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Monday, July 1, 2013

A 5 E-book GIVEAWAY & A New Release with Linda Boulanger...

Title: Dance With The Enemy

Release Date: July 1, 2013

Author: Linda Boulanger

Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance 

The Idea: It Started With A Whisper

I always enjoy the “where’d it come from” lowdown on books, so wanted to share how Dance With The Enemy was born. It started with a whisper in my head … one single thought that swirled through my mind and refused to let go. The thought: Scent of a Woman. Not a new thought, I know, but one that took me in many different directions. I settled on one particular thread: what if my woman was injected with the blood of a man, and his blood mixed with hers genetically altered her so that when she came of age, he would know her by her scent. Or his scent mixed with hers. I expanded that further by making the couple members of enemy families and set it all in a long ago fantasy time period. That idea was put into use during a short story challenge over at and received well over 20 comments asking for more of Elenya and Tahruk’s story.

It took me a year and eight months to oblige those readers thanks to a flourishing career as a cover designer and interior formatter. (feel free to check out some of my cover work over at During that time, I worked with the most amazing authors, continuing to push my own writing dreams aside, except for the occasional short story. When I found more and more of my shorts focusing on these two characters, I started putting them together and realized I had well over 18,000 words already completed on my novel. I knew it was time to give their story the attention it deserved. Those who have already read the story tell me they fall in love with my characters. So did I! And I hope you do too.

Blurb: The time has come for Elenya to meet the man she’s belonged to since she was three, the man whose blood flows through her veins. In the midst of the maidens, the King’s warriors are released; each forced to find the woman chosen for him through her scent, resulting in a half-mad frenzy that heightens already aroused animalistic needs. Elenya is terrified, especially when she realizes what the warrior searching for her does not – that she’s been marked with the blood of her family’s enemy.

As the leader of the King’s elite forces makes his way toward her, she ignores the pull of the marking and darts out into the night … into his territory. She has to get to the Masters so they can right this wrong. A mistake must have been made. Surely fate would not force her to dance for a lifetime in the arms of her enemy. And if it did, would his blood flowing through her veins be enough to unite their hearts?

Enjoy a short excerpt from Dance With The Enemy:
He released her as abruptly as he’d pressed himself upon her, flooding her with a pool of emotion, including a certain self-loathing at the strength of her desire for her enemy. She looked up into his face washed with triumph.
“I am not your servant,” she muttered as she tried to roll away.
“No, but you are mine and I am not finished.”
Elenya checked her movement. Even her breath stilled when his finger began to trace the bones of her neck, sliding up to follow the path of her jaw line, running across her bruised lips.
His smile was knowing, arrogant. “You enjoy my caress.”
Elenya could master no words. Her attempt to shake her head only enticed him to further action. Soft caresses danced down the back of her arm leaving his mouth free to explore and her breathless, ready to cry out when he stopped a mere feather width from the top of the sheet.
He laughed. “You feel how the madness drives and frustrates…” His tongue darted out to sear her flesh just where the roundness of her still-covered breasts began, and her held breath whooshed out. His lips pressed harder, her heart beating against them.
Cursed man! Resisting the pleasures of the flesh was going to prove to be such bitter-sweet torment. Even the savagery resonating from the man who controlled her did little to assuage her desires. If anything, it added, intensified, causing her to strain against the bedding in an attempt to push herself toward him, her own unfamiliar need propelling her.
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~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Linda's book sounds great. I can't wait to read this.

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  3. Dance with the enemy sounds great. I can't wait to read it.

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  8. The book sounds great! Thanks for the chance to win!!

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  9. I would love to read LInda's books. They sound awesome. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me. I am a follower and email subscriber.

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  11. Been hearing so many good things about Linda's work. When I saw the shares and blurbs for this release, I became so excited! To make it more appealing, to me, I LOVE Jimmy Thomas on the cover! Thank you for offering a chance to win a copy!

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  17. Sounds Awesome. Can't wait to read this.

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  22. This sounds like a really great book. I can't wait to read it.

  23. This sounds like a really great book. I can't wait to read it.

  24. Myrna Tietz Gamble
    All the posts for Linda's book are just fascinating. So much gong on about it that we already feel like we know the characters. Can't wait to hold a book in my hand or read it on my Kindle.

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  27. I love all of Linda's writings. Can't wait to read this!

  28. I love all of Linda's writings. Can't wait to read this!

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  30. You are a very talented author. Technically you are an excellent writer and you have an amazing imagination and story telling ability. I look forward to all of your books.

  31. Thank you all so much for checking out the post and entering for a chance to win ebooks of Dance With The Enemy. Work delays held me up in posting the winners, but here they are!

    Gamitch75, Elizabeth H., Debby, Karen Arrowood, Mary Preston

    There was one additional winner from an added "contest" over on FB concerning this blog post. That winner is K. Shaw.

    Congratulations to each of you, and as an added bonus, you will also receive an Advance Reader eCopy of the second book in the series, Dance Beyond the Shadows featuring Tahruk's brother as soon as it is available (look for that in September). I'll be notifying you all of your win via email. Again, thank you so much for the amazing response to the giveaway!


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