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Monday, February 27, 2012

Role Play and a GIVEAWAY with Willa Edwards

Why is Role-Playing so much fun?
We all play a million roles in our lives. Mother, child, employee, boss, disciplinarian, student, the list goes on and on. And within those roles we even play a million other roles. Happy mother when we really want to scream our heads off at the kids but can’t in public, smiling daughter-in-law even though we really just want to tell our mother-in-law off for interfering, again. Often we have to don multiple roles at a time, which can leave us drained and depleted. So why is it that when we finally get some time to stop and smell the roses so many of us turn to playing a different role to do it?
The amount of people playing role playing games has increased dramatically over the last several years, due to the evolution of internet gaming. When previously participating in a role playing game like dungeons and dragons was confined to your home and friends, now there’s a worldwide network of people you can easily access that like the same things you do. The invention of facebook created an even bigger net of people to play these role playing games. Who doesn’t have a friend planting carrots on Farmville or trying to recruit you for his Mob?
But why is it this has become our recreation of choice?
Playing a different role gives us an escape for all the other mandatory roles we have to play. Whether it’s playing dungeons and dragons in your basement or playing sexy student and professor in the bedroom, taking on a different role gives you the ability to leave behind the troubles of your normal everyday life and take on a simpler persona. The sexy secretary doesn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage, or fixing the leaky kitchen sink. The mob boss doesn’t have to worry about getting the kids to school on time, or dealing with back stabbing coworkers (he’d probably just stab them right back anyway). Through role playing we get to experience things we never could in real life, from battling dragons to getting our necks sucked by sexy vampires. We get to escape our normal drab lives to experience all we’ve ever wanted.
In a world where we get very few escapes from our troubles, due to the constant line of communication, from texts, to tweets, to status updates (you can even download apps that tell you want to do), role playing gives us a detailed escape from those moments. A time when we can ignore all else and live in the moment.
What do you think? Why do you role play?
In my newest release, Heart’s Ultimatum, my heroine, Krista, uses some very sexy role playing to her advantage while trying to convince her boyfriend to commit.  Here’s a little snippet for you to enjoy. Leave a comment below telling me what you think of role playing, and you’ll be entered in to win a copy of this book.
Krista Matthews has been in love with James for two years, but he's never mentioned commitment. After she plans him the ultimate naughty Valentine’s Day surprise, and he doesn't say those three magical words, she knows it’s time to move on. She may be plushy and curvy, but she still deserves someone who loves her for all she is.
Wounded by the past, James Peterson became principal at a new school to escape his mistakes. What he never anticipated was meeting someone as amazing as Krista. She fits him in every way—except her need for a ring. When she dishes out a Valentine's Day ultimatum, give her more or end their relationship, all those old fears come racing back. Does James have the courage to face his past for the woman he loves? Or will he lose her on principal?
Krista twisted her pink-and-dove-gray-striped tie into a knot. The ends dangled past the waistband of her barely there skirt. She’d picked out the tie due to its extra long length, just in case James wanted to use the silk for a more creative purpose, like binding her wrists together or to secure her to his desk.

Krista’s temperature rose a few degrees with just the thought of James dominating her. She shuffled her feet, her heels clicked along the tiles as she rubbed her thighs together, trying to control the tingle growing between her legs. She was getting herself way too excited before she even got to James’s office, dreaming about his hands on her body, his lips worshipping her skin, the scratch of his whiskers between her thighs. At this rate she’d come before he even got a finger on her, maybe before she even finished the twenty-foot walk to his door.

As much as she might fight it, the anticipation and preparation was half the fun for Krista. Starting with the first conception of this Valentine’s Day surprise for her boyfriend, her arousal continued through picking out the perfect time and outfit. Krista’s heart beat out a heavy, erratic rhythm. The risk and taboo of her plan heightened her enjoyment.

It was the aftermath she and James needed to work on. The relationship, the trust, the communication. It’s the only way she’d get what she wanted, and needed.

It didn’t help her nervousness or excitement that this had been one of her fantasies starring James from the beginning of their relationship. Since the first time she’d been called to his office over some simple parental concern, all she could think about was getting him naked on top of that desk. He’d only been her boss then, but that didn’t stop her fantasies, or his. He’d been dreaming of the same desires, a truth he’d only admitted months afterward, sweaty and replete, between her heart-dotted sheets.

Krista stared into the small mirror hanging from the coat closet in her classroom. She sprayed herself with Ode de Amore perfume to remove the slight tinge of chalk still wafting in the air, along with the hint pine from the disinfectant the janitor used to clean the floors and the drift of macaroni and cheese from the cafeteria.

Pushing the knot of her tie to the base of her throat, Krista adjusted the linen collar lapels of her button-down shirt around the striped silk. She glanced into the mirror for a moment, assessing the entire look. The charcoal skirt ended right below the slope of her ample ass. The dark circles of her nipples hinted through the white linen shirt. The tie pulled up tight to her neck, ready to be yanked off her in a fit of passion. Her sunset-brunette hair was tied back into twin pigtails low against her neck, bound with small pink bows.

The hair style looked a little ridiculous, but it went with the theme of the night. And it didn’t matter much either way. It would only be up for a moment before James would pull out the twin ribbons, running his hands through her messy tresses until it was a happy nest of tangles. James loved to comb his fingers through her hair. She’d occasionally put it up just to give him a reason to dislodge it from its careful bun or braid.

Krista slipped her hand into the closet, pulling a raspberry-sherbet lip gloss from her coat pocket. As she grabbed for the bright-pink tube, her fingers slid along a thick, soft sheet of paper folded and stuffed in the pocket.

Tossing a glance over her shoulder to verify she was still alone, Krista pulled the paper from the jacket pocket. She unfolded the corners from the isosceles triangle she’d crammed it into last time she’d looked at it. Sighing softly, she stared down at the elaborate sheet of holiday paper in her hand, a remnant of the Christmas party with her girlfriends.

The shiny, golden ornaments raced down the sides, bracketing the wishes she’d asked for. Her four best friends had gathered together a few days before last Christmas to celebrate Giselle’s birthday, the most demanding of the five. Giselle believed herself to be a younger Martha Stewart and had organized her entire party around each of them, creating a list of all the traits they wanted most in a man on the snowflake-dotted paper, hoping to bring each of them their Mr. Rights. Surprisingly, writing the lists had been a lot of fun. And it had worked for two of them so far.

