I wasn’t sure you were going to make it back in one piece.”

Jesse wiped the sweat from his face and chest. “Me neither.” He shook his head, smiling. “Gives a whole new meaning to audience participation.”

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I'd like to thank Pender for joining us. It's been such a pleasure to have you here with us today. Those were some interesting fun facts and Stage Fright sounds like a terrific read.

Pender has generously offered an e-book copy of the book to one lucky commenter so please leave a comment with your email address and follow this blog if you have the chance. *grins*

Pender will announce her winner in the comments section on Monday February 4th.

Thank you all for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Seven Sin Sisters & A GIVEAWAY with Paloma Beck...

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The Seven Sin Sisters

Am I seriously going to talk about religion while I’m promoting my erotic paranormal romance series? Yes I am. Stay with me though. It’ll get interesting, I promise.
As a reader, I want the heroine in books I read to be strong and to have a story of their own to tell beyond being mated to the alpha hero. If given the chance, the heroine should be able defend themselves. If not with physical strength, at least she needs to be capable of using her intelligence, wit and female moxie.
The idea behind the women in the Seven Sin Sisters series came to me while sitting in church one Sunday. I’ve always felt Mary Magdalene was much like an overlooked bff to Mary the Mother of Jesus who received the glory. What fanfare does Mary Magdalena get? Not much. But she’s one of my favorite people in the bible and she was actually one of Jesus' most committed disciples and absolutely was the most important female disciple of Jesus. Yet on those important days of the church’s celebration, she’s just among those secondary characters we hear about in the background. Most people don’t realize she actually became Jesus' close friend –not just his Mother Mary’s friend- and she was with Jesus during his last days. She was at the cross well after all his male disciples (except John) left and she was at his burial. Most profound is that she was actually the first person to see Jesus after his Resurrection. A woman was chosen to be the first person to see Him – I love this. So given all this information, when I think about the type of person Mary Magdalene was, I imagine she would’ve been a kick-ass heroine. And the idea of her being the Goddess they worship seemed a perfect fit. After all, she is considered a saint by the Catholic Church (and her feast day is my sister’s birthday, July 22). It was a sign.
But what about those demons the sisters possess? Well, the Bible tells us that Jesus cleansed Mary Magdalene of her seven demons. So here’s where the idea for their seven sins –demons living within them for a sacrifice they make- was born. And of course, the name -Circle of Magdalena- just fit. The heroines of the Seven Sin Sisters series have the strength of the original Mary Magdalene. They possess her perseverance, her tenacity and her leadership in a cause greater than themselves. One of the sisters takes a big interest in the history of Mary Magdalene so readers will hear about her more in a later book.


Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book One
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Ménage
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61885-352-3
Page Count: 96

BLURB: Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen... until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden. Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed.  So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go. With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on all of their powers combined to get them to their Pronouncement.

Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Two
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 9781618853864
Page Count: 82 pages

BLURB: Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history. Eloise has lived with bitter envy her entire life until the moment she fell into the arms of Caedon. Once claimed by her mate, she will covet nothing more for eternity, especially now that she has it all. Caedon plans to fulfill her every need if he can just keep her safe. With their secret so close to being exposed and a mate who finds herself in the midst of the drama, Caedon has enough to keep his hands full. Then Caedon’s parents, believed dead for a century, come across the Terrorist Elimination Unit’s (TEU) radar. Can he save his parents while protecting his newfound mate?

Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book Three
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 9781618854704
Page Count: 102 pages

BLURB: Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history. Gemma has spent her adult life consumed with researching the Valendite Breed history, constantly greedy for knowledge about their race. Until she meets Seamus and she's no longer able to hide in her world of books and theory. Now is her time to live. Seamus has found his gem and he wants nothing more than to treasure her. But his best friend is missing and he needs to locate him. Torn between his mate and his brother-in-arms, Seamus may be forced to choose one over the other. Will he sacrifice a lifelong friendship for the love of his life?

The first three books in the series have been released. You can purchase them at the following places.


Jenn, Guilty Indulgence Review Site, 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

"Say what you will about the paranormal genre being repetitious and overdone - Ms. Beck puts that rumor to rest. Creating a whole new world of paranormal creatures (the Valendite Breed) - a little bit magical, a little bit vampy and a whole lot of alpha male sexy!"

Love, Laughter, Friendship Reviews, 5 Smiles

"One of Harlie’s Little Sister’s top 10 reads of 2012. The world that [Paloma] has created for her characters and the stories to come is brilliant. The suspense element that is woven into the plot is nicely done and well thought out. "

Stephanie, Ndulgent Blogger, 4 Strawberries

"Talk about hot and steamy… what woman doesn’t want a couple of big strong Valendites catering to her every desire."

Alyson, SnifferWalk Reviews, 4 Stars

"Paloma Beck has managed to find that sensual place where we all want to be and leaves us basking in it's afterglow over and over again."

