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Monday, May 28, 2012

Labelle Books reviews Wicked Dreams by Copper Cole


Eli, a fierce vampire warrior, had one mission, to protect a human named Genevieve. He has no idea why until the powers of the Seer, the vampire race’s all-powerful divine being, start to ravage her. In her human form, Genevieve is plagued by crippling headaches, and the stronger her powers grow, the weaker she gets.

Eli races to get her to the Generals, the leaders of the vampires, so Genevieve can be transformed into a vampire to avoid the Seer powers killing her. The Generals realize Eli is meant to be Genevieve’s mate, but Eli knows nothing of love, only war. He finds out her Guardian, her protector and source of life, is a Shifter named Kota whom he hates. He must learn to share not only Genevieve’s affections, but her body as well.
Sex, blood, and battle take Genevieve and Eli on a ride neither of them saw coming.
As one of the best vampire warriors around, Eli, had one important mission that required all of his attention and unbeknownst to him would change his life forever, to protect a human named Genevieve. Clueless as to why, his curiosity is fulfilled once the powers of the Seer take over Genevieve. Plagued by unbearable headaches and visions of the future, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Eli, races against time to protect her. He has an uncontrollable need to keep her safe, and takes her back to see his generals so they can turn her into a vampire before the powers of the Seer kill her. Once there, the generals realize she is Eli’s one true mate, but love is something Eli knows nothing about, and to make matters worse he then finds out he has to share her with a guardian, who acts as another protector and her source of life. He’s a shifter named, Kota, and Eli doesn’t like him. Without a choice, Eli needs to learn to share her or risk losing her for good.

It’s now a life of newly discovered love, sex, blood, and a battle against another force that seeks to destroy Genevieve to punish the vampires.

If you’re looking for a new erotic paranormal ménage I suggest you check out Copper Cole’s, Wicked Dreams: The Wicked. It’s a well written, mysterious, action pact plot filled with scorching hot sex that won’t disappoint.

Get your copy today!
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~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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