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Friday, October 25, 2013

New Releases with Eva Lefoy...

I’m excited to be here on the Labelle Books blog today. This is a cool place to hang out and get the scoop about all the newest books!

Today I’m here to tell you about my Science Fiction Romance, The Trouble with Memories. It’s already been contracted by Decadent Publishing and it’s in the editing process. The story involves Martians and one very pissed off ex-girlfriend. Here’s an excerpt:

She scowled like a frustrated little girl and put her hands on her hips. “I don’t believe you.”

“Well, Lucy, it’s true.” He licked his lips and his throat went dry, the taste of her name sucking the air right out of him. Good or bad sign? Proceed, or caution? “To be honest, I don’t remember anything before Mars. In fact, I don’t even remember most of the mission.”

“What? How can that be?” She frowned, her eyebrows dipping low. “Wait. From before you left? You mean you don’t remember being with me?” She pointed at her chest.

He shrugged, knowing admitting he’d forgotten her was a dumb move. If he was her, he’d be pissed. But at the same time his gaze couldn’t help lingering on her chest. He liked what he saw. Down boy, down.

“I don’t fragging believe this.” She ran her hand through her shortish red hair and slapped the data pad against her thigh while she walked an arc around the room, ending by the windows.

The windows flexed and the floor rumbled as the jets did another close fly-by. He ignored them in favor of intently ogling the rounded globes of Lucy’s ass. When she spun to face him, he nearly lost his balance. Three steps later, she was in his face. He braced himself for her wrath.

Her fingers curled around his collar nice and tight. “Damn it, Cal. If this is some game you’re playing to make me miss you, I swear I’ll kick your ass!”

He loved how the fire in her eyes matched her hair and the way she jutted out her chin at the end of her pronouncement. But he’d told her the truth. This was no game. His memories of her were completely gone. “How can I prove to you I’m not lying?”

Her lips curled up in a smirk. “Kiss me.”

With a confident toss of her head she laid claim to him, answering his questions about how he’d known her. Hell, he hadn’t known her, apparently he’d KNOWN her.

Other genres I write besides science fiction romance:









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Thanks Jennifer for having me here today. I hope to come back soon and share a totally awesome new cover!


Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

Thank you for sharing with us Eva. You're welcome back anytime.

Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, October 21, 2013

A GIVEAWAY & Her Newest Release, 69 Mustang: Revved & Ready with Kacey Hammell...

69 Mustang isn’t all about the car. Of course not! The biggest variable of this story is the friends become lover’s premise. It is one that I love a lot, love read other stories featuring the same thing and in the end, love that they realize what is right in front of them. The answer to their prayers all along.

In honor of that, I thought I’d put together a little list of some of the most enjoyable (in my opinion) movies that feature friends who wake up to romance with their best friend.

1.       When Harry Met Sally

2.      Just Go With It

3.      Brown Sugar

4.      13 Going on 13

5.      Just Friends

6.      Reality Bites

7.         Some Kind of Wonderful

8.     And some might be surprised by this, but they get my heart whenever I watch them – from Harry Potter – Hermione & Ron *g*


By Kacey Hammell

Book 1: Revved and Ready Series

Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN: 9780987799319

Word Count: 4,415 Short Story

Only $0.99 cents!!!


Revved and Ready for passion, heat sizzles between two friends…

For Hayley Fitzgibbon, the heat wave blanketing her small town is nothing compared to the inferno inside her whenever she looks at her best friend, Rory. On the night of his parents’ anniversary party, she no longer resists her burning desire and makes it known how much she wants him. Secluded under a willow tree, down a lover’s lane, she’s revved and ready to claim her man on the top of his ’69 Mustang.

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013:

“There are some willow trees right up there. Park beneath them for privacy.”

“Hales,” he began, his voice unsteady.

“What’s the matter? Scared to be alone out here with lil ole me?” She laid her arm over his arm, silencing him, amazed once again by the wealth of muscle beneath his shirt. Gone was the tall flagpole type body he grew up with. The six pack abs and bulging biceps he sported now continuously held her in awe – and drooling. He definitely took care of himself.

