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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jean C. Joachim & Ben Tanner's Love Lost & Found

Hi, I wrote Love, Lost and Found, a military romance with my co-author, retired Marine, Ben Tanner. While working with Ben, I became curious about the Marines. Here are a few fun facts I bet you didn’t know about the Marines, either:

1.      The legacy of the United States Marine Corps was born in 1775, through Congress.

2.      The roots of the U.S. Marines trace back to the British Royal Marines.

3.      Even though the Marines were “born” much earlier, the first formal Marine Corps “birthday ball” didn’t take place until 1925! Didn’t even know they had such an event.

4.      The ball is held on November 10 every year, the day before Veteran’s Day. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

5.      The Marine Corps mascot, an English bulldog, was thrust upon the Marines by a German in WWI. He called the Marines “teufel-hunden” or devil dogs in German. The English bulldog was chosen because of the tenacity of the breed.

6.      The English bulldog chosen as mascot was named “Jiggs”. He rose in rank to Sergeant Major before his death in 1927.



Now for a small sample of our new release. Mick and Tara are out to dinner in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands:
The waiter arrived with their food. They ate in silence for a few moments. Tara looked out at the island, it was a dark, quiet night.
"Have you ever been here before?" She put a forkful of food into her mouth.
"Travelled the world with the Marines, but not here."
"This is the most romantic place on Earth....oh!" She said, then colored as the meaning of her words hit home. "I didn't mean...I'm sorry. I suppose it's hard for you to be in a place...a place like this...without, uh, her."
"I’m sitting next to an insanely gorgeous woman. I have to tell you again, that dress on you…is—Wow." He said, deftly changing the subject.
She blushed with the pleasure of being admired. Her smile broadened, her hand crept closer to his. The pleasantly warm air circled around her bare shoulders, caressing them. A tingle went up her spine as she thought of his lips close to her shoulder, his breath on her neck instead of the breeze. The blush got deeper. She glanced up at the moon nestled among a bed of twinkling stars before returning her gaze to his clear hazel eyes then moving to his broad shoulders. The pain of her broken heart melted away when she was with Mick.
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I'd like to thank Jean and Ben for sharing their new release with us. It sounds like a great read. For those of you who would like to learn more about Jean and her work she can be reached through her website at:
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Jennifer. It's always a privilege to be here!

  2. cool facts- I knew about the ball but Jiggs- didn't know the bulldog had a name. Also- I LOVE this book!!


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