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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meet Johnny Lavish...

Title: Please Share My Wife with Me? The Wife Swapping Diary of George and Melissa

Release date: 30 March 2013         

Author: Johnny Lavish       

Genre: Relationship / Erotica      

Blurb: George and Melissa is not your typical fictional erotic story. Instead George and Melissa is about a journey of exploration and the challenges it brings them. It is told through George’s experience and store makes George’s journey seem real. It is a great book for anyone who enjoys a short erotic story, romance or relationship story.



1.      How long have you been an author? I have been an author for a few years. I started out writing very short erotic stories for my wife, who immensely enjoyed them. From there I started writing short-stories for a web site that specialized in erotic literature. At that time I did it more for fun but as I did it, the idea of writing for a wider audience started to intrigue me. So, I started my own blog site and did more writing. In total I would say seven years.


2.      What is your favourite genre? I am a big fan of literary fiction from the realist movement, which are books written from post-Civil War America through the start of WWI, roughly (1865 – 1914). Also I enjoy literature from the Revolutionary Era in America. As for erotica it is threesome, cuckold and limited BDSM.


3.      If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why? I would recommend George & Melissa. It is where I transition from writing for fun to doing it on a more serious level.


4.      What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process? The biggest surprise for me on a very global scale, I find that I spend a lot of time thinking about how I say something and writing in my daily life. From writing I find I become more aware of how words are used and their meaning. More specifically I find my writing ebbs and flows. Whereby I will do a lot of writing for a while and then I will leave it. Then when I come back to writing I find that I more ideas.  

5.      Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress? I have four works in some form of progress. One is a collaborative effort with my wife and I would expect that it will be out within the next year. Another is a book that I am writing based on a blog that I have. A third is still in its infancy. I am either looking to do a second part to George and Melissa or another book that has similar themes. Finally I am considering writing a travel book.

6.      Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you. I tend to come across as social and confident. However, I tend to be introverted and shy, especially in groups.

7.      Name your top three writing goals? 1) I would like to see George and Melissa do well. 2) I would like for writing to become a part-time job for me 3) I would like to try to write a novel that gets some literary recognition.

Fun Questions -

1.      If you had a warning label, what would it say? Do not wake up without a cup of coffee

2.      If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do? I would like to meet George. It would be interesting to talk to him about his relationship with Melissa. From there I would like to see where things went and what wold develop.

3.      What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? The word naughty is open to interpretation. From a relationship it would be having a threesome and from a personal perspective it would be voting Tory in 2010. I say this because it is a vote I regret.

4.      Finally, can you give us your contact links?
Contact Links:

Twitter: JohnnyLavish1

Google+: Johnny.Lavish1

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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