Rory pulled in under the trees, glanced over at her, his eyes enflamed in heat and desire, then turned off the ignition.

Hayley undid her seatbelt, shifted toward him, and clasped the back of his neck, then pulled him close. She crushed her mouth to his.

He tasted so good. Intoxicating. Incredible. Fucking superb. She tangled her tongue with his. Shivers of delight spread along her body, nipples beading while juices gathered in her pussy.

Digging her fingers into his nape, anxiousness filled her to taste every inch of him but there wasn’t room to maneuver in the tight confines of the car.

“It’s too hot in here to sit. Let’s go outside,” she whispered. She pulled back and opened her door. Though the strangling humidity hadn’t dissipated much, a slight breeze skated along her skin. She welcomed the pleasure of the coolness against her body from the numerous days of nothing but stagnant humidity and the fire Rory stoked inside her.

Slamming the door, she tip-toed farther under the trees, careful not to sink into the grass in her stilettos, and waved him to follow her. “Come on,” she called.

Rory wiped a hand over his face.

“Trust me it’s much cooler out here.”

For the moment at least.


Amazon — US / Canada / UK



5 Stars from Susan W. @ ~ “If you have only a short amount of time and want to read something hot then this is the book to read. Loved this story and can't wait to read more in this series!”

5 Stars from Lindsay @ ~ “This short read is a hot one. Guaranteed to make your body temperature rise, and will have you thinking of other uses for your car in no time. I'm looking forward to checking out the next installments in this series.”

5 Stars from Amy Miller @ ~ “Great story about two friends who both are in love with one another. On one hot night they finally go for it and put their friendship on the line and it involves a super hot car and hot sex. What more can you ask for. For a short read this is a good one. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Great Job Kacey Hammell!!”  

Avid Reader. Romance Author. Redhead…

Canadian-born author, Kacey Hammell is definitely a book-a-holic, who began reading romances at a young age and became easily addicted.  These days, as a multi-published erotic romance author, she enjoys adding a lot of heat, sass and emotion to the Contemporary Romances she writes.

A mom of three, Kacey has made certain each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right. She lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada, and is a true romantic at heart.

Connect with Kacey… 


Win a BACKLIST Ebook from Kacey –

What is your favorite movie that features friends to lovers premise?

Simply leave your answer below and add your email address' to be entered to win one of Kacey’s Backlist titles.

Winner will be drawn on October 25th.


I'm loving that title, the cover, and hell, even that
Thank you, Kacey, for sharing. It's always a pleasure to host you.

Don't forget to follow this blog if you can, we have giveaways on a weekly basis, and let Kacey know which book you'd like to win out of her backlist after you answer her question above.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Wants to WIN A Print Copy of Some Like It Hot? Contest runs from 10/18 - 11/30 2013...

Small town Lincoln likes to indulge and explore. The days are busy and the nights get naughty thanks to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure…Leather and Pleasure,Rowan plans to surprise her husband on their anniversary and she decides to enact one of his most desired fantasies. It’s no traditional night on the town for this couple.
When Sparks Ignite,
Rhys has a booming business, money, and women are a dime a dozen thanks to, Leather
and Pleasure
. But, something is missing and it isn’t until he meets, Eden, that he realizes what it is.
Sinfully Sexy, Sable and Lila have been lovers since they started working at the popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to have a third join them.
Naughty Noel,
Noel is the star of her first performance at the fetish club, Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first ménage a quatre for hundreds to see.
A Wicked Wager,
When Kayla visits Leather and Pleasure she’s faced with a sexy bouncer who refuses to let her in. There is chemistry they can’t deny, and as Jake brings out her playful side wagers are made.
Taming Julian,
Notorious playboy Julian Banks is finally ready to settle down and he knows just who he wants, Rachel ‘Red’ Hanson. But, can he convince her that’s he’s serious or will she run again?

