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Monday, July 23, 2012

Working Togther & A GIVEAWAY with Cynthia & Mike Arsuaga

How Mike (my hubby) and I select topics and began working together:

We discovered we were each other’s best editors. Each of us had expressed a desire to write a story about shifters. While kicking around ideas for animals a shape shifter could turn into, besides the usual wolves, bears, and big cats, our Yorkshire terrier pranced into the room. A light went off simultaneously. It was a "Eureka" moment. Together, we banged out a rough plot for Top Dog. Cynthia wrote the prologue. I completed the draft. She edited and inserted her own touches, to the book's benefit. The rest is history. We’re currently working on the sequel. Cynthia will write the love scenes when she edits.

How Mike Selects Topics:

I sort of fell into the Subspecies series. I wrote a short story titled "The Girl in the Library" for an informal contest on a writer's review site. A male vampire stalks a winsome red-haired young woman, conflicted as to how much he did it for sex and for prey. The hook is that she's a lycan, stalking him as he did her. The story went over very well. Encouraged by the comments I received, I turned it into the novel Subspecies. In the process of creating the world of subspecies, the other four books wrote themselves. I discarded many of the standard vampire/lycan legends in an attempt to create a world where subspecies could plausibly exist, as a mutation within humanity. Until the present century, never more than 600 of each type have ever lived at one time. They’re physically strong but not superhuman and live 250 years. With these limitations, and a few more to round out the scenario, they live unobtrusively among mankind for two thousand years until The Girl in the Library changes everything.

How Cynthia Selects Topics:

I began my writing after helping Mike with Subspecies. I’m a retired business owner and quite frankly had nothing to do. Mike’s story expanded and I helped him format and edit in order to submit to publishers. I had my own ideas and began to write. My first manuscript was accepted on the first try, which shocked me. The rest is history. I have five full-length books and one novella and one short story under contract. Many more are under Works in Progress. My ideas come to me out of nowhere. I never thought I’d write about vampires, but my daughter introduced me to her library of paranormal books and I was hooked. I couldn’t get thrilled by the ages of the heroines–young, virginal, and experienced in sex. Didn’t make sense to me, so with Mike’s encouragement I began to write and six months later I had The Cougar and Her Vampire complete and ready to submit. Before I completed it, I had another idea for another world of vampires and Born to Be Wild materialized as I drove home after dropping my daughter off to get her car out of the auto shop. A bright, sunny day in Central Florida and the music playing on the radio had my mind buzzing. I wrote the entire book in about three months!

I have since created two totally different vampire worlds and each is a series, Born Vampire and Forces of Beauty. The Born Vampire series is edgier, dark, and as some reviewers have suggested not for the faint of heart. The other series is edgy, but I think more palatable. I’ve also branched out to a contemporary fantasy with reincarnation elements and mythology, Echoes in Eternity, as well as a paranormal with a twist, Nightfall: Fantasies Fulfilled. Both stories are recent releases.

Today, I’m sharing the blurb and an excerpt from Love and Death in the Big Easy, the second book in the Shifter Tales Series Mike and I co-wrote. We will be giving away a PDF copy to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is leave a comment AND go to my blog and follow me. Once on my blog, you can take a look at excerpts of my other books and even get the link to a Free Read! Good luck!

BLURB for Love and Death in the Big Easy:

A Dog
Drake Martin, the Yorkie shifter, and Sufi of the North American Shape-shifters, returns and this time he has a new shifter to play tag with.

A Cat
Kady Martin, Drake’s wife, has a new alter-ego as Tabitha, the Russian Blue Maltese.

A New Game of Tag
Twenty-six years later, the dog and cat play more than tag when, with their son and mixed array of shape-shifting friends, battle a new monster in town.

Death follows the happily married couple as carnage and mayhem run rampant in the streets of the Big Easy. With help from family, the shifter clan, and white magic the loving pair maneuvers through rebellious children, while battling the terminal illness of a dear friend, and the menace bent on bringing the city to her knees.

Oh boy!

EXCERPT for Love and Death in the Big Easy:

The scent of fresh lavender and jasmine soap filled every sense. My arms hugged her to my expectant chest. Before she could react, I took immediate advantage by thrusting my tongue between her lips to taste the sweetness inside. Despite the thousands of times we’d shared love, the experience revealed a new and different surprise. She jolted at first, but soon relaxed under my gentle touch.

I peeled down my jeans and stepped out of them, and then removed my shirt. I stood before her naked, with cock jutting forth to show Kady how much I wanted her, no matter how many gray hairs she thought she had or extra pounds she hadn’t shed. I offered her a wicked grin and raised an eyebrow. “All for you, baby.”