But since Krista already had a man, she hadn’t seen the point in listing characteristics of her soul mate. She didn’t need to hone her desires or to send her wishes into the universe for a man who could play the guitar or went to church every Sunday or had a dry sense of humor. She already had what she wanted. She had James.

Instead she’d listed everything else she still wanted. Marriage. Commitment. Family. To hear those three little words. Everything James hadn’t offered her after two years together. All the things she’d been denied far too long.

Krista gathered the edges of the page together, folding the spearmint paper down the middle and shoving it back into her coat. She hated the stupid list. Ever since she’d written it all down, Krista couldn’t stop thinking about all she didn’t have. The commitment and security she longed for, but still eluded her, was detailed across the Christmas stationary for all the world to see.

The list, written in unyielding ink, was like a fiery arrow pointing down at all she wanted. The slow swirl of dissatisfaction she’d been feeling in her relationship for the last year suddenly spiked, clouding over every aspect of her life until it was all she could think about.

But tonight was Valentine’s Day, the one night of the year where love held the most sway. And she was determined to use it to her advantage. This Valentine’s Day she wouldn’t be content with a box of chocolates, a bottle of smelly perfume, or an abnormally large stuffed bear. This year she only wanted one present for Valentine’s Day. She wanted James to say he loved her.

She had no doubt he felt the emotion. From the gentle way he kissed her first thing in the morning, the way he’d place his hand on the small of her back in crowds, and the brightness of his smile when she walked in the room, she was sure he loved her. He was just afraid to say it. But he’d lose that fear quickly, she thought with a smile, after she gave him his Valentine’s Day present.

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I'd like to thank Willa for joining us today. Loved the excerpt.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Kellie Kamryn

I'd like to welcome Kellie Kamryn to Labelle Books. Today Kellie answers our interview questions, and tells us more about her newest Secret Cravings Publishing release, Rebound: Love and Balance.

Welcome Kellie, how long have you been an author?
Kellie: I’ve been an author for the last five or six years, writing to be published. It’s been in the last year that I’ve had acceptances and had my work published.

Congratulations, you're a fantastic writer, I've read some of your work. What is your favourite genre?
Kellie: I love to read historical romance – it’s like literally being swept into another world. Paranormal comes next and contemporary. I write contemporary and erotic romance currently.

Historicals are one of my favorites too!
What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Kellie: How the process evolves. At first I just wrote, no concern for rules or anything. Then I wanted to be good, so I took classes and learned things I’d long forgotten. With each new piece I write, I find I get better. I like seeing where I started and where I am right now. I intend to keep on improving!

So true, can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Kellie: My latest WIP is an erotic romantic suspense. I’m writing and planning it out, but it’s very hot, and I hope suspenseful! Tension abounds between my characters as he left her to seek fame and fortune. Or so she thinks. He knows he’s made a mistake and has come back to win her back and keep her out of danger. Needless to say, their first meeting is emotionally and sexually tense! My critique partner took a look at the first two chapters and said it was the best thing I’ve written to date. So, I’m glad to know I’m improving, LOL

It sounds great. If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Kellie: Like my logo says: Sweet and Sassy

*grins* If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Kellie: Do I have to pick just one? Right now I’d love one on one time with Sinclair Reed in my new WIP. He reminds me of someone sinfully sexy in real life ;)

DAMN! LOL, good for you, girl!
I'd like to thank Kellie for joining us today. For those of you who would like to learn more about Kellie and her work, she can be reached through these sites:,, and on twitter @KellieKamryn

In the meantime before you go check out the blurb, and the amazing excerpt Kellie's left us about Rebound: Love and Balance - and get your copy today!

An award-winning choreographer must face the only man she's ever loved then lost when they are teamed up to work together at a gymnastics camp for Olympic hopefuls.
Claire LeMay is at the top of her game - she's head of a prominent gymnastics facility with her gymnasts winning awards for her outstanding choreography. Now her biggest challenge is to coach alongside the man she's avoided for three years after he demanded she live in his shadow instead of forging her own path. Deeply hurt when Justin turned out to be no different than her parents or coaches, who controlled her every move for years, she strengthened her resolve to make her own way in life. Even though some of her decisions were hard-earned lessons, her life is her own and she wants to keep it that way.
After sinking every penny of his inheritance into his state-of-the-art gymnastics facility, Justin Black has achieved his dream. But even with hundreds of members and well-trained coaches, when Claire's presence invades his space, he reluctantly admits she's the one thing missing in his life. Oblivious as to why she walked out on him three years ago, he attempts to call a truce. As their old passion tumbles out faster than a gymnast sprinting down the vault runway, Justin knows he can’t let her walk out of his life this time. When the week comes to a close, it becomes clear they are in the same impossible position as three years ago.
Are they destined to repeat the same old routine or will they be able to choreograph a new one?

