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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Halloween Giveaway with the Lovely Lauren Pilla

First I want to say a big thank you to Jennifer for having me today.
Well my friends Halloween is a few weeks away, one of the best times of the year in my opinion. Free candy, sexy costumes, scary movies and dreamy vampires. It doesn't get any better than that. I'm thrilled to have the chance share my new release with you, A Vampire For Halloween.
I have a lot in common with Alexis. First would be my love of Halloween. And yes I've had a few decorations up for the past couple of weeks. Is that bad? The one thing I don't have in common however is dreaming of a sexy vampire. Boy that would be nice if I did!
Alexis is obsessed with Halloween. With her house decked out to the nines no one could possibly disagree. Ghosts and vampires sway against her walls while a scarecrow guards her front yard. Alexis, however has no one to guard her subconscious and is pleasurably invaded by a dark, sexy and mysterious man night after night.
Luke Ellis is a 472 year old vampire who is madly in love with Alexis. He invades her dreams, knowing it’s the only way he can be with her, until he gets the brilliant idea to invite her to his annual Halloween party.
Alexis has heard rumors about the wild parties held at the Ellis mansion and couldn’t wait to attend. What she doesn’t know is her mysterious man is also there… waiting. Will she have a real life encounter with her fantasy man or will her dreams turn into a nightmare?

I'm super excited to be giving away a pdf copy of A Vampire for Halloween to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment of your favorite thing about Halloween with your email address and the winner will be announced on October 4th.
My favorite happens to be pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
Trick-or Treat my friends!
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What a yummy treat! I'd like to thank Lauren for joining us today.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Good Evening, ladies. What I like about Halloween is the excitement of the little kids. Also, almost anything pumpkin. Leann

  2. I love carving the pumpkin with my granddaughter and being able to stay out later at night and have smores with her. I also love seeing her face when she sees all the "spooky" munsters. Marie Lisk

  3. My favorite thing about Halloween is decorating (I despise taking it down) and making candy treats to give out to my family members. I am wanting to make homemade pumpkin pie but no one in the family likes it besides me.

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com

  4. I have a favorite Halloween recipe that I love to make this time of year and it drives my hubby crazy that I only make during Halloween. It's called Gooey Goblin Chews! It's full of all the sugar and kid could possibly want for Halloween!

    1. Sorry forgot the email...

  5. Thanks Jennifer for having me :)

  6. My favorite thing about halloween is the pumpkins. Although a good scary movie is fun too! Thanks Lauren and Jennifer. :)


  7. I love everything about Halloween, but my favorite part are the costumes. My hubby & I put on our costumes and take our daughter trick or treating. We go out for Halloween at our house and it makes for some great family memories. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I love halloween! Takeing the kids trick or treating then getting home with apple cider and scary movies!

  9. It's all about the candy (eating and giving) though I like looking at the costumes.

  10. I love seeing my nephew all dressed up and excited. The cute little chocolate bars aren't too bad either :)

  11. I love the kids coming around. There are fewer and fewer every year though. Bummer
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  12. My favorite thing about Halloween is they show alot more scarier movies on television and the candy.

  13. I love Halloween! Its my favorite holiday and im already counting down the days. I like the costumes, decorations, carving pumpkins, etc. My favorite part though, going to the haunted houses! I love the jumps and thrills! :D And i love the candy, of course! lol

  14. Congratulations, Charlie Daye, you were chosen as Lauren's winner. An email has been sent with your winnings.

    I'd like to thank everyone for participating. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


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