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Monday, July 22, 2013

A Wicked Wager & A GIVEAWAY with Jennifer Labelle...

Kayla Evans returns home to open a new business and help out her family. She’s been away at school for too many years putting her life on hold, and she’s looking forward to living it again. She goes to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure to meet with her older brother, the clubs owner, and is faced with a sexy as hell bouncer who refuses to let her in. With a mutual attraction and some chemistry they both can’t deny, Jake brings out her playful side, and wagers are made.

Jake Collins has worked at the club for years. He’s good friends with several co-workers, including his boss Rhys. So why is it he never knew about this sister? Kayla has him turned inside out almost immediately, laying all the cards on the table as she challenges him time and time again. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met and he’s determined to have her.
A Wicked Wager is the fifth installment in my Leather and Pleasure series, now who wants a copy?
Leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win yourself a pdf copy. I'll announce my winner on Thursday July 25.
“Uh uhn, can I help you?” A large hand came out to stop her from continuing ahead. She’d been so pre-occupied in her thoughts that it took her a minute to gather her composure to face the big hunk of man meat in front of her.
“Excuse me?”
“Look lady, this is a member’s only establishment and I can’t let you walk through that door until you show me you’re with a paid member, or have a pass proving your membership.” He looked her up and down from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, lingering at her chest before meeting her eyes again. He licked his lips. “And, since you’re standing here solo, and I haven’t seen you before, I’m assuming you’re a first timer.” His eyes glittered as he pursued her with his eyes again. “Oh yeah, I’d have definitely remembered you.”
Oh my God, is he flirting with me? Kayla couldn’t help herself and smiled. She’d been out of the dating world for awhile now, too concentrated on school, and opening her store since her return home, but even longer still since she had that instant chemistry for someone she’d just met, like she did with him right then. She mimicked him by licking her own lips thinking about it. There was just something about this confident hunk of heaven in front of her though, he was chocolate cake and ice cream, cheese cake drizzled with thick cherry syrup, a delicious piece of pumpkin pie with a mountain top of whipped cream on top. All delicious temptations that she shouldn’t have, hell, hadn’t had in almost two years to keep her figure the way she wanted it—but still had the craving for. Hmm, a sexy man and tempting deserts all in one. She raised a brow, imagining the taste of his salty skin in contrast to the sweet taste of chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream as she licked it off of him.
“Ma’am?” He bent his head to the side and took a step towards her.
“Kayla,” she corrected, when his voice snapped her out of the fantasy. She smiled, “My name is Kayla, not lady or Ma’am, just plain old Kayla.” She held out her hand in greeting. “And, you are?”
He was tall, with broad shoulders and muscular arms, and she could see the definition in his cut chest and flat abs through his form-fitted black t-shirt. His jeans hid an impressive bulge and were ripped in one of the knees, but fit so perfectly they moulded his legs like they were made just for him. He had the bad boy persona, but the good kind she wouldn’t mind more of. She shook her head, realizing he hadn’t answered her yet, and blushed at being caught ogling him.
“The name’s Jake, it’s a pleasure to meet you Kayla.” Jake caressed her outstretched hand with his fingers before lifting it to his lips.
Oh, sweet lord. Okay Kayla, pull yourself together and stop acting like a horny teenager. You’re a grown-up now for Christ’s sake. A grown up that needs to get laid sometime soon, but you’re not the one night stand type of girl. Damn, his lips feel good though. Maybe just this once I should just go for it. Kayla cleared her throat, Maybe it’s time to get to know Mr. tall, dark, and sexy a little better. “Care to make a wager, Jake?”
“A wager?” He laughed, looking caught off guard. “Are you a daring woman, Kayla? Is that why you thought you might try the naughty club tonight?”
“No, not daring, at least not usually, but I like you already, and I’m in a betting kind of mood suddenly.” She smiled mischievously and had the urge to rub her hands together, knowing she had him right where she wanted him. “Call it a hunch, but I get the feeling that  you always think you’re right, or at least like to be right about things, and I’m betting I do get in that club tonight without a membership.” She pointed to the club’s door. “In fact, I’ll bet you I can get invited in, in less than five minutes. What do you say Jake, you want to bet with me?”
“You make this too easy for me, Kayla. I already told you there are only two ways I can permit you to enter. One, is if you are a paid member, the other is if you have the invitation of another who frequents here often, and you don’t have either. I’d love to let you in sweetheart, it’d be kind of nice to see you around more often, but I’m not about to lose my job over a nice piece of ass.”
 “A nice piece of ass? Aren’t we a little direct now? I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted. Thankfully I don’t offend easily. My bet still stands though; are you game Jake, because I think I’m going to like proving you wrong.”
“Okay, I’ll play along, but what’s in it for me?”
“Well, if I win I’ll let you take me to dinner sometime, and if you win...”
“I make sure we get dessert.” His mouth formed into a confident smile, and the gleam in his eye told her his idea of dessert didn’t mean food. “Still want to play, kitten?”
“Kayla,” she corrected again; she didn’t mind nicknames, but right then he needed to come down a notch. “I’m going to enjoy making you eat your words.”
Jake shrugged, and leaned back lazily to show her he wasn’t bothered. “It seems to me either way I win. Your wager is dinner on me; my wager is dessert all over you, and what a feast I would have with that...”
Kayla shivered, Damn, can he read minds too? I was just picturing tasting dessert off of him. Let’s see how far I can milk him. “Okay, we’ll add another stipulation to make things more interesting then, since it’s a win-win situation for the both of us.” She reached inside of her purse for her wallet. “I’ve got a fifty right here. You win, not only am I your dessert, but you become fifty dollars richer. You lose you give me fifty.” She shrugged back at him and leaned against the wall beside him trying to mimic the confident stance he showed moments before.
“Yeah?” He stepped forward until he stood right in front of her. So close she could feel the heat of his body, and she cursed out loud when goose bumps covered her skin making him smile at her again. Placing his hands on each side of her head she could feel his breath against her cheek as he whispered, “You’ve got less than five minutes remember,” and then he stepped back.
Son of a gun, he did that on purpose knowing that I would respond to his body so close to mine. “I do, so be prepared to hand over that money.” She moved past him while pulling out her cell phone. It only took a minute to locate the number she needed and then not only would he be buying her dinner, Jake would be forking over his fifty bucks. Sweet victory is only moments away, Kayla.
“Hi, it’s me. Yep. I know, I know, I’m a little early, but instead of meeting me at my place I thought I’d come to you. Uh huh, I know but I wanted to see the club...” Kayla laughed, rubbing it in as Jake watched her. “Okay, well you’ve got exactly two minutes, and hurry. Good, see you in a minute then.” She snapped the phone shut and smirked at Jake before turning towards the door. “Don’t you just love the smell of victory?”
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