“We’re adults. We can share a bed to sleep. No big deal.”
She glanced away, hoping he couldn’t see her cheeks blush. “Exactly.”
He tugged on the other end of her blanket to get her attention. When her eyes met his, he asked, “Unless you’re chicken?”
Her eyes narrowed to slits. “That only works once.”
He stared her down. “I dare you to share a bed with me for the night.”
She sat heavily on the edge of the bed and slipped off her sandals. “That is a stupid dare.”
“No stupider than it was for me to fall for you and your little anxiety attack over performing the full-in this morning.”
She crossed her arms in front of her chest and blinked at him. “I don’t know what you’re
talking about.” Her lips twitched as she fought a smile.
“Don’t play innocent with me.” Justin grabbed his pillow and smacked her in the face with it.
She squawked in surprise.
“You knew I’d take the bait,” he said. “I never could resist helping you.”
She took up her own pillow, kneeled on the bed, and hit him back. “Then you shouldn’t
have been spying on me.”
He smashed his pillow into her ribs, nearly knocking her over.
She righted herself and took a swing at him, hitting him square on the side of his head,
causing him to give it a vigorous shake.
The next thing she knew they were in the midst of an all-out pillow war. On their knees on the bed, they took turns whacking each other over and over. It felt good to take her frustration out on him.
Finally, he wrenched the pillow from her hands, took hold of her wrists, and yanked her up against his chest. Her nipples hardened on contact, and she inched back, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
His eyes flicked downward and then up. A slight move, but she saw it. She bumped her
pelvis lightly into his and felt his bulging erection. Good. She wasn’t the only one affected by their physical proximity.
She wrenched free of his grasp. “That’s not fair, using your size against me.”
He shrugged. “All’s fair in l– war.”
Interesting slip up, buddy. She thought back to the days when they had wrestled with one another and he had used his strength to win. If memory served, she’d come up with some pretty creative ways of gaining the upper hand. He was in for a big surprise if he thought she’d give up so easily tonight. Even after all this time, she still had a few tricks up her sleeve.
She hopped to her feet and kicked one leg out, her shin connecting with the side of his
ribcage. Caught off guard, he toppled sideways, ending up on his back with her on top, her knees on either side of his torso, her hands pinning his arms to the bed.
Surprise registered on his face, but it wouldn't last long, and she knew it. She sprang off the mattress, flipped over his head, and landed on her feet on the floor. Quickly, she turned, and twisted his arms together in her grasp.
“Shit,” he muttered. “I’d forgotten how quick you are.”
Fresh out of ideas, she let go of him, having no desire to put herself in a more vulnerable position. But, she failed to step away fast enough. He reached above his head, grabbed her at the hips, and sat up while flipping her forward.
A squeal escaped her lips, and the next second, she was suspended upside down in the air with her face an inch from his crotch. She wet her lips at the sight of the bulge there.

BUY LINK: Secret Cravings Publishing

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love, Sexpunk and Alien Orifices, by Made in DNA

I've had a passion for science fiction from a very young age. Rocket ships, androids and mysterious, distant planets have always excited me, but it wasn't until I discovered the cyberpunk genre that I really found my niche. Cyberpunk was wild, sexy and unexplored. It seemed as if the aliens I had sought to read about in my childhood were actually hidden within these wired men and women with their Nagel stares, blue mohawks, illegal cyberdecks, smart hovertanks.

When I started writing short fiction, I wondered what I could bring to the post-cyberpunk work that was currently on the shelves. It seemed there were some very smart people in the genre -- Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross to name just two. Just copying someone else's formula wasn't my style, so I threw away everything I knew and experimented. In that spirit, I labeled the work I was doing as 'throw-away'. In other words, if it didn't work out for either myself or the readers, I could just dump it.

Allowing myself to be heavily influenced by Japanese (and by extension, Asian) cyberpunk, anime, monster flicks, horror, transgenderism and transhumanism, I slapped together a bizarre world of pulp anti-protagonists and crazed situations. I didn't worry about whether situations were realistic; I just let the work flow.

My first short story was entitled "Media Whores" and it was a hit with Twitter readers (where it was first published). It was soaked in sex, sass, and cybernetic beings. Annalee Newitz used my Twitter feed as an example of fiction in a university class, and Internet curmudgeon and comic author Warren Ellis mentioned me on his blog. I then wrote "de Sade Assassins" a short story in a short anthology of assassin-themed eBook. Along with my novella Bukkake Brawl (, it is by far, one of my bestselling works on Amazon.

Now I stand poised to publish my own tri-annual eMagazine of science fiction and hardcore sex -- Full-Metal Orgasm ( The first issue (due out April 1, 2012), and I'm working on the second issue. It's a work I am proud of because it embraces, sex -- everything from anal-loving to tentacle-savagery, drugs, love, war, violence, sexuality, humanity, consciousness, and beyond. In other words, it's a wild romp across space and time with plenty of shared body fluids.

I hope you'll take the time to check out Full-Metal Orgasm's IndieGOGO campaign page ( as I am working hard to raise funds for it. There's a detailed explanation of my plans for the eMagazine and how you can help me get it off the ground. To anyone reading this blog who 'pre-purchases' issue one (by making a $5.00 contribution), I'll give away the second issue free. After you have contributed, send a private comment through IndieGOGO (click my name to get my profile and a link to message) with the word "sexpunk".

Thank you for you time. And thank you, Jennifer, for being so kind as to let me post.

Bukkake Brawl (Explicit excerpt)
©2010, Made in DNA
Bukkake Brawl was the fiendishly genius marriage of extreme sports and porn. Rough, muff, and tumble.

Three scantily clad women, the Jizzabels, stepped into a pit and took all-cumers.

Their opponents were Jackals—a mob of howling contestants ready to hump anything that moved. Including the occasional stray cambot.

It attracted college kids, weirdoes, macho assholes, perverts, cherry boys, misogynists and mishmash thereof. No license required.

40 billion perved globally!

Jackals ponyed up 25000 Fuk Buks each for a chance in the pit. An entry fee that didn’t actually guarantee anything.

For their chance at pussy, they had to survive the Prelims where hopefuls eliminated two-thirds of their own number.

Losers were consoled with a membership in the Circle Jerks, the group of men who did just that if the Jizzabels fell in the Homban.

No touchy-touchy fuckee-fuckee, they just pulled their dinkie twinkies until they blew wad over the subservient hostess ho-hos.

Thus the Prelims were a fierce street brawl for pussy. But it paled in compared to Homban, The Real Deal.

While the Prelims resulted in the weak being hurled from the ring like sad sacks of pig shit, Homban was blood, sweat, tears and semen.

Gallons of semen.

Homban was where it all potentially paid off for the Jackals. If the Jizzabels lost, every man still standing in the pit got their yearn.

The Jizzabels were submitted to every moan, groan, grunt and white explosion of hair-gobbing, mouth-filling, pussy-drenching spoo.

Name of the game baby. There is no maybe.

Televised globally, Bukkake Brawl was where women became adored idols, and cherry boys became men!

Lights. Action. Hover-botcams. Spectators. Screaming fists. And more fluids than any girl ever wanted to swallow.

Re-orientating herself, Mei let the mayhem of her forced profession wash over her.

The air was acrid; heavy with the dried-squid stink snack-breath of fans rabidly exhaling over her from their stadium seating above.

Brawl pits were large enough for the Jackals and Jizzabels go to work on each other, yet cozy enough so the fans above could drool on them.

To her left, Catgirl Mon was down under the weight of a heavy pinning her shoulders while a second helicoptered on her raised haunches.