You may want your significant other handy and a glass of water to cool yourself off. This book contains six decadent tales of exploration, temptation, friendship, and testing limits. So be careful not to get burned as you flip through these scorching hot pages.



Who Wants to Win an Autographed Print copy or two of the book? The number of books given away is determined by the number of entries in the contest.

The GIVEAWAY will be held from Oct. 18th - November 30th. Buy links will be posted once they're available.

Follow the rafflecopter instructions below.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A GIVEAWAY & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with Deanna Wadsworth...

Thank you for hosting me, Jennifer!

I thought today I would share a teaser from my erotic m/m retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. With Halloween just around the corner, this sexy story is just what you need to keep you company on those spooky October nights!


One lucky commenter will win a copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow so please make sure you leave your name and email in the comment boxes!


Ichabod Crane, town schoolmaster and self-proclaimed supernatural expert, wants to better his situation by marrying the wealthy Katrina Van Tassel. But, there is a rival for her attentions.
Local hero, Brom Bones.
Brom lives to torment and tease Ichabod, leaving the schoolmaster wondering if he is more interested in besting his rival than winning Katrina’s hand. Especially when each time Ichabod goes into the backroom of his favorite tavern – a place men can be men –his imagination conjures Brom's face on every lover.
Late one night, Ichabod is chased by the legendary Headless Horseman. Terrified the ghost wants his head, he tries to outrun the specter. To his horror, he is taken captive by the evil spirit.
Ichabod awakens, naked and tied to a bed, only to discover the Headless Horseman is none other than his rival Brom Bones! Brom confesses that Ichabod has been haunting his own fantasies and he vows to make Ichabod Crane his in every way.
Ichabod wants to believe the pleasure Brom offers comes from his heart, but he is afraid it is another one of Brom’s tricks.
Though surely an enemy's touch has never felt like this...


Had someone at the tavern talked? Was that how Brom learned of his secret? He swallowed hard as the worst question of all came to him. Could the other man possibly know that he was the object of Ichabod’s fantasies?

But, alas, none of it mattered. All Ichabod had hoped for was doomed and brought to a crushing end at the large hand of his victorious rival, Brom Bones. Once he revealed Ichabod’s peculiar tastes, he would be chased out of town. He would lose everything.

“Why do you seek to use this desire I cannot stop against me?” Ichabod whispered, his embarrassment overflowing when he heard the tears in his voice. At odds with his mind, weakness in the face of this man only caused his erection to become the most prominent fixture in the room. “Is it not enough this very night that Katrina has rejected my affections but you also must shame me until I lose every meager thing I own, including my pride? Does winning the hand of the Van Tassel girl mean so much to you?”

“I never really sought Katrina’s hand, nor do I do this to shame you,” Brom answered. “At least not in the way you mean.”

Ichabod looked at him and hysterical laughter bubbled out of him. “You intend for me to believe that all of this torment has nothing to do your desire to possess Katrina’s lands?”

The other man’s black gaze sparked orange like fire from the flickering candlelight. His tone was low, husky even, as he replied. “It is not her lands which I wish to possess.”

The deep timbre with which Brom spoke sent whirls of heat and fire into Ichabod's belly button and slightly below. His manhood began to weep the juices of desire, adding to his disgrace and fueling his arousal. The panic dissipated from Ichabod’s voice, though it sounded pleading and distant when he asked, “What do you wish to possess?”

“You, Ichabod Crane.”

A pulsing shudder started in Ichabod’s back, traveled through his torso and went straight to his dripping cock in less than a heartbeat. Not daring to hope he heard Brom correctly or understood his meaning, Ichabod whispered, “I do not understand.”

“Long have I wished for you to be exactly in the position you are,” his captor said, moving closer to the bed. His muscular body was clothed in head to toe black, conjuring the image of a panther stalking its prey. “Naked and at my mercy.”

Well, there was no misunderstanding that.

“But why have you tormented me?”

