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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lyrics and Lust

"The third installment of her Spice It Up series is fine to be read on its own, though I will admit that now I’ve read this book, the first two won’t be far behind. I might actually have an “author crush” on Ms. Labelle, and I don’t think ...I’ve said that often - if ever."
~Leanna, from TwoLips Reviews~
Lyrics and Lust just recieved yet another phenominal review, and I had to share. For the full review please check out this link:


Meagan Morales hits a rough patch in life, and in love. Moving to a new city with the help of her cousin, she feels like the fifth wheel once Nathan welcomes her into his home. You see, Nathan not only has a newly-wed wife but two lovers who live there with them, making Meagan worry that she’s intruding.
She gains new friends, employment, and surprises herself when she opens up to the very sexy, Mr. Lyric Cooper, but danger lurks in the shadows and she may need to risk her heart again to survive it.
Lyric Cooper lives for music. He’s got a successful business, his own band, and a regular audience. Lucky in life, but unlucky in love, Meagan suddenly walks into his bar and he knows she’s something special. Now if he can only convince her to think the same about himself...

The Rendezvous was a lot larger than she pictured it to be, but once inside it had a cozy feel to it. A pub designed to make you feel at home, and a popular local hang out judging by how busy it was, despite the weekday. After her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting inside she managed to get a better look starting with the floors up.

There were hard wood floors all around except for the dance floor. It was done in a dark ceramic. A long oak bar on the right side had an even longer line up of people waiting for their drink orders. The walls were a neutral white with rock memorabilia hanging against it as far as she could see. There were guitars, posters, T-shirts, and autographed pictures to admire. Tables were on the left, booths were against the walls, and in the middle sat a large stage.

It was then she saw the band. The music distant in the background, a good beat, but it was the person singing that caught her attention. He was hypnotizing, with his blond messy hair, seductive blue eyes, and deep baritone. He was tall, lean, and sculpted. She could tell by just looking, even at a distance. His T-shirt rolled up at the sleeves gave her a great view of large biceps with artwork, his pecs were outlined, and led down to a flat stomach she just knew would be defined by even more muscle. She couldn’t help but admire, and lowered her gaze for a further perusal, and bit her lip. Damn!

His blue jeans clung to him like a second skin outlining a generous bump in the front she tried not to think about and strong thighs. Her cheeks began to heat up making her snap her eyes back up to his face and gasp when her brown eyes met his blue ones. Had he been checking her out too? She instantly shook it off. There are a ton of beautiful women in the bar as if he’d notice you by the entrance.

“Earth to Meagan.” Heidi chuckled and broke the spell between her and the gorgeous band member. Then looped her arm through Meagan’s to drag her with them towards their booth. “Is everything okay?”

Meagan nearly groaned knowing Heidi knew exactly what had her distracted but decided not to dwell on it and pulled her to a stop. “Yeah, but I think I need a drink.” She smiled at her newest cousin-in-law and tried to fight another blush.

“Sure thing, his name is Lyric Cooper by the way. His band is also named Lyric, since he’s their lead, but everyone calls him Coop to avoid confusion, I think.”

Meagan looked around and breathed a sigh of relief seeing Zoey, Nathan, and Rafe were already seated at a booth a few feet away. “And, they’re pretty good but please don’t think I’m interested in anything else.” She gave her a knowing look and continued, “I’m just not relationship material at the moment, nor am I ready for anything naked and sweaty with anyone.”

“I’m sorry I just thought you might be interested. I mean you seemed to be...”

Meagan sighed, looked up to the ceiling momentarily, and then let out a deep breath before interrupting her. “He’s certainly eye catching. Can you blame me?” She smiled brightly then and hugged Heidi tight. “Thank you for caring, I know your intentions are for the best, but I was merely doing what hundreds of other women in this bar are doing at this very moment.” She stepped back and looped her arm around Heidi’s again. “Now come on, I was promised some celebrating and I plan on doing just that. Let’s go to the bar, the first round is on me.”

Heidi chuckled again.

“Coop certainly is that, isn’t he? He’s talented, gorgeous, and such a nice guy to be around. I’m sure you’ll meet him eventually. We’re regulars here so he may say hi later, and I agree he does know how to work the room.” She winked and smiled wider as Meagan’s eyes automatically went back to the stage. “Now let’s celebrate new beginnings.”

“To new beginnings and wonderful family,” Meagan cheered, feeling thankful for the distraction. It disturbed her to know how attracted she was to Mr. Lyric Cooper already and she didn’t want to think about it anymore. Tonight’s about starting over and quality time with your cousin and his loved ones. Just avoid the stage and have a good time.

But, it was easier said than done.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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