Tangie, Two Lips Reviews, 4 Kisses

"This was my first time reading Ms. Beck’s work and it certainly won’t be my last."

My Reading Obsession, Pink Roses Review

"All of the elements are here for a fantastic story. Ms. Beck has created a great new legend for the vampire race."


Paloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons, volunteers in PTA and teaches religious education.
Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories - and they are anything but PG. As a natural introvert, quiet time with her characters is necessary to keep sane while writing is the perfect outlet for her creativity.
Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.






I'd like to thank Paloma for joining us today. Not only to I love looking at those awesome book covers, but her books sound absolutely amazing.

Paloma has offered one lucky commenter their choice of the Seven Sin Sisters books. So please leave a comment with your email address' and let Paloma know which book in the series you'd like to read the most:
1) Lustful Cravings
2) Eternal Envy
3) Holiday Gem

Paloma will announce her winner on Monday January 28th.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcoming Decadent Publishing's Fabulous New Prepper Series...

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If a disaster struck, would you be prepared?
If you had five minutes to leave your home with everything needed to re-start your life, could you?
If the world ended, would you?

Preppers are a growing and diverse group that some even call a ‘sub-culture’. But most preppers are average Americans who simply have a plan for self-sufficiency and survival in case a minor or major disaster happens. They have extra food and water on hand and a bag packed in case they need to get away fast. Some convert old missile silos into bunkers in case of global pandemic or nuclear war, but most are more practical and simply learn or apply the basic skills of survival that our grandparents’ generation used in everyday life. Californians have earthquakes, New England and the Gulf coast have hurricanes, the Midwest—tornadoes. Are you prepared?

Decadent Publishing is tapping into that sub-culture to bring you a line of Prepper Romances. They are sexy, fun, sometimes suspenseful , and always entertaining stories with a little bit of ‘prepper’ thrown in for some added flavor.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Virgin Under Ground
Kate Richards

Doctorate in hand, Jane Ann Summers is ready to return to the South Seas paradise of her youth, when the director of the institute—her mother—drops a bomb. She cannot return until she experiences more of life...a social life.

Determined to waste no time, Jane searches for a shortcut and discovers the 1Night Stand dating service. A single night with geologist Dr. Lukas Gerard, and she can go home and get on with her fascinating study of world weather trends. The only question is whether to have sex with him…after all, it would be her first, and maybe only, time.

Lukas’s own field of study has shown him some alarming trends. He believes a killer earthquake may rattle the western half of the United States in the near future. In preparation, he converts an abandoned gold mine to a secret bunker, loaded with supplies and all the comforts of home. Only thing he needs now is company in his hideaway. Unsure how to find the right companion, he turns to 1Night Stand, but neither he nor Jane are prepared for the sudden impact of one of Madame Eve’s connections.

One night teaches them there is more to life than science…for both of them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lili knows she shouldn’t accept a lift from a stranger, but as usual, she leaps from one disaster to another. The consequence is being stuck in the middle of a snowy nowhere wearing next to nothing, and this time, being unprepared looks likely to kill her.

Grant lives in an isolated cabin for a reason. He’s prepared for almost every eventuality. The last thing he wants is some needy person interfering with his ordered life. When he gets into bed with a woman he rescued from certain death—just to warm her up, of course—Grant discovers something else he’s not prepared for. His heart opening.

A match made in heaven, until secrets come knocking. Lili is not just a simple woman in need of shelter, and unless she can survive dealing with her background, it doesn’t seem possible the happiness that’s fallen out of a blizzard can heal Grant’s own past.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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You can also purchase our books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, Books on Board, All Romance eBooks, Rainbow eBooks, and more! @DecadentPub

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Giveaway & A Character interview with Melissa Kendall...

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Fall In Love                    

Melissa Kendall

Michael Dunbar runs his family's cattle station in the far north of Western Australia. Station life is lonely and he wishes there was a way he could find a companion that wouldn’t mind living the outback life with him. In hopes of finding a woman, Michael heads to Broome for a few weeks holiday. What he finds is something he never expected.
Mia Mason is a Perth girl who longs to leave the city behind for a life in the country.
Can two like minds fall in love? Only destiny knows.



About The Author:
Melissa is a 37 year-old stay at home mum and part-time Software Support Consultant. She lives in Perth Western Australia the most isolated capital city in the world. 
She’s always loved to read and write and spent most of her teens scribbling poetry and short stories on any scrap of paper she could get her hands on. Over the years as daily life pressures got in the way she lost the passion for it. After her son was born, she discovered online books and her interest in writing was rekindled. It has been a large part of her life ever since.

Twitter: @mkendallauthor

Today we are sitting down with my hero Michael Dunbar to find out a little more about him.