At first, her expression was nondescript as she lowered her eyes and surveyed my nakedness. Then, a small smile crossed her face. I had her.

I removed the nightgown in one quick pull of the hem over her head. I think the erection I sported doubled in size at the sight of her nude body. I never grew tired of gazing upon the beautiful Kady.

I scooped her in my arms, lifted her from the vanity stool and holding her close, carried her to bed, covering her mouth with mine as I did. She panted softly as I released the embrace and reclined beside her on the mattress. We had danced this erotic tango many times, hot and intense, but tonight something seemed different. Kady wasn’t the same. She jerked again when I ran a warm palm over her full breasts, swollen from lack of nursing our son. I hadn’t seen her so sensitive toward my fondling in a long time. I pulled back until she relaxed and returned the caresses.

Slowly deliberately, I kissed her forehead, her nose, and then crushed her lips beneath mine. This time she didn’t tense. The passion flowed, and she surrendered to my kiss, parting her lips, accepting me without hesitation. I sensed the excitement tingling through her, goose bumps rose on her creamy skin as my hands smoothed down her arms then stomach. My tongue trailed from her chin, down her neck to between her breasts, then laved over to one nipple and circled it.

“Oh, Drake. Please don’t. They’re so raw from the baby, and you might get a face full of milk.”

From the whimpers she made, I knew she wanted me to continue, but using a different line of approach. “Okay, but I’ll miss those girls.” I groaned as my cock strained tight against her naked thigh. I pulled off her and continued with the exploration of my tongue down over her abdomen. Tonight, the sole objective was to bring her pleasure.

As I slid a hand further down her lush body, the eager digits found and then teased her clit, before pressing a hard, thick finger into her vagina. The soft and firm flesh clung deliciously. Pulling and thrusting, circling and teasing, I drove her higher and higher.

“Oh, God, Drake,” she screamed, as I felt her orgasm building, ready to explode. She bucked against the vigorous probing as I inserted another digit, and her moist folds began to spasm around my fingers. I thrust faster and deeper, pulling every pleasurable sensation from her body.

“You’re so wet and hot.” My fingers probed deeper, as Kady teetered on the edge of orgasm.

A groan rumbled up from my chest. I slipped down her body, spreading her legs wide and positioning myself between her legs. Slowly, I kissed and licked along her inner thighs, moving higher to her waiting pussy. My tongue circled her clitoris. Eventually my mouth rested against the sensitive pearl. I nipped and tugged with my teeth until she gasped and jerked beneath me. She whimpered as I withdrew and slithered a fevered tongue down to the engorged folds to the entrance of her wet pussy. The oral exploration of my tongue as I parted her nether lips and dipped into her center, licking and plunging, brought shivers from Kady.

Working in and out as I opened her wider with each lick. Trembling fingers found their way to her clit and slowly rubbed in tiny circles attempting to keep her on the razor edge of orgasm. She arched her back as her body began to quake. Climax could wait no longer.

Within a few minutes, her orgasm exploded around me, as she thrust and ground her hips against my face. She clutched the sheets in tense fists, riding my tongue from one climax into another, each stronger than the previous.

I gripped her ass to hold her in place while I forced her to experience every last stroke I delivered. I lapped harder, as she squirmed from the pleasure and constraints I placed upon her. “Oh, Drake! I…I…can’t take anymore!”

I dipped again and my fingers circle the little nub until her clit was hotter than her core, throbbing against my lips before I stopped and repositioned on my knees between her legs.

“You’re so ready for me, Kady. Tell me you want me.”

“Yes, oh yes, I want you inside me now.”

I fisted my dick in a firm grip and rubbed the tip along her wet folds several times before entering the molten sheath. I took her in one swift plunge and paused. She lifted her hips to meet me, and the inner muscles clenched down hard. I thrust vigorously, filling her, pulling back and thrusting again, slow at first, building to a faster rhythm. She burned with wet heat. So right.

I pounded into her over and over. The sensation of me inside her hot pussy gave rise to tightness in my balls. She met each thrust with a reciprocal and fluid movement. Her muscles caressed and milked my swelling erection, our bodies moving in perfect synchronization.

“Oh,” she cried. “Yes, more, please!”

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Tore and good luck.

  4. Hi Cynthia,
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover,it's gorgeous and the excerpt was HOT. just wondering if your passing out cold drinks and fans with each purchase as it may be needed. LOL!

    tammy ramey

  5. Oh wow! That excerpt is hot! I want to read more! :D This sounds so good and im loving all of your covers too! Thanks for sharing! :)


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