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Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Interview & A Free Book with Destiny Blaine (One day only- Friday July 12th)...

Title: Handcuffs and Roses          

Release date: July 24th

Author: Destiny Blaine

Genre: Contemporary BDSM


Max Mahaffey is Hollywood’s number one bachelor. He’s also the owner of the most lucrative modeling agency in the world. When a client invites him to an unusual commitment ceremony, he’s obligated to attend. Obligation turns to expectation after Max meets a Georgia beauty destined for a career in the fashion industry and maybe even Max’s bed.

 Sebastian Stillwell didn’t plan on spending the night with Jade Jenkins. He was only doing his buddies a favor. They needed a best man and he was their guy, even if it meant briefly reconnecting with the only woman he has ever loved.

A wedding to remember, a twist of fate and tempting fantasies bring Jade, Sebastian, and Max together for an unforgettable night, but the evening doesn’t end with a kiss goodbye and an oath to keep in touch.

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1.      How long have you been an author?

I started out as a ghostwriter so I’ve been in the business for a while now, probably right around ten years. The first book published under my ‘real’ name was released in 2005. I started writing erotic romance right after my first nonfiction book was released.


2.      What is your favourite genre?


Writing BDSM sports romances ranks up there at the top. Then again, there’s something sexy about badass motorcycle-riding heroes and the women who ride behind them. *Sigh* Oh, and I could write about cowboys and gamblers all day long. *Smiles* I can’t pick just one genre.   


3.      If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why?


A Debt Owed is one of my favourite because I love the heroine. Sassy Road, the first book in the Heroes and Rogues trilogy, is another favourite.  Sassy and Logan are just well suited for one another and I love the characters in the Heroes and Rogues novellas.


4.      What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?

For me, it’s the ability to be totally committed to one project and then suddenly driven to start another one. Sometimes, I just want to grab my muse by the collar and shake her while screaming, “Can’t you just wait a blasted minute?” As so many writers know, when an idea strikes, it’s crucial to stop what you’re doing and jot down an idea. If you don’t take a minute to scribble down a few particulars, then those new ideas are often lost forever.


5.      Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?

There are quite a few in the pipeline at the moment from first drafts to edits and proofs. The two that stand out are:  


Rise to Power~Search for Pride, a novella series for eXtasy Books and Swinging Gate Sports Romances for Champagne Books and Carnal Passions. These novellas are packed with great characters, conflict, a few surprises along the way, and happy endings.


6.      Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.


I’m a workaholic. There’s a drive inside me that I can’t explain and it only worsens with age.


7.      Name your top three writing goals?

1. At the moment, I write under a lot of pen names. I’d like to cut the number in half, but it’s easier said than done.

2. This is more of a career goal than a writing goal per se, but I hope to attend more signings and book events in the near future. I just returned from Romfest and it was a blast!

3.  I’d like to finish all proposed works by the end of the year.


Fun Questions -

1.      If you had a warning label, what would it say?

“When you see this writer shouting at the computer screen, turn and walk the other way or cautiously approach with Oreos.”

2.      If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?

Gabrielle, first introduced in Winning Virgin Promises, would be the character I’d want to meet. I can think of all sorts of things I’d like to ‘do’ to him.

3.      What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Writing ménage romance ranks right up there. As far as naughty in my personal life, you’d have to interview my smokin’ hot hubby if you want answers to that one.  

4.      Finally, can you give us your contact links?


“Tell me something, Stillwell. Why would you let a woman like Jade get away?”

“As of right now, I like you, Mr. Hollywood. Keep jabbing me with insults, and I might change my mind.”

Max casually leaned against the tube-style railing surrounding the patio. “I’m not trying to offend you. I’m curious and nothing more. Why’d you let her go? Was it because of the BDSM scene and fetish clubs? Did you need to sow a few wild oats? What?”

“Are you writing a novel?”

“No, why? Would the love story be worth documenting?”

Sebastian laughed. “At one time it would’ve been.”

“Then what happened?”

So much for Sebastian picking Max’s brain about his intentions. “I can’t explain it. I was young for one.”

“You cheated on her for two, and I can’t imagine why. Even a nineteen year old boy recognizes when he has a beautiful woman in his bed.”

Sebastian felt a sense of pride then. He took a drink of his martini and savored the green apple taste. “You make a mean drink.”

“And an even meaner rival when I want a woman.”  
I'd like to thank Destiny for joining us. It was a pleasure getting to know you.
For TODAY ONLY Destiny has offered anyone who  comments with their email address' a FREE pdf copy of her book, Behind the Game.
You have until 8 PM EST Friday July 12th (today) for a chance.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~



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  22. Thanks so much for all the comments today. The free PDF file of Behind the Game, one of my first sports romances, will be sent to the emails posted above. The free eBook offer has now ended and all copies of Behind the Game will go out within the hour. If you don’t receive yours, email me at

    Don't forget to watch for Handcuffs and Roses, coming to Resplendence Publishing: on July 17th! Handcuffs and Roses, an addition to Resplendence Publishing’s Signature Line Handcuffs and Lace, follows Cuffed and Stuffed.

    Jennifer, Thank you for hosting a stop on your blog! And once again, thanks very much for stopping by to comment, everyone!

    Destiny Blaine

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