1.      When did you know you wanted to be a farmer?

I didn’t really have a choice, been expected of me since I was in nappies that I’d take over running the farm. But I’d say I was about twenty five when I realised I genuinely loved station life.

2.      What's one thing about your current partner you find irresistable? Why?

Really, you want me to pick only one thing. Nah can’t do it, there’s just too many things I love about Mia. But, I am a tits and ass man so if I had to give you something they would be it.

3.      If you could go anywhere and meet anyone who would it be and why?

Oooo, that’s a toughy. I would say I would love to travel back in time and meet my ancestors. One of my ancestors was a convict who became a bushranger and I have always been curious about what it would’ve been like.

4.      If your partner asked you to do something outrageous what would you say and why?

Yes dear, because she has never led me astray and her outrageous ideas usually end up spectacularly pleasurable.

5.      Name two things you love/hate about your partner?

Okay well because I love everything about her, I will give you two things that bug me but I can’t say I hate them. So, the first is her love of reality TV, I mean it’s all just crap. The second is her habit of leaving her clothes all over the bedroom floor instead of putting them in the laundry basket. But don’t you tell her I said that.


The white sands and the deep-blue sea of Cable Beach never ceased to amaze me. As a child we’d visited Broome a couple of times for family holidays, though we had a pond at home, it was nothing compared to the ocean.
As I admired the scenery around me, I saw a camel train headed my way. Of all the things I’d experienced on previous visits to Broome, a camel ride wasn’t one of them. I decided I’d correct that on my trip.
Just as the camels passed by, the wind whipped something at my face. It scared the crap out of me. At once I grabbed the item and held it out in front of me—a straw hat. I searched around for an owner.
When I glanced up, I saw a stunning, petite brunette looking down at me from her seat on one of the camels. She appeared very apologetic as the camel train continued to move forward. I ran to catch up with the sluggish animals and I handed the hat back to the beautiful woman, feeling lucky I was tall enough to reach.
“Thank you,” she said as she tried to shake my hand.
It worried me she might fall off the camel as she reached for my hand, so, I just waved her away and said, “You’re welcome.”
I watched the camels continue up the beach for a little ways before I resumed my walk.
As I walked along the beach, every now and then, the waves lapped on to my feet. My mind wandered to the brown haired beauty perched on the camel’s back. I could tell from her thank you she had an Aussie accent. I wondered where she was from, or if I would ever see her again. If ever there were a woman whose beauty optimised what I viewed as perfection, she would be it. Her beauty was natural and understated, not marred by tonnes of make-up. And, although she was by no means fat, she wasn’t one of those stick thin girls you see with absolutely no curves. I wasn’t one to shy away from the fact I liked my women with curves.
I walked for about an hour then sat down on the beach and watched the red and yellow colours dance across the sky as the sun sank below the horizon.
After a while, I became hungry so I headed back to the hotel to grab some dinner at the restaurant.
One of the main things I looked forward to during my holiday was the chance to eat something other than meat and vegetables for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, my mum was a great cook and no one did a better steak and mash than her. However, they say variety is the spice of life and I planned to spice up my life with many different dishes.
I headed back to my room to change before dinner. After a quick shower to rid myself of the salt from the beach, I pulled on a pair of well-worn jeans and a button-down shirt. I rolled the sleeves up to my elbows and on my way out the door, I grabbed the book I brought to read while I ate.
Though dining alone wasn’t one of my favourite things, I’d done it quite a few times. After the first couple of times I sat bored and twiddled my thumbs as I waited for my food, I now found time passed quicker if I had a book to read. This time around, I’d brought with me the latest John Grisham novel.
After ordering deep fried Camembert and cranberries for entrée and garlic butter lobster for the main course, I opened my book and began to read. I’d only read a few lines when I heard a very quiet, “Excuse me.”
When I looked up from my book, I expected to see a waitress with my entrée but instead, I saw the gorgeous woman from earlier. “Hi?” I said.
“It looks like you’re eating alone. Would you mind if I joined you?”
Stunned that she asked to sit with me, it took a few seconds for my thoughts to catch up. All I managed to say was, “Of course.”
“I’m Mia Mason,” she said as she took the seat opposite me and held her hand out to me.
“Michael Dunbar,” I replied as I shook her hand.
The moment we touched, I felt a strange, yet pleasurable sensation move up my arm and quickly spread throughout my body.
“Nice to meet you.” A cheeky grin lit up her face—as if she knew a secret nobody else did.



I'd like to thank Melissa and Michael for joining us today. I really enjoyed their interview and the excerpt too.
Today Melissa has generously offered an e-book copy of FALL IN LOVE to one lucky commenter. So, please leave a comment with your email address' for a chance to win it. Oh, and feel free to follow the blog if you haven't done so already.

Melissa will announce her winner on Monday January 21

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~