Brom let out what sounded like a weary sigh. “Long have I wished for you to notice me, Ichabod Crane, I sat by and watched you avoid me at every turn, only acknowledging me when you saw no other way out. All you succeeded in doing was make me want your attentions all the more. I could devise no other way than jokes and pranks to get someone like you to notice a man such as me.”

Ichabod was reminded of the wayward boys in his class yanking a girl’s pig tails and dipping them in ink wells. There was something about the notion of Brom Bones being as silly as a little boy that made Ichabod want to laugh again. But he sensed the man deeply felt his words and he restrained the impulse. “Am I to understand that you tormented me all this time merely to get my attention?”

“It worked, did it not?” he said, his sheepish smile showing a hint of his straight white teeth.

Ichabod was about to argue, but the sudden change in Brom Bones’ demeanor stopped him. He didn’t think he had ever seen another man wearing such a tender, yet predatory expression as he began to approach the bed. Ichabod held his breath, watching him closely and trying to determine what he intended to do.

Suddenly, Brom reached out and took hold of Ichabod’s swollen shaft.

Deanna Wadsworth might be a bestselling erotica author, but she leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her wonderful husband and a couple adorable cocker spaniels. She has been spinning tales and penning stories since childhood, and her first erotic novella was published in 2010. When she isn’t writing books or brainstorming with friends, you can find her making people gorgeous in a beauty salon. She loves music and dancing, and can often be seen hanging out on the sandbar in the muddy Maumee River or chilling with her hubby and a cocktail in their basement bar. In between all that fun, Deanna cherishes the quiet times when she can let her wildly active imagination have the full run of her mind. Her fascination with people and the interworkings of their relationships have always inspired her to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.

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Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow today!

I'd like to thank Deanna for joining us today. This story sounds great and just in time for Halloween. So please don't forget to leave a comment with your email address' for a chance to win a copy.

Deanna will announce her winner on Friday Oct. 18th

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dark Angel's, New Releases and an Awesome GIVEAWAY with Tabitha Shay...

Hi Readers,

I’d like to take a moment to thank Jennifer for having me for her guest today. She’s a wonderful hostess. Now that fall is upon us, it’s a great time to stock up on e-books and have something to read when the weather gets colder. I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest release today. Be sure and leave a comment for a way to contact you in case you win the drawing later on. Good luck!

Happy Reading,


In the Badlands of the Dakota Territory, a war rages between good and evil, between angels and Satan’s three sons…

Earth Angel —Elizabeth Bonner’s plans for her wedding dissolve when she discovers her fiancé cheating. To escape the pain and humiliation, she flees to the rowdy mining town of Deadwood Gulch where one person stands between her and hell—Gabriel King.

Dark Angel —Gabriel is feared by most, but he meets his match with Elizabeth. 1876, Dakota Territory is no place for a lady whose innocence is tempting as sin. Toss in a couple of trouble-making cherubs, and the Old West will never be the same.

