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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Protection. Adventure. Love & A Giveaway with the lovely Kacey Hammell


Protection. Adventure. Love.

It's all found within The Arms of the Law...

The words above are key components in my “In the Arms of the Law” series.

I’m a huge lover of cop / law enforcement tv shows. Over the years, NCIS, CSI, Third Watch, Law & Order, Rizzoli & Isles, have all inspired story ideas that not only show the occupation but the familial bonds, the friendships that are also so important.

My series features mainly on the Knowles cousins, their partners, friends, and loved ones who give them a hard time but are the bonds that keep them centered and grounded. They are very strong-willed and determined women who don’t fall in love easily. They’re independent and while they appreciate the opposite sex, they do like to be in total control of their lives and what’s happening.
That being said, of course, though they try to fight it, when they do fall in love…boy do they fall hard!! It’s a constant struggle to battle either of them.  Isabella & Alicia both wanted to be the Dominate in our writing relationship and often time, as much as I hate to admit it, they won! But to be fair to their story, I had to allow them their due and let them lead me through most of it.
What’s an author to do?! We’re hepless when it comes to our characters. *g*

Reading order is in order of blurbs below…


In the Arms of the Law, Book 1

Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Erotic Romance 

Protection. Adventure. Love.

It's all found within The Arms of the Law...

Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn't include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before.  She isn’t happy about it and fights it every step of the way.

Burned by his fiancĂ©e years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life.  But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and see a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love.
Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can’t control every situation…especially matters of the heart.

Available at Decadent Publishing 



In the Arms of the Law, Book 2

Romantic Suspense/Contemporary Erotic Romance

With her old flame back in her life, and on the trail of a killer, Detective Alicia Knowles is forced to face the past as she tries to make decisions about her future…

Detective Alicia Knowles once believed there was good in everyone. Not anymore. After a harrowing experience, her life had changed and she was a very different woman. Now more dangerous, she moves through the darkness of her once sunny world, unsure what to do with her pent up feelings of fear and anger.

Even her new boss, Cole Douglass, makes her feel out of control. One night, years ago, he made her feel things she'd never felt with any other man. This time it can only be business between them.

With her latest case, however, temperatures flare.

Their passion is rekindled as the search is on for a missing child and a murderer on the run. Can Alicia protect her heart from the most dangerous power of all…love?

Available at Decadent Publishing 



An “Edge” short story

Connected to In the Arms of the Law Series

Contemporary Erotic Romance/BDSM 

The time has come for Brady Jacobs to grab hold of the woman he loves and their future. But his lady, Isabella Knowles, is skittish. He knows she’ll bolt at the mention of twenty, forty or sixty more years together.  

He needs to handle this with precise planning, tools to seduce and never give her a moment to flee. 

Brady will tie her down, pleasure her, push her further than she’s ever experienced. 

Then he'll ask her ...

Available at Decadent Publishing



An “Edge” short story

Connected to In the Arms of the Law Series

Contemporary Erotic Romance/BDSM

Releases October 2nd, 2012 

On leave of absence from the police force, Ethan James escapes to the Shenandoah Mountains. He desperately needs to resolve the intense anger inside him and the solitude there is just the ticket.  During one of the worst storms to hit the area in years, he’s surprised to hear a knock on his cabin door.

He is even more surprised to find Shanay Gold, an old friend, and sometime lover, dripping wet and looking sexy as hell. So sexy, he has to keep reminding himself he’s kept her at arms-length for months because of the future she wants. A future he can't give her. 

But in the wake of the wild thunder outside, an old flame sparks and a fire rages inside…

Available at Decadent Publishing


Visit Kacey’s Website for excerpts and more book info!!



Want to win an Ebook copy of book 1 in the series – Illusions ??


Just leave a comment/question below, and be entered to win. Please leave your email address as well so I can contact you if your name is drawn as the winner. Winner will be drawn on Sept 28th. Good luck!!