It was too late save her. Penetration had been made. Fuck!

Mei took her frustration out on a nearby Jackal with an impolite chop to the Adam’s apple. He gakked, jerked once and stayed down.

An announcer w00ted and ran commentary on Mei’s fighting stats. She itched to jump the wall and make him a stat.

Before she could, she took a misplaced left hook that caught her in the side of the head, clipping her ear. An annoying sting and ring.

She retaliated with a pile driver and raised her fists defiantly. “You hit like your mother bitch! At least she could ride face!”

Whipping around for another doofus to hurt, she caught sight of Tahna eating several jackhammer blows to the stomach. Pneumos!

Mei curse-winced as the perfect-breasted, blonde Slav went down with a sickening wheeze and didn’t get up.

* * * *

Thanks for the interesting post Brent, it was a pleasure to have you on the blog today.

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Giveaway and an Interview with Ashlynne Laynne

I'd like to welcome paranormal romance author Ashlynne Laynne to Labelle Books. Today Ashlynne answers our interview questions, and gives us a sneak peek of her latest release 'The Progeny.'

“No fate other than the one I choose.” The timeless creed, and tattoo, bore by the Rousseau’s— a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher - a half-bloodling— half- human, half vampire.
Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursula— a prearranged union to a woman he abhors — he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.
Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shauna— a beautiful, bi-racial human Wiccan — and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.


Welcome Ashlynne, how long have you been an author?
Ashlynne: I’ve been a poet and songwriter since I was twelve years old. I never thought myself patient enough to write novels. In October 2010 I got serious about my writing and decided to write about my two most favorite mythical creatures—vampires and witches.

Congratulations, what is your favourite genre?
Ashlynne: paranormal romance

I'm a huge fan of a good paranormal myself. *grins* What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Ashlynne: I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work involved. Being an author isn’t just writing a book and sending it to a publisher to go out. Currently, I’m promoting The Progeny, dealing with the cover art for book two—Blood Bonds—and writing the third book in the series. That’s a lot of work considering I also have a family to look after and a full time job.

It certainly is, and I can relate being and author and mother myself. The Progeny sounds like a great read though, and I'll have to keep an eye out for the continuation of your series. Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Ashlynne: I’m currently writing the third book in my Progeny Series and writing the first novella in my Deadly Divas Successions.

Awesome, now for a few fun questions; if you had a warning label, what would it say?
Ashlynne: Warning: mood swings and frequent bouts of crazy.

LOL, Love it!
If you could choose to time travel, would you go backward or forward, and why?
Ashlynne: I’d love to go back to the free love hippie movement. I’ve become a flower child in recent years and would love to have experienced that time in American history.

I'd like to thank Ashlynne for joining us today, for those of you who would like to learn more about Ashlynne and her work she can be reach through these links:
Twitter: @qlane
Facebook: Book Page- Ashlynne-Laynne/129418917161599
Author Page-
Author Blog:

Please enjoy the exclusive never seen before excerpt Ashlynne has provided. It's one hot read that will tempt you to want more, and don't forget to leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win a pdf copy of 'The Progency.' We'll announce a winner on February 22.

Better yet, let's make this a little more interesting...

Instead of a generic comment, answer this question:
Vampires or Witches, which do you prefer and why?


The burn deepened as he released the left breast and suckled at the right one, tweaking the other nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Her hand grasped the top of his head, raking her fingers through his wet hair. His tongue and fingertips continued teasing her, whipping her into a heated frenzy. Her breaths quickened as he pushed both breasts together, flicking his tongue across the rigid nipples.
Her heart spluttered then picked up, beating double time to make up for the pause.
She tried to speak but the sensations took her voice, leaving only pants of pleasure behind. Warm drones of electricity spiked in her body, concentrating in her nipples then pooling below. Her head was light— too light to hold her body up.
His red eyes gleamed with lust and a wicked fire that stunned her, paralyzing her body. He lifted her, whirling her across the bathroom and landing her on the black, marble countertop.
Excitement flooded her racing heart as she struggled to stay conscious. His hands explored her wet body— rubbing, caressing and stroking her all over. His tongue breached her lips, driving prickles of warmth throughout her overexcited body, causing her to squirm. His hand trailed her body, probing her with a gentle finger, pulling her bottom to the edge of the counter.
He knelt on the floor in front of her.
“Ash,” she whispered her voice rough and hoarse, “what are you doing?”
He glanced up at her, his red eyes sparkling and a naughty grin on his face. “I hurt you. Now I have to make it better. Just relax. Enjoy it.”
She attempted to speak but his eyes burned her, his head shaking, discouraging her from protesting. His hand rested on her stomach, urging her back against the mirror.
He dove right in.
His lips nibbled her sensitive bud, his tongue encircling it in slow and careful sweeps. She quivered. He opened her wider, burying his face into her. The loud moans synchronized with the wild thrusting of her hips.
Her excitement was cresting.
His tongue twisted, twirled, and did wicked things that no human’s tongue should be capable of. Her hazy and incoherent mind remembered that he wasn’t an ordinary human. It was so easy to forget.
He was exceptional at pleasuring her.
A hot flush colored her thighs red with a love blush as her heart soared. She struggled to draw air into her heated body, the tingling and throbbing peaking inside of her.
Her hips spiraled against his face as his tongue stirred her body into convulsions, her eyes rolling in her head.
He gave her a smug smile, continuing to lap her until she pushed his head away. “I surrender!” She leaned back against the mirror, struggling to catch her breath while raking her fingers through his damp hair.
He came up, kissed her then whispered, “Better?”
“You have no idea,”

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Giveaway and a Sunday Snippet: A Wicked Wager (Leather and Pleasure 5)

My newest Leather and Pleasure release A Wicked Wager (Leather and Pleasure 5) was just released on February 10 and I thought I might share a little snippet with you.

To help celebrate I'll also be holding a giveaway;

Be a blog follower, and leave a comment with your email adress for a chance to win any one pdf copy in my Leather and Pleasure backlist. That's right folks you've got your choice to choose from: Leather and Pleasure 1 through 5.

I'll announce my winner the morning of Tuesday February 21.

To take a look at the others in the series click on this link:

Each hot little read is a stand alone, that won't disappoint.