Elizabeth and Gabriel —more than one war is brewing in the Black Hills…

Excerpt: R-Rated
His annoyance must have shown, for the dressmaker purred softly, “She’s to be wed, you know?”
“I don’t give a fuck. I want her.”
“Qui. I do notice your big problem, monsieur. I can arrange for a drug to be administered to zee mint julep I’m going to get for her. There is a room in back with a bed. You may do to her what you wish, for as long as you wish, without interference. Zee drug…it will assure she gives the monsieur no trouble.” She smiled, her thin lips curling. “It will so heat zee mademoiselle’s lovely body she will be most desperate for your hard cock. For zee right price, of course, I will arrange it for zee monsieur.”
Gabe changed his mind about the fox. He thought instead, she rather reminded him of a thin-lipped lizard with sharp teeth.
“When you’re appetite has been appeased, monsieur, have no worry, she will not remember who stole her maidenhead. Many a young lady has lost her cherry in my special room, Mon ami, with no way to explain how it was lost once she weds or if she conceives…which happens sometimes. How she suddenly has a bastard in her belly remains a mystery for the lovely cannot recall anything that happened to her.” She lifted a smooth brow. “Are you interested in a little arrangement, a sweet fulfilling rendezvous with zee mademoiselle and my special drug?”
“I’m interested.” Gabe narrowed his eyes. “But not in the manner of arrangement you suggest. I don’t want her drugged. When I bed a woman, especially this woman, I damn well want her to know it’s me taking her innocence and plowing the field.”
“Ahh, I see. You wish her taken hostage then and held in zee back room for a particular quality of sexual pleasure? That, of course, is much riskier, Mon Cher. With the lack of drugs to make things hazy in her mind, she’ll be able to identify you afterward. Once you are satisfied, cutting her throat for you and disposing of zee body, it will cost you extra.”
“You misunderstand, madame, I don’t want her taken hostage, either. I have no desire to rape her.”
“Qui. Of course, seduction is much sweeter.” She touched her fingertips to her lips and made a kissing sound, then cast her gaze at his crotch and smiled. “Obviously zee gentleman is infatuated? Soo…an accidental meeting then…for a lesser fee, perhaps? That will suffice? Qui?”
“She will dine with her fiancé at zee Creole Lisette Restaurant four blocks west of here in four hours. Perhaps I could arrange he does not keep zee dinner engagement?”
“Do you wish him beaten? Stabbed? Murdered?”
“Yes.” Gabe dragged his gaze away from the curtains and locked eyes with Madame LaRue. She grinned. Her lips curved with the suggestion of an unpleasant, most malicious leer he’d ever witnessed.
Author Bio:
Tabitha Shay is the author of paranormal romances, Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch‘s Moon, Witch’s Magic, and Witch’s Fire.
A member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., she has served as both a category chair and judge. Her books have been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious P.E.A.R.L. Award for Witch’s Magic and Witch’s Moon, which was also nominated for Best All Around Paranormal in 2008. Witch’s Fire won Runner Up for Best Paranormal Book of 2010 at LRC. Her latest release is a paranormal historical titled, Send Him an Angel, book one in the Angels of Deadwood Gulch Series.
Ms. Shay also writes under the name, Jaydyn Chelcee, and is the author of the contemporary western romances, Montana Men Series, In the Arms of Danger, No Holds Barred, Too Hot to Handle/Too Close to the Fire, and Wild, under the pseudonym, Jaydyn Chelcee. Wild won first place in the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc. in 2012.
I'd like to thank Tabitha for coming back to Labelle Books and sharing her upcoming release with us. Today she has generously offered to give one lucky commenter a pdf  copy of Send Him an Angel. So please leave a comment with your email address',  and follow this blog for a chance to win it.
Tabitha will announce her winner on Tuesday Oct. 15th.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Light My World with Zee Mondee...

Do princesses and ogres exist in our modern world?

Hello everyone! Pleasure to be here today with ye all. Going back to that opening question, what would your answer be?

I’m not talking of Fiona and Shrek or the really magical Prince Charming stuff. But real life – how many women out there are looking for that elusive charming man?

Take, for instance, Diya Hemant, a self-made young entrepreneur who owns her interior design company at just twenty-four years old. A girlie girl at heart, her dream has always been to fly of her own wings...and to find love. Aka, Prince Charming.

So you thus have a modern-day princess, and you think that, not being a royal, she doesn’t have stuff like protocol to deal with? Wrong, because Diya is of Indian origin. Meaning – there’s always some tradition, customs, mores, and values to abide by. Her mother will be pressuring her to get married ASAP to a proper suitor (like all good ‘queens’ would). A horde of aunties would be there as Fairy Godmothers (or even as Maleficent-type hags!).

And speaking of the suitors, a veritable parade of idiots will be launched before her.

But rebellious princesses have a way of breaking free and escaping the confines of their castle (Diya lives alone in a traditional society that hoards kids until marriage), and of course, in the world out there, they meet...Ogres.

Take Trent Garrison, for example. The worst kind of savage. Absolutely no manners, an irascible temper, and the man rarely, if ever, comes out of his lair. Too bad this lair happens to be the flat next door to Diya’s.

