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Monday, April 1, 2013

His Latest Release & A Giveaway, with Robert Wacaster...

When does love begin?  We’ve all heard the stories about a man and a woman who see each other across a crowded room.  Their eyes meet and suddenly it’s love at first sight.  They knew from the beginning that things were meant to be between them.  But when does true love really begin?  Sometimes we have a few bad relationships before we find that one special person.  Sometimes you see bad signs in the person you’re with, but you ignore them.  Sometimes...just when you’re at your lowest that special person just walks into your life.

Meet Katie Benson.  Katie’s made a few bad relationship choices in her life.  Her latest bad choice was with a man named Stewart.  Katie had been seeing Stewart without even knowing he was married and had kids.  When she finds out, she is devastated.  Her boyfriend before Stewart had cheated on her at a family member’s wedding.  So what’s a girl to do?  Katie is at her lowest and so depressed.  Why is it so hard to find a good man?

Now meet Robert.  Robert is a writer who’s first book has taken off in a huge way.  Now a best selling author who’s book is about to be made into a blockbuster movie, Robert doesn’t know what to make of all his sudden fame and fortune.  Robert has never been very good with women. 

Robert shows up in New York City to meet the senior editor for his book and by chance comes across Katie, his editor’s executive assistant.  Seeing her watch broken and laying on the floor near her desk, Robert senses how depressed she is.  Wanting to make her feel better, Robert runs to a jewelry store and buys Katie an expensive watch. 

Did they fall in love when Robert gave Katie the watch?  After Robert had found the courage to ask Katie out?  Maybe they fell in love after their first, awkward date?  Who knows?  But the sparks do fly and Robert and Katie eventually realize they belong together...just as Robert has to leave for California for the casting of the movie based on his book.  Can true love survive a long distance relationship? 

But are things really that simple?  Of course not.  Katie’s married ex-boyfriend Stewart can’t seem to let her go and begins to stalk her.  Robert has trouble with his life in California and along with a major writer’s block, can’t get Katie off his mind.  Calling each other all the time with their cell phones, do they tell each other what is really going on in their lives?  Of course they don’t!  Katie doesn’t want to worry Robert and is afraid if she tells him she is being stalked, he will leave California and that will ruin things for him.  Robert doesn’t want to worry Katie and keeps telling her he’s doing well in California when he’s really beginning to have a number of problems.

True love means telling your partner everything sometimes.  It means being there for the other person when they need you the most.  Will Robert and Katie realize this?  Or will their relationship become just another Writer’s Love Story?

(A Writer’s Love Story is the first book in a series, so obviously Robert and Katie work things out.  *chuckle*  The second book in the series, A Writer’s Proposal is scheduled for release later in August of this year, and A Writer’s Wedding will follow shortly after.  Come and discover true love with Katie and Robert and see how things finally work out!)
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     I don’t have an excerpt here today on Jennifer’s blog.  But if you follow the Sweet Cravings Publishing link, you can find an excerpt from the first part of the book.  Feel free to take a quick read.  I’d like to thank Jennifer for this guest opportunity today and will be happy to send a pdf of the book to one lucky commenter. 
Thanks again, Jennifer!
You heard him folks! He's giving a pdf copy to one lucky commenter so please leave a comment with your email address' to enter for a chance to win Robert's newest release.
Robert will announce his winner in the comments section on Thursday April 4th.
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~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Sounds like a great story and a series as well. Thanks
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  2. Sounds like a great story and a series as well. Thanks

  3. This looks like a good read! Thanks for the givevaway!

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  4. I love a good romance. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies! After a random draw, Meghan is the winner of the free pdf. Congratulations Meghan, your book should be in your email inbox soon!


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