~Leather and Pleasure~

A ten year anniversary where desire lives, fantasies are enacted, and the words leather and pleasure take on a whole new meaning.

One woman, two men, a fetish club, and one kinky night that turns into several more...

~When Sparks Ignite (Leather and Pleasure 2)~

One man, a woman, a fetish club, and an instant chemistry = a night to remember.

Rhys Evans has got a booming business, money, and the subs are a dime a dozen in his ever growing, popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure. But, there’s something missing in his life. It isn’t until he meets Eden that he realizes she’s the one he needs to ignite the passion that he lacks to go on.

~Sinfully Sexy (Leather and Pleasure 3)~

Two women, one man, a fetish club, and one sinfully sexy night together...
Sable Dixon and Lila Davis have been lovers since they started working at the ever popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to know how Sable feels about having a third join them sometime. Sable is all for it and quickly invites Parker into the mix. He’s good looking, respectful, sexy as hell and there’s no one else she’d rather share Lila with. One invitation turns into so much more where fantasies live, and one sinfully sexy night just may need a repeat.

~Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4)~

One woman, three men, and one sexy holiday performance...
Noel Lewis has had a lot of firsts in her life, but this holiday season she’s making memorable. She’s the star of her first holiday performance at the fetish club she works at, Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first ménage a quatre for hundreds to see, unleashing her naughty side. Nervous at first, she soon realizes that she’s a natural on stage and aims to please.

~A Wicked Wager (Leather and Pleasure 5)~

Kayla Evans returns home to open a new business and help out her family. She’s been away at school for too many years putting her life on hold, and she’s looking forward to living it again. She goes to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure to meet with her older brother, the clubs owner, and is faced with a sexy as hell bouncer who refuses to let her in. With a mutual attraction and some chemistry they both can’t deny, Jake brings out her playful side, and wagers are made.
Jake Collins has worked at the club for years. He’s good friends with several co-workers, including his boss Rhys. So why is it he never knew about his sister? Kayla has him turned inside out almost immediately, laying all the cards on the table as she challenges him time and time again. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met and he’s determined to have her.



“Uh uhn, can I help you?” A large hand came out to stop her from continuing ahead. She’d been so pre-occupied in her thoughts that it took her a minute to gather her composure to face the big hunk of man meat in front of her.
“Excuse me?”
“Look lady, this is a member’s only establishment and I can’t let you walk through that door until you show me you’re with a paid member, or have a pass proving your membership.” He looked her up and down from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, lingering at her chest before meeting her eyes again. He licked his lips. “And, since you’re standing here solo, and I haven’t seen you before, I’m assuming you’re a first timer.” His eyes glittered as he pursued her with his eyes again. “Oh yeah, I’d have definitely remembered you.”
Oh my God, is he flirting with me? Kayla couldn’t help herself and smiled. She’d been out of the dating world for awhile now, too concentrated on school, and opening her store since her return home, but even longer still since she had that instant chemistry for someone she’d just met, like she did with him right then. She mimicked him by licking her own lips thinking about it. There was just something about this confident hunk of heaven in front of her though, he was chocolate cake and ice cream, cheese cake drizzled with thick cherry syrup, a delicious piece of pumpkin pie with a mountain top of whipped cream on top. All delicious temptations that she shouldn’t have, hell, hadn’t had in almost two years to keep her figure the way she wanted it—but still had the craving for. Hmm, a sexy man and tempting deserts all in one. She raised a brow, imagining the taste of his salty skin in contrast to the sweet taste of chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream as she licked it off of him.
“Ma’am?” He bent his head to the side and took a step towards her.
“Kayla,” she corrected, when his voice snapped her out of the fantasy. She smiled, “My name is Kayla, not lady or Ma’am, just plain old Kayla.” She held out her hand in greeting. “And, you are?”
He was tall, with broad shoulders and muscular arms, and she could see the definition in his cut chest and flat abs through his form-fitted black t-shirt. His jeans hid an impressive bulge and were ripped in one of the knees, but fit so perfectly they moulded his legs like they were made just for him. He had the bad boy persona, but the good kind she wouldn’t mind more of. She shook her head, realizing he hadn’t answered her yet, and blushed at being caught ogling him.
“The name’s Jake, it’s a pleasure to meet you Kayla.” Jake caressed her outstretched hand with his fingers before lifting it to his lips.
Oh, sweet lord. Okay Kayla, pull yourself together and stop acting like a horny teenager. You’re a grown-up now for Christ’s sake. A grown up that needs to get laid sometime soon, but you’re not the one night stand type of girl. Damn, his lips feel good though. Maybe just this once I should just go for it. Kayla cleared her throat, Maybe it’s time to get to know Mr. tall, dark, and sexy a little better. “Care to make a wager, Jake?”
“A wager?” He laughed, looking caught off guard. “Are you a daring woman, Kayla? Is that why you thought you might try the naughty club tonight?”
“No, not daring, at least not usually, but I like you already, and I’m in a betting kind of mood suddenly.” She smiled mischievously and had the urge to rub her hands together, knowing she had him right where she wanted him. “Call it a hunch, but I get the feeling that you always think you’re right, or at least like to be right about things, and I’m betting I do get in that club tonight without a membership.” She pointed to the club’s door. “In fact, I’ll bet you I can get invited in, in less than five minutes. What do you say Jake, you want to bet with me?”
“You make this too easy for me, Kayla. I already told you there are only two ways I can permit you to enter. One, is if you are a paid member, the other is if you have the invitation of another who frequents here often, and you don’t have either. I’d love to let you in sweetheart, it’d be kind of nice to see you around more often, but I’m not about to lose my job over a nice piece of ass.”
“A nice piece of ass? Aren’t we a little direct now? I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted. Thankfully I don’t offend easily. My bet still stands though; are you game Jake, because I think I’m going to like proving you wrong.”
“Okay, I’ll play along, but what’s in it for me?”
“Well, if I win I’ll let you take me to dinner sometime, and if you win...”
“I make sure we get dessert.” His mouth formed into a confident smile, and the gleam in his eye told her his idea of dessert didn’t mean food. “Still want to play, kitten?”
“Kayla,” she corrected again; she didn’t mind nicknames, but right then he needed to come down a notch. “I’m going to enjoy making you eat your words.”
Jake shrugged, and leaned back lazily to show her he wasn’t bothered. “It seems to me either way I win. Your wager is dinner on me; my wager is dessert all over you, and what a feast I would have with that...”
Kayla shivered, Damn, can he read minds too? I was just picturing tasting dessert off of him. Let’s see how far I can milk him. “Okay, we’ll add another stipulation to make things more interesting then, since it’s a win-win situation for the both of us.” She reached inside of her purse for her wallet. “I’ve got a fifty right here. You win, not only am I your dessert, but you become fifty dollars richer. You lose you give me fifty.” She shrugged back at him and leaned against the wall beside him trying to mimic the confident stance he showed moments before.
“Yeah?” He stepped forward until he stood right in front of her. So close she could feel the heat of his body, and she cursed out loud when goose bumps covered her skin making him smile at her again. Placing his hands on each side of her head she could feel his breath against her cheek as he whispered, “You’ve got less than five minutes remember,” and then he stepped back.
Son of a gun, he did that on purpose knowing that I would respond to his body so close to mine. “I do, so be prepared to hand over that money.” She moved past him while pulling out her cell phone. It only took a minute to locate the number she needed and then not only would he be buying her dinner, Jake would be forking over his fifty bucks. Sweet victory is only moments away, Kayla.
“Hi, it’s me. Yep. I know, I know, I’m a little early, but instead of meeting me at my place I thought I’d come to you. Uh huh, I know but I wanted to see the club...” Kayla laughed, rubbing it in as Jake watched her. “Okay, well you’ve got exactly two minutes, and hurry. Good, see you in a minute then.” She snapped the phone shut and smirked at Jake before turning towards the door. “Don’t you just love the smell of victory?”