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I'd like to thank Kacey for joining us today, for the generous giveaway, and for sharing her fantastic books with us. My TBR pile has certainly grown again. *winks*

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary Indulgent Bloggers: It's the Indulgent Blog Hop!

I'd like to welcome you all to the Indulent Blog Hop, hosted by Guilty Indulgence. Let's help celebrate their anniversary by joining the 70+ blogs participating to give you 70+ chances to win some great prizes.

My giveaway will be a pdf copy of the first book Guilty Indulgence ever reviewed for me, Second Chance Love.


Goody, goody Teegan Hallowell was tired of being teased for following the rules. So, when her brother’s sexy friend shows an interest, she rebels, and learns all about the good kind of bad.

Now ten years later, Teegan returns home to escape a horrible mistake, but wonders if she’s made an even bigger one by returning. There was a reason she left Digby, when her dreams shattered and the man she loved betrayed her. So when she realizes she’s still in love with him, matters become complicated when he reveals her reason for leaving him was all in vain.

Liam Bates has every intention of loving Teegan again, but she’s had it rough and he needs to rebuild her trust. The spark is still there, and as they explore what once was, their love is tested when Teegan disappears, and Liam will stop at nothing until he finds her again.



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In addition to each of our individual giveaways, the Ndulgent Bloggers are hosting a GRAND PRIZE of $100 GF from WINNER'S CHOICE of Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Sex-excerpt & A Giveaway Anyone? Welcome to the 18 and Over Giveaway Hop!

Well, it's time for the 18 and Over Giveaway Hop hosted by the lovely Gabrielle Bisset ( ) and Bitten by Paranormal Romance ( ) Welcome!
Since this hop is all about the sexy. I've decided to choose two lucky winners at the end of it. Up for grabs is my two latest page burning shorts, No Strings Attached from Decadent Publishing and Loving Logan from Secret Cravings Publishing.
I hope you all enjoy the Sex-excerpts below. To enter all I ask is that you follow or subscribe to the blog if you have the chance and leave a comment, your email address with it, and your choice between the two books. Easy peasy!
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Julie Saunders and Gunnery Sergeant, Ryan Hawke have both hit a rough patch in life. Demanding jobs ensure there aren’t enough hours in the day to get out there and meet people. Tired of feeling lonely and in need of attention, they turn to the personals for a no-strings-attached encounter.

When Ryan sees Julie’s response to his ad for a hook up, he’s relieved he’s found a sane one in the bunch. She’s beautiful, they share the same goals, and she’s got a hell of an adventurous side–just what he needs.
Can reality live up to expectations or will a no-strings hook-up leave them
craving more?
He slung her over his shoulder and she squealed with laughter while he ran toward the truck. Parked in the shade, it was dark enough to partially hide them from view. He loosened his hold so she could slide to the ground, every mouth watering muscle in his body molding to her along the way. She pulled him close, breast to chest, and he captured her mouth again. His tongue slid across the slit of her lips, savoring her taste before he nipped at her bottom lip. “What do you say we take the edge off a bit?”

