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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Kitchen Affair & Wine Knowledge with Carol Preflatish...

Thanks for hosting me here today, Jennifer. I'm excited to share some new knowledge I have about wine with your readers.

My current book is "A Kitchen Affair" and about a culinary student trying to make ends meet when she's hired by a millionaire bachelor to cook for some of his dinner parties. If you read many romance novels, you know where this is going.

I'm not a wine connoisseur, so I had to do a lot of research to write the scenes where they have to order wine. I had to figure out what wine would go with the type of food they were having for their meal. I have to admit it was so much fun reading and learning about the different types of wines. I'm not letting that research go to waste with just one story either. My future books many have lots of wine drinking in them.

Surprisingly, the best place I found for wine research wasn't on the Internet. It was in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, which included a chart inside defining the different types of wines.

One of the more interesting things I also learned about wine is that different wines should be served in different style glasses.  For instance, red and burgundy wines are served in a glass with a larger bowl. White wines are served in a similar style glass, but a bit smaller. Who knew? Sparkling wines and champagne should be served in a long stem flute glass.

One thing that I was amazed to find out is that sherry is a type of wine made from white grapes. Remember watching the old television show, Frazier? He was always drinking sherry with his brother. Dry sherry is considered an appetizer wine and served cold, or it can be sweet and served at room temperature after a meal, like on Frazier. On that show, they usually drank it from a very small sized glass, but according to my research, it should be served in a glass similar to the red wine glass, but shorter.

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I'd like to thank Carol for joining us today. I certainly learned a thing or two about wine. :) Don't for get to check out Carol's links and pick up your copy of A Kitchen Affair today!

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. LOL....I always thought only little old ladies drank sherry, and only after 5pm...and I found a bottle of cooking sherry in my MIL's cabinet when we were cleaning out her stuff.

    Did NOT know that about what wine should be served in what glass!

  2. I never knew about wine glasses either, Molly. We have one set and we drink all of our wine in them no matter what the color. We do have some champagne flutes, but I really don't like champagne. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Carol--how wonderful that you're interested in wine! I was lucky to spend part of my life in France & even luckier to have a college friend whose parents sent us on wine tastings, so I learned quite a bit (at one time)about wine. You might want to check out more serious sources on wine than Better Homes though. I can send you some links. The glasses Fraser drank sherry from are actually for cordials. Kept meaning to get your book--thanks for the goose! Meredith



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