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Monday, January 7, 2013

The New Year & A GIVEAWAY with Kissa Starling

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The beginning of every year has me evaluating and organizing my writing. I like to stay busy so I write down every single submission call I come across on my calendar. There are many times I write a short story with no particular publisher in mind and when this happens I can look at what the market is looking for at any given month. Ultimately I find there is no way to accomplish as much writing as I'd like, but I finish what my muse says I can complete.
Writing is a lot like life. A lot of my writing comes from life, things I've seen, experienced or wondered about. In my personal life, as in my writing life, I attempt to plan my year out in my head, but things never go quite as I think they will. How long will I continue to grip that control that I lose so easily by the beginning of February? I'd like to say 2012 was it. I learned a lot and let go of a lot. As far as 2013 goes, well see.
Goals are good but growing and giving up complete control are grandiose! La Viva Mi Loca! I love My Crazy Life!

Clarissa, Book One in the Celtic Destinies Series, is about a character who chooses to create a whole new life- think of it as her New Year's Resolution.
Reuniting ghost lovers proves to be the easy task. How will she ever find her own true


Clarissa has traveled halfway around the world to Scotland hoping to escape her sordid past
and begin anew. What she finds is two unruly children, a single father who travels, a elderly
cook and a couple of ghosts who demand to be reunited. It's hard to figure out who plans to
give her the most trouble- the children or the ghost of a kind long since passed. Will it all be
worth it in the end and what must Clarissa do to obtain her own happiness?


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It's eight days into the New Year and I know some of you made resolutions of your own. How are they coming thus far? Let me know in the comment section and I'll pick a random winner on the 10th for a pdf copy of Clarissa.

Thanks for having me Jennifer!
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It was my pleasure Kissa!
Best wishes,
~Jennifer Labelle~


  1. I have started mine and plan to work on it more as time passes. I am trying to improve my health.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. So far I'm sticking to my resolutions to have more fun, see my fam more often, and love more freely!

    marisha511 at hotmail dot com

  3. I havent made any resolutions because I never stick to them. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I didn't make any resolutions so to speak of but what I would like to see this year as more productive and for home improvements projects showing some sort of sign as being done and completed... So far painted & light fixtures picked for the one bath and the inselation (spelling??) has begun in the attic so I get my library DONE...


  5. for me its finding a new job. i have been looking for the better part of a year and no luck so far

  6. No resolutions for me, I found out some time ago that I just don't keep the, so I stopped setting them :) Love the sound of the book!


  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by. I don't make 'resolutions' per say anymore myself, but I do set goals. So far I am surpassing my writing goals so yay!!!

  8. Tore, I went to and you are the winner of my book, Clarissa! Yay. I'm emailing it to you know. Thanks again to everyone who dropped by.


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