“I’m game. What do you have in mind?” Moisture soaked her thong and she became a little breathless with excitement. Ryan’s calloused palms roamed down her sides to the hem of her dress. Gripping it ever so slowly, he pulled it up.
“First, I’m going to get this sexy dress out of the way and check how wet you are for me.” Hard fingers squeezed her ass. “Then I’m going to unzip my pants, lift you so you can wrap those very sexy legs around my waist, and enjoy the tight, wet, warmth of your pussy around my cock while I fuck you fast and hard. I plan to make you come and drown out your cries with my mouth. When we’re both satisfied, then and only then, will we go back to your place and start all over. Only next time we’ll take our time.”
“Damn, that sounds good.” She bit her lip thinking about it. “What if somebody sees us?”
“Doesn’t that make it a more exciting experience? The element of being caught at any moment a turn on?” He grinned. “It’s not likely anyone will notice. I’ll make it look like we’re just two lovers enjoying an innocent embrace. A heated kiss, if you will. Besides, I’m not sure how long this first time will last, which, if I’m being honest won’t be that long at all. I’m so worked up, it’ll be fast and hard, but I promise to make you come at least once before we leave.”
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
He’s a solid muscular walking fantasy that knows all her secrets, except one. Standing tall at six foot four, Logan Sullivan had a smile that could make her heart skip a beat. But how does one tell their best friend they’re in love with them without ruining the friendship?
Caitlyn Harper hasn’t figured it out yet and it’ll take almost losing him for good for her to take that chance on love.
After surviving a road side bomb attack during his second tour in Afghanistan, Logan finally returns home battered and bruised both mentally and physically and looks forward to seeing the people that mean the most, including his sexy best friend, Caity. She gives him hope and reminds him of the man he once was. Making him feel even better once she declares her love, but can he overcome the nightmare of what he endured to make it work?
“I’m sorry, Logan. I never meant—I just wasn’t thinking.” Taking a deep breath, she walked towards him, and very slowly reached for his hand. “Would you like to sit for a minute?”
He nodded, bringing her closer as he sat on Trent’s bed. “You know it might have been a turn on if I didn’t know that I obviously scared you.” Caitlyn smiled sympathetically.
“What?” Logan laughed without humor. “Leave it to you to turn an attack into a joke. I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”
“Nothing I won’t be able to survive. I’m sorry, Logan.” She reached down to give him comfort. Her fingers sliding and stroking through his thick dark hair as he pressed his face against her stomach to hide his emotion.
“I love you.” She bent over to kiss the top of his head and he moaned enjoying the feel of her hands on him. “I’ve always loved you, Logan, and I’m tired of waiting around and not doing anything about it.” He leaned back to look her in the eye again with curiosity, but before he could say anything she continued on. “I was always afraid that if we became something more it might jeopardize our friendship, and then when I almost lost you I knew I couldn’t live with myself without telling you exactly how I feel, to at least try.”

“Caitlyn, I...” She placed her finger on top of his lips to stop him and he could tell she was afraid he’d reject her when her own tears began to fall.

“Let me love you, Logan. Give me at least tonight.”

Screw this. Logan stood, and pulled her against him. Turning around he backed her towards the bed this time and gently placed her on top of it. His lips sought hers to continue where their earlier kiss left off, and he hoped to show her how he felt since she didn’t seem to want him to talk at the moment. She felt so good against him, soft, lush, and better than he imagined. She was damn near perfect and he loved how responsive she was. They moaned in unison as soon as her heated core met his straining erection. His dick had a mind of his own, and without thinking about it his hips began to thrust and she met him with her own. Fucking each other with their clothes on, he was just about ready to shoot a load in his pants.
“Yeah, Ma, I’ll check but he’s probably already with her.” They heard Trent call from the hallway.

“Uh oh.” Caity giggled.

“No, shit.” Leave it to Trent to ruin the moment. Damn! The door knob turned just as Logan tried to quickly help Caity to her feet.

“There you are.” Trent grinned, with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Sorry to interrupt, but everything is all set and if you two want to continue without anymore disruption then I think you’d better continue elsewhere.” He gave Caitlyn a wink.

“Thanks, Trent.” Caitlyn gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s all set? What the hell is going on?” Logan pulled her next to him again, making Trent laugh.

“I’ll let Caity explain it, while I cover for your ass. Have fun, big brother, and welcome home.” Trent left them alone leaving Caitlyn to enact her plan.

Logan turned to face her and waited for an explanation. “I figured you’d be about ready to ditch
this shindig, and I was hoping that I could whisk you away to have that talk.” She looked at the bed again and grinned. “Or better yet, continue where we left off.”

“Oh, and where do you plan on taking me?”

“You’ll see.” Caitlyn beamed at him with excitement. “I plan on loving you properly tonight, Logan. You ready?”
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