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Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Interview & A Giveaway with Tamara Monteau

I'd like to introduce you to author Tamara Monteau. Today we get to know Tamara through an interview, and she's generously offered to giveaway an e-book copy of Dragon's Lord (Haven's Realm 3) to one lucky commenter.
You know the drill, comment with your email address and follow the blog for a chance to win it. We;ll announce her winner on Monday July 16.
Welcome, Tamara, How long have you been an author?

TAMARA: I became interested in writing when I was small. I read Little Women when I was eight, and developed a life-long passion for the written word. I was introverted as a child, and when I didn’t have something to read, I made up stories in my head.
In 1992, in the aftermath of the short-lived Dark Shadows revival, I began writing about my first vampire. As my writing improved, so did my imagination and determination. I self-published Twilight Destiny, my first completed novel, in 2008, but still longed to be traditionally published. That longing was fulfilled early in 2011 with the receipt of not one, but four book contracts with Secret Cravings Publishing. Haven’s Realm was officially born.

Congratulations, what is your favourite genre?
TAMARA: I have a wide range of tastes, though my favourite has always been vampires, especially romances. I also like ghost stories, science fiction and fantasy.

If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why?
TAMARA: That all depends upon their tastes, because each of my novels, while part of a series, has its own unique flavour and can be read alone. Some readers prefer to begin at the beginning of a saga, while others might find another story more interesting, and after reading, hopefully, will be lead back to purchase my earlier books.

What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
TAMARA: Quite frankly, my own imagination. Just when I think I’ve run out of ideas, something lights a spark and begins to grow. I never know when or where inspiration will strike, and often what my muse whispers to me is the biggest surprise of all.

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
TAMARA: Secrets & Promises, book five in the Haven’s Realm series, is nearly complete. I expect to submit it for consideration with Secret Cravings Publishing before the month is out. This is the story of my enigmatic, brooding loner, Vincent. He has appeared in all four previous Haven’s Realm books, and his turn has come. Vincent’s drama begins at the end of Haven’s King, where he makes a startling declaration that rocks the Community to its foundation. Forced by promises he made long before the Bargain was struck, he stands against his fellow Council members and his King against the one woman who’s been his greatest desire and deepest torment for more than a thousand years.
I have posted a few excerpts on my Haven’s Realm blog site under the folder ‘Who is Vincent?’ These teasers from my prior works will wet your appetite until I can disclose more.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.
TAMARA: I am currently restoring my 1968 Camaro. This is the car, dubbed ‘the Lady’ by my sister, which was featured in Haven’s King. When I reach a dead zone in Haven’s Realm, I put in ear plugs, pick up the die grinder and get to work. We’re taking her down to nuts and bolts, and after a whole lot of love, she should be better than new. She’s a one-off, for those who know of such things, so is one of a kind, and has been in my family since she was new.

Nice, Name your top three writing goals?
1 – To continue to write from the heart and enjoy every moment,
2 – To be read and enjoyed by an ever growing number of followers
3 – To one day be discovered and make it to the silver screen

If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
TAMARA: Well, I could pick Ronan. I fell more deeply for him than any of the others during the writing process, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything with him, because his body has only reacted to the presence of his soul-mate.
I suppose my answer must be Vincent, because I would love to put my arms around him and give him my love until the pain deep in his soul finally mends. He is the most sensitive and caring, and would be more willing to teach me the pleasures I only dream about.
LOL, What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
TAMARA: Um, I once peeled the aluminum backing from the insulation in our unfinished basement room. Got whipped good for that one. That’s about as naughty as I’ll confess to.

I'd like to thank Tamara for joining us today. For those of you who would like to learn more about Tamara and her work here are the links she can be reached through:

Haven’s Realm Website:

Haven’s Realm Blogsite:

Trapped in Cupid's spell, Jason, vampire and erstwhile King of Iolcus, falls in love at first sight with Mirissa Wellston, a Carrington police officer. When his ancient enemies take notice of his desire for her, they trigger an assault that threatens Carrington and rocks the Community to the core. With both his love and the Bargain at stake, Jason knows it will take more than a golden fleece to save Haven's Realm.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. I am a follower and email subscriber. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

  2. Wish u much success with this book along with the series, I look forword to sinking my teeth into it.

    Nydia James

  3. Email subscriber. The cover is hot and I enjoyed the excerpt. I have added this series to my tbr wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win.
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot co,m

  4. Oops. email should read
    panthers.ravens@yahoo dot com

  5. OMG Tamera....we could be twins. I loved Little Women so much, it is missing both the front and back covers, the flyleaf, and is held together with duct tape. Plus, I wrote my own ending to Star Wars at age 14. Not exactly the same, but like you, I wanted to finish something:)

    Good luck to you; keep writing and you'll attain those goals!

  6. Congratulations, Patricia. You are the lucky winner of an e-copy of Dragon Lord, Haven's Realm 3. Please go to my website,, and contact me through the web form with your email address.

    Tamara Monteau


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