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A GIVEAWAY & A Belated Valentine with Tabitha Shay

It's Valentine's day!

Hi Readers,

Thank You, Jennifer, for inviting me to blog on your website. I’m paranormal romance author, Tabitha Shay. I also write contemporary western romances under the name of Jaydyn Chelcee.

Since February is Valentine’s Month, love is in the air….Right ladies? Traditional symbols of Valentine's Day include hearts, doves, Cupid and love notes. The American postcard above, circa 1900, reveals all the symbols we’ve come to think of as representing Valentine’s Day, except perhaps for a box of chocolates and flowers, darn it.

Did you know the origin of Valentine’s Day descended from a pagan festival of love and the day was taken over by the Church that disapproved of the romantic and sexual connotations, renamed for "Saint Valentine" and made into a day for martyrs?

Lucky martyrs!

Boy, I wonder what the Church back then would do if it got its hands on some of the romances written by today’s authors? Whew! Those of us who write erotica or very sensual romances would probably be stoned, hanged, certainly tied to the dunking stool and dipped in the pond to cool us off.

However, romance, sex, passion, lust, flowers, candy, cards, Cupid, oh boy! give them all to me, I’ll take my chances!

I’ve decided that today, I’ll post an excerpt from my recently paranormal romance, Witch’s Heart, book two in the Winslow witches of Salem series released by Secret Cravings Publishing. Everyone who leaves a comment today, I’ll drop your name in the witch’s hat for a chance to win an E-copy of the new, extended release of Witch’s Heart. I’ll hold the drawing at 6 pm CST, and post the lucky winner’s name right here.

Be sure and check back later today or leave a way for you to be contacted so you can get your prize…


Journey into a world where magic rules and death is the penalty for mistakes-return to the kingdom of Ru-Noc, where witches, wizards, and warlocks dwell. . .Hannah Miller is starting over-new life, new location, and the grand opening of the Sugar 'N' Spice bakery with her best friend, Kirrah Walker. But Hannah soon discovers Sanctuary is not small town America. Trapped in a world of magic where humans are considered aliens-Hannah soon becomes the target of a waken assassin.The male witch, Sage, is sent to terminate Hannah, the impertinent human who has dared to enter their sacred realm. Sage usually complies with the guild's orders, but he faces this assignment with dread. He hasn't forgotten what took place at the Salem witch trials in 1692 and has vowed to avoid all mortals-until he sees Hannah for the first time.


“How did you get here in my realm?” she asked.
He didn’t acknowledge her question.
Why was he here? Had he changed his mind and decided to kill her after all?
Hannah fumbled with the button and zipper on his leather pants. “Let’s take a look at that snake bite. Are there any other bites?”
“I don’t know. I don’t think so, but I passed out.” He spoke through clenched teeth which only added to his macabre appearance.
Hannah grinned, enjoying herself. “I swear to God, you make a perfect ghoul. If the rigidity hasn’t worn off by Halloween, maybe I’ll stand you on the front porch for decoration.”
“There’s nothing left you can do to humiliate me. I’m dying. I need a doctor.”
“A doctor can’t help you.” She worked his pants down his lean hips, and though she tried not to look, her gaze flickered north. “Oh, my,” she gasped. “Oh, shit!” His penis looked enormous, swollen to twice its normal size. At least, she hoped that wasn’t his normal size when he was erect. No man could be that well hung. “Good grief,” she whispered. She licked her lips and swallowed the lump in her throat. If that was normal for him, well then, he was an out-and-out stallion. “Is it painful?”
He blessed her with another one of his hot glares. “What do you think?”
“I think it hurts like hell.”
Hannah hastily yanked off his boots, then finished the task of dragging his pants off and dropped them on top of his discarded boots.
“I need a witch doctor,” he insisted, his speech slightly slurred, “someone who has knowledge of magic.”
She looked up from reaching for a pair of scissors in the nightstand drawer. Hannah snipped the blades a couple of times in the air. “I’m afraid you’re out of luck. I’m the closest thing to a witch doctor you get.”
His eyes widened. Horror flashed across his dark face. “Is it your intention to castrate me?”
She snorted. “It’s a thought, but no.” She leaned over him. “I’m cutting off your shirt so I can check for other snake bites. Now, lie still. I wouldn’t want the scissors to slip south.” When the shirt fell away, she leaned back with a soft hiss. There weren’t any other bites, but his chest was a mangled mass of blisters and half-healed burns. “Heavens,” she gasped.”
Scope out my book covers, reviews and some incredible artwork of some of my witchy characters on my website at

Happy Valentine’s Month!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In need of a great Valentine's day read?