When trying to escape the ogre’s vicinity, this modern-day princess plunges into the dark forest and comes across a shining suitor on a black horse. They say he’s a Big Bad Wolf in disguise...but princesses rarely pay heed to anything except their hearts, right?

In the end, will the ogre prove he is the real knight in shining armor before the princess ends up getting hurt?

Find out in the upcoming Light My World, Book 2 of The Island Girls Trilogy by Zee Monodee

It is a truth universally acknowledged that to find a prince, a girl has to kiss a few frogs along the way. But what happens when a modern-day princess comes across…an ogre?
Diya Hemant is done with her mother’s relentless matchmaking and the pressure to get married ASAP. Hadn’t anyone told the old generation that this is Mauritius in the twenty-first century, and not the Regency era? She yearns to find her Prince Charming, yes, but she’ll find him on her terms. After all, she’s armed with the definitive list of requirements that paragon of hunkiness has to possess.
When her path crosses surly British widower Trent Garrison’s, Diya is sure she’s found an ogre of the worst kind, and one who can never be turned into a frog, let alone a prince.
But hate at first sight can be a powerful emotion, stronger even than instant attraction. Fate keeps pitting them against one another. Could this be a clue that both Diya and Trent need to find what lies in their, and each other’s, hearts?


Pulling herself out of the dejected thought, she concentrated on the conversation, if any talk with her mother could be called a conversation, at hand. “How are you doing, Mum? And how’s Daddy?”

“Oh, you’ll never believe this!”

Diya braced herself for the assault on her eardrums as the outburst continued.

“There were prayers today at Ruby’s place, and everybody was talking about your interview in WideView.”

WideView, the monthly lifestyle supplement of one of the local papers, had featured a three-page slot on a house ALIDA had decorated. The project had been their first break, commissioned by a friend of Ange’s mother, who had seen the scheme the two girls had done in the Marivaux family home in the inland, posh area of Floréal.

The interview in question amounted to nothing more than a few lines here and there in the body of the article. “I gather you’ve seen it, too. What do you think of the house?”

“Simply marvellous, sweetheart. It made me so proud to tell everyone my little girl had done all of it,” the older woman gushed, before she went quiet.

Something bad was coming. Her mother hadn’t buttered her up for nothing.

“You know, Vimla’s nephew just came back from England. He’s got a PhD in Econometrics from the London School of Economics….”

And he’s looking for a girl to marry. Diya didn’t need to hear her mother say the words. Good grief, when would this sick matchmaking game ever stop?


“But Diya—”

“Mum, it’s no. Full stop. I’m not interested.”

The line went quiet, before she heard a huff.

“Fine, suit yourself. Just don’t say you never had a chance when you end up an old maid.”

She rolled her eyes despite the fury building up inside her like steam in a pressure cooker.

“What’s so wrong with that? It’s your generation that needs a man for everything, Mother. Not mine.”

Annoyed at having lost her temper, and ticked by the quiet coming from the other end, she snapped, “Oh, forget it. I’m going. Kiss for you, love to Daddy.”

She pressed her forehead against the cool glass in the side panel of her front door.

Would her mother ever stop irritating the hell out of her? Not likely. Gayatri Hemant lived for torturing her daughters into culture and conventions.

Find Zee on the web at the following places:



Friday, October 4, 2013

The Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory Autographed PRINT Book GIVEAWAY with Jane Elissa...

The Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory

Jane Elissa wrote this book to inspire other people to volunteer and help raise money for charities. Because of her charity work Jane Elissa's life took an expected turn. Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory follows Jane's growth as an artist in search of identity and a woman in need of emotional help and personal happiness. How Jane morphed into a Broadway designer/charity fundraiser extraordinaire is a heroic New York story that only she could live to tell.