Well I'm pleased to announce that in the last couple of weeks I've had two new releases come out and I thought I'd share them with you.

Part 5 in my Leather and Pleasure Series: A Wicked Wager just released this past Friday...

Feeling playful?

Kayla Evans returns home to open a new business and help out her family. She’s been away at school for too many years putting her life on hold, and she’s looking forward to living it again. She goes to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure to meet with her older brother, the clubs owner, and is faced with a sexy as hell bouncer who refuses to let her in. With a mutual attraction and some chemistry they both can’t deny, Jake brings out her playful side, and wagers are made.
Jake Collins has worked at the club for years. He’s good friends with several co-workers, including his boss Rhys. So why is it he never knew about his sister? Kayla has him turned inside out almost immediately, laying all the cards on the table as she challenges him time and time again. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met and he’s determined to have her.

Barnes & Noble:

And, Finding His Something Spicy (Spice It Up 2) just released on Jan. 27:

Rafe Zakas had no intention of settling down until he met and fell hard for his two closest friends, Nathan and Heidi. But, their perfect trio fell apart when Nathan got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, relocating them. Rafe soon realizes there’s something missing in his life, and decides he needs to find his own something spicy to fill the void. She’s got to be open minded and love him for him, kinkiness included, and he hopes to soon turn their trio into a quartet with Heidi’s help.
Zoey Appleby was content with being single, until her good friend Heidi sets her up with this gorgeous Greek Adonis named Rafe. He awakens desires in her she never knew were there, and introduces her to a whole new lifestyle. Shy at first Zoey has some choices to make, will it be a new love, or the life she’s used to?

Secret Cravings Publishing:

Here are some other great Jennifer Labelle reads, as well as more information on the Leather and Pleasure series and Spice It Up:

Leather and Pleasure (Also available in AUDIO): A ten year anniversary where desire lives, fantasies are enacted, and the words leather and pleasure take on a whole new meaning.
One woman, two men, a fetish club, and one kinky night that turns into several more...

When sparks Ignite: Leather and Pleasure 2 (Also available in AUDIO): Rhys Evans has got a booming business, money, and the subs are a dime a dozen in his ever growing, popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure. But, there’s something missing in his life. It isn’t until he meets Eden that he realizes she’s the one he needs to ignite the passion that he lacks to go on.

Sinfully Sexy: Leather and Pleasure 3 - Sable Dixon and Lila Davis have been lovers since they started working at the ever popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to know how Sable feels about having a third join them sometime. Sable is all for it and quickly invites Parker into the mix. He’s good looking, respectful, sexy as hell and there’s no one else she’d rather share Lila with. One invitation turns into so much more where fantasies live, and one sinfully sexy night just may need a repeat.

Naughty Noel: Leather and Pleasure 4 - One woman, three men, and one sexy holiday performance...
Noel Lewis has had a lot of firsts in her life, but this holiday season she’s making memorable. She’s the star of her first holiday performance at the fetish club she works at, Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first ménage a quatre for hundreds to see, unleashing her naughty side. Nervous at first, she soon realizes that she’s a natural on stage and aims to please.

Spice It Up (An LRC Best Menage of 2011 Runner Up) : Heidi Taylor has fallen in love with a man who’s off limits. He’s her best friend and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels, that is until Nathan suggests she needs a little spice in her love life, and designates himself as her something spicy.

Second Chance Love (Also available in print): Is it possible to find the love of your life when you’re eighteen?
After returning to her hometown, Teegan Hallowell realizes she’s still in love with the man she left ten years ago, but it’ll take a disappearance, and some heroics for them to finally realize if they were meant to be.
One woman, one man, and a second chance to make it right between them…

Meant To Be (A LASR reviews "Best Book" - Also available in print): Jenna Baker is shaken up after her recovery with a near death experience. As if, being haunted with visions and losing her husband in a car accident weren’t hard enough. Could she be losing her mind? She finally moves on, only to have the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappear.

And last but certainly not least, check out this Romance Divine FREE READ called Explicit Encounter's. It's a series of short reads by various Romance Divine authors. Jennifer Labelle's Piper's Passion is on Pg, 68:
Shy girl, Piper Randal has had a crush on her co-worker Sean for the last two years, but it’ll take a make-over, an embarrassing moment, and some mistletoe for her to finally make her move.


~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Welcome Katherine Gilraine

We're going to kick off this Valentine's day a little differently today with Urban Fantasy author Katherine Gilraine. Today Katherine is here for an interview and she gives us a sneak peek into her new release The Index, Book 3: Lineage.

Welcome Katherine, how long have you been an author?
Katherine: If you go from the date of first publication, since August of 2009, but I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Book 1 of The Index was wrapped up in 2006, and it was my first serious foray into the world of book publishing.

Congratulations, being published is a wonderful accomplishment. I'm curious though, what's your favourite genre?
Katherine: I don’t have a favourite as much as I have a favourite element: mystery. I love figuring things out, and love puzzles, and it shows in the choice of books I pick up. No matter what it is, if there’s a puzzle to figure out, I’m all over it.

I love a good mystery myself. What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Katherine: If I really had to pick – because you and I both know there’s not just one surprise – then it would be the fact that deadlines really are a lifesaver when it comes to releases. If there is a deadline motivating you, then you know that there is a stopping point somewhere that will tell you, “Put this damn thing down already!” This is especially true of self-publication; if you’ve poured in a year or so of editing (give or take), then the deadline keeps you in tight focus.

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Katherine: One? Only one? Joking, of course. Apart from working on The Index, which is a very long-term series of books, looks like, I’ve gotten this idea of putting together an anthology of music-themed short stories, reflections, vignettes, etc. I love jazz, and want to do something to commemorate that love, author-style.

Wow, what an intriguing idea. Best of luck with that. Now, if you had a warning label, what would it say?
Katherine: Caution: Combustible Sarcasm At Work!

*grins* If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Katherine: Hmmm. This is a good one. I think, at least right now, I would pick Sigard, the antagonist from the second arc. What I’d do with him? No idea. I’m tempted to say, “tie up and hoist up the first flagpole for law enforcement to find” but that would be way too easy. Sigard being a con man and all...

Interesting, I'd like to thank Katherine for stopping by today. For those of you who are interested in Learning more about Katherine and her work, she can be reached through these links:

Her blog is at and she can be found on Twitter as @kgilraine. The Facebook page for The Index Series is Amazon has her here:


It’s the year 3400 in New York City, and Alex Kramer’s company troubles are complicated by the sudden disappearance of his business partner and friend, Jason Watson. Alex immediately suspects foul play, and calls in some otherworldly assistance. No sooner than help arrives, Jason resurfaces with something that could turn the entire concept of Mages on its head.
Just when Arriella, the current High Mage, recovers from her latest mission, she finds out that the skeleton in her father’s closet is, in fact, it’s her sister she had never met, never known, and who is now missing. Her recent whereabouts plunge Arriella right back into New York City, where the intergalactic presence is a fact of life, and discovers that her sister has a bone to pick with quite a few people, including Arriella herself.
The Index: Lineage brings an entirely new twist to the old saying, “Blood is thicker than water”. The Mages, a close group, always value their own, whether or not they got their powers by birth or otherwise. But what happens when someone comes along to redefine the perception of normal in a universe where magic is commonplace?
Sometimes, lineage can be a killer.

Get your copy today!

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, February 10, 2012

The With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

Cupid has surely hit this hop with a golden arrow!

Join the 200+ authors in this event, for a chance to win a ton of great prizes including my very own contribution:

There will be two draws with two lucky winner's, to recieve one copy of Leather and Pleasure, and one copy of A Wicked Wager from my Leather and Pleasure series. My first and newest releases in the series.

Leather and Pleasure,
Rowan Avery Walker is planning to surprise her husband after ten years of marriage. On their anniversary she decides to enact one of his most desired fantasies, and there's no traditional night out on the town for this couple. She's no stranger to role play, and when it comes to bedroom pleasures she likes to walk on the wild side.
Ryder has never loved his wife more, and has a feeling that it'll be a night to remember. Starting off with unique gifts that peak his curiosity, his suspicions are confirmed when they pull up to their favourite members only club. Where desire lives, fantasies are enacted, and the words leather and pleasure take on a whole new meaning. Rowan makes it an anniversary he’ll never forget.


A Wicked Wager (Leather and Pleasure 5),
Kayla Evans returns home to open a new business and help out her family. She’s been away at school for too many years putting her life on hold, and she’s looking forward to living it again. She goes to the popular fetish club, Leather and Pleasure to meet with her older brother, the clubs owner, and is faced with a sexy as hell bouncer who refuses to let her in. With a mutual attraction and some chemistry they both can’t deny, Jake brings out her playful side, and wagers are made.
Jake Collins has worked at the club for years. He’s good friends with several co-workers, including his boss Rhys. So why is it he never knew about his sister? Kayla has him turned inside out almost immediately, laying all the cards on the table as she challenges him time and time again. She’s like no other woman he’s ever met and he’s determined to have her.


So here’s how to win it:

Add yourself to my GFC following on the blog or subscribe, and leave a comment with your email address in the comments section.

That's it!
And, please don't forget to follow along the list for more chances to win.

Contest starts February 11, 2012 and ends February 14, 2012 at midnight. I'll announce my winners the morning of the 15th.

Good luck!

Drea Becraft: Necklace, Ring, and Promo goodie bag
Jean Joachim: [Unknown]
Elizabeth Black: A copy of either “Filthy Leuker” or “Feral Heat”
Sandra Sookoo:$10 Amazon GC plus $10GC from Bath and Body Works
Lindsay Klug: 2 GCs to an online book retailer
Malia Mallory: Winners choice of any current release eBook
Belinda McBride: Winner’s choice of a book from my backlist
Kellie Kamryn: 8×10 print & choice of Backlist
Kelly Jamieson: Copy of Rule of Three
Dawne Prochilo: Callie’s Way- The VW Club Book 1
Laura Tolomei: ebook The Sex Book 1 Virtus Saga
Margay Leah Justice : Electronic copy of Sloane Wolf
Opal Carew: A print copy of Insatiable
PD Singer: Choice off backlist or The Rare Event & a PD Singer keychain
Sarah Grimm: Free digital download of one of my books
Tara Lain: A choice from my backlist and a $10 Starbucks card.
Tracy Sumner: Copies of my entire set of releases
Venessa Johnson: Ebook of their choice from my titles at Red Rose Publishing
Cassandre Dayne: Copy of Treacherous Hunger – full length novel
Havan Fellows: 2 winners – choice of book from my backlist
Dakotah Black: Copy of The Flamingo Wrangler – second in the Pinked Series
DH Black: Copy of Inferno – the second in the Retribution Collection
Selena Kitt: Winner’s choice – any TWO of my ebooks!
Ella Jade: $10 Amazon GC
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy: Ecopy-A Patient Heart & print-Love Never Fails
Elizabeth Noble: [Unknown]
Sara York: $20 at Amazon
Kharisma Rayne: 2 backlist Ebooks of choice
Simply Erotic Reviews: [Unkown]
Trinity Blacio: two of my books in pdf & a copy of one of my print books.
Carrie Ann Ryan: $10 Amazon GC
Mary Abshire: ebook from my Soul Catcher series
Julie Lynn Hayes: Winner’s choice of backlist.
Jayne Rylon: $10 gift certificate to Samhain Publishing
Doris O’Connor: One of my available titles, Winners Choice
Barbara Westbrook: Ebook copy of Standing on Stolen Ground
Shannon West: ebook copy of Georgia Heat
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Robin Badillo: $20 Amazon GC & copies of Midnight Beckoning & Flesh Wounds
Gabrielle Evans: $50 Amazon GC
Louisa Bacio: See’s Gift Certificate, 1 .pdf book from my backlist.
Desi Moon: Ecopy of Summerland and an Ecopy of The Tempting Cupid
Daryl Devore: A copy of my twisted fairy tale – Sexy Red Hood
Victoria Adams: 2 copies of contemporary romance – Circles Interlocked
Natalie-Nicole Bates: pdf of Change of Address & a limited-edition perfume
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Tara Lain: The winners choice of any Tara Lain book (two winners)
W. Lynn Chantale: [Unknown]
Laura Kaye: $10 amazon gift card
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