Jane Elissa is a New York based artist creating artwork on canvas combining elements of paint, created appliques, vintage materials and tapestries. As an artist specializing in exalting Broadway and Times Square in collage formats on all mediums, Jane ran her atelier and set up shop in the heart of the theater district on Broadway. The stars of stage and screen were attracted to Jane's artistic rendering of Broadway, her original clothing designs, and her flamboyant personality. Not only did actresses revel in wearing her creations and making her name well known, but they invited co-stars to appear with them at fashion shows raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for leukemia research. Jane's mother, who has been plagued by the disease, was the inspiration for her daughter's passion to organize an annual charitable event.

Jane Elissa was nominated Woman of the Year 2012 by Michele Przypyszny, Executive Director of the New York City Chapter of Leukemia& Lymphoma Society(LLS) for her dedication and volunteer work in the past 25 years raising funds for cancer and leukemia research through her benefits and design with the support of her team: Team Extravaganza.

A percentage of the book sale profits will be donated to further research for the LLS and other charities.



My book is actually a very New York celebrity story wrapped around putting on fundraising events for charity.  When my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia, I wanted to volunteer to raise money but being a crazy artist in my real life I never seemed to have enough money to pay the rent so how was I ever going to fundraise.  Well, if you have good intentions sometimes miracles happen and I would say that my life has been somewhat of many little fortunate miracles.
That is why I wrote the book to encourage other people to volunteer and find their own amazing miracles.
 The title of the book is "Diary of a Lollipop in a Peanut Factory" by Jane Elissa......

So even though I wrote an inspriational book,  my favorite genre is mystery and secondly romance.  THe people at Decadent asked me to be sure to include the romance element in my book and I am grateful that I did because everyone who has read it really enjoyed that part.  I intend to write another book about that romance in more detail as there is a much greater and interesting story to tell.  I also found that it was difficult to write about my personal life as I am a VERY shy person.  I did it because Lisa from Decadent was absolutely lovely and encouraging and she was right to ask me to be very honest in the book.
I have only been an author for a little over a year.  I was an English teacher and an Art teacher so it was very easy for me to come up with the cover for the book and to write.  But I will say that my biggest surprise in writing the book was that the editing process was very difficult for me.  It was very easy to write the book as I always have been able to write.....But to be edited and edit myself was an arduous task.  It took much longer than actually writing the book.
I am hopeful that when I have some time I will be able to finish another book that I started which is going to be a comedy, mystery set in New York at an off track betting parlor.  I have started it and parts of it are fantasy and parts reality.  It seems to be fun to make things up and embellish them as I do in my art work.
    I can honestly tell you that I have begun to do book signings and I find it wonderfully fulfilling to meet people who have worked to raise money for charity and are motivated by my book.  But I have such a hard time being in front of people.  I never like being the focus and yet I often am.  That is a strange thing to say about myself but it is true.  I do not mind the focus on my art, but on me personally it is difficult.
   If your readers would like to see who Jane Elissa really is please go to and and they can see the products we make.  I also have a facebook page and a page for the book on facebook.   THere is also information about me if they just google my name and they can see a lot about the charity work I have done.  As a matter of fact I am preparing for an event at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel on Tuesday October 8th with performers from Broadway and daytime television.  If anyone would like to come, please check my website for charity events and email me at
I have also been asked to tell you people the naughtiest thing I have ever done and since I am an artist you can use your imagination to figure out all the naughty things I might have done.  Believe me,  I started painting and drawing nudes when I was in high school so I never had any inhibitions about the human body. I will let everyone use their imagination and tell you that the next book will have some of my crazy scenes in it.
I think my book is different because it offers a slice of life that most people may want to know about but never experience.  I actually was on Broadway, on Television and met some of the biggest celebrities in entertainment and I detail these experiences with pictures in the book.
I am also offering a free book and a matching postcard and shotglass to the winner of this giveaway.
I hope you have learned something about me and if you want to know more,  just get in touch.
I'd like to thank Jane for her generous work, and for sharing her experience with us today. To win her signed print book and swag please leave a comment with your email address' and follow this blog to be entered.
We will announce her winner on Tuesday Oct. 8th. 
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~