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Thursday, April 12, 2012

GIVEAWAY: A Re-vamping Celebration & Double the Prizes with Author Ashlynne Laynne

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
Today I'm pleased to have the lovely Ashlynne Laynne on the blog as she celebrates the re-release of The Progeny and gets ready for the upcoming release of it's sequel, Blood Bonds.

What better way to celebrate this superstitious day with a great paranormal romance series, huh?
So please help me give Ashlynne a big welcome and enjoy the post below for more details on how to win double the prizes.


Growing Pains

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Jennifer for having me today. I love it here at Labelle Books. The good vibes are ever present here. I thought this was the perfect place to reveal some exciting news in the Progeny Series camp.
I’ve never done anything the easy way in my life. Why should starting a writing career be any different? Two weeks ago, in the interest of giving my readers the best reading experience possible, I made the decision to re-release my first novel—The Progeny. This book is the first in a series, the foundation for the others to evolve.
To celebrate the “revamping” of book one and the upcoming release of book two, I’m offering three double prizes today. Each person who comments on today’s question will have the chance to win a copy of the “revamped” The Progeny and its sequel Blood Bonds. This contest will be ongoing for the next six weeks, so tell your friends. While you’re here, follow Jennifer’s blog and show her some love, too. I’m running the same promotion on my author page and the Progeny Series book page on Facebook. All you have to do is drop in and like these pages. Finally, a third set will be given to a lucky follower of my blog. That’s six ways to win a double set of the revamped The Progeny and its sequel, Blood Bonds. Again, you can:
1) Leave a comment and answer today’s questions for three chances to win here *Like* The Progeny Series on Facebook:
2) *Like* Author Ashlynne Laynne on Facebook:
3) Join my blog on Blogspot:

Now for today’s questions: Who was your favorite literary vampire? Who is your favorite actor playing a vampire?

Thanks for having me here today, Jennifer and you’ll get your double copies as soon as the ARCS are ready. :)

You're very welcome, Ashlynne, it's always a pleasure to have you on here. I've liked and followed your Facebook pages and blog, now as for your question...
Favorite literary vampire? Hmm, that's a tough one there are so many... I guess I'll just go with the first one that comes to mind,
Renauldo D'Antoni from Kathy Love's novel Anyway You Want It. There's just something about the emotionally wounded vampire, and the story itself that I absolutely love. He's one of a long list of many...
Favorite actor playing a vampire? Um, let's go with Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire. *grins*
I'm looking forward to reading this series.
So there you have it folks, easy peasy. Like her pages, follow her blog, and answer a couple of simple questions. Ashlynne will announce her winners on Monday April 16th 2012.
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Ashlynne,
    Great info about the re-release of your book. Here is my answers to your questions.
    Now for today’s questions: Who was your favorite literary vampire? Well, I have to say. It's Mencheres from Jeaniene Frost, Night Huntress series. Who is your favorite actor playing a vampire? My favorite actor would have to be Alex O'Laughlin. I loved him in Moonlight.
    Well I hope I win what a better way to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. That's right I was born on Friday the 13th.

    Teresa K.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      I've missed you these past months. It's great to see you again. Happy Birthday, hun and thanks for stopping by.

      I hope you've liked Ashlynne's pages and have followed her blog and mine to complete your entry.

      Big hugs,

    2. Thanks for dropping in, Teresa. Good luck and happy birthday!

  2. I love Robert Pattison from Twilight and Edward from Twilight. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

    1. Tore,
      He is dreamy isn't he? I swear those books were addictive. I read Breaking Dawn over a weekend. I was a pretty huge Twi-hard until I started writing about my own vampires. I'm still a fan, but I love my babies more. :) Thanks for stopping in and good luck!

  3. Hi AshLynne,
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. when i was young i went to see my first "horror" movie,it was 1979, and the movie was Dracula starring Frank Langella.

    i was hooked and immeadiately ran out and got the book. i have watched every version of the movie since and although there have been some really good ones it's my opinion that no one played the part better than Frank Langella. there was just something extra he brought to the part that captured you and has held me thru each of his other movies since. (sorry about the fan girl moment). So to answer the question on film Frank Langella and in books Dracula.

    tammy ramey

    1. Tammy,
      I'm not familiar with Frank Langella, but he had to something special to leave such a lasting impression. Anne Rice's Lestat is my favorite literary vampire, while Brad Pitt was my favorite actor to play one. While my love of horror goes back to the age of nine, Interview with the Vampire spurred my love of vampires. Don't feel bad about your "fan girl moment," we all have them from time to time. I drool whenever I see Thomas Dekker on TV. I even likened Ascher after him. :) Thanks for dropping in and good luck!

  4. My first moment when my supernatural imagination was rocked? In black and white, he came down the stone steps and walked right through an enormous spider web, moving toward the camera, leaving no movement or break in the web, his eyes were truly mesmerizing. Bela Lugosi...Dracula 1931
    I am reading Ashlynne Laynne's Progeny and my world is rocked again, by this new vampire breed.

  5. Well, Wicked Leanore, coming from you this is indeed a compliment. I'm such a huge fan of your work! I'm sure the revamp will be a better version for the readers to enjoy. Thanks for dropping in. I know you're super busy these days. :)

  6. Congratulations Teresa, Tammy, and Tore. You'll be receiving the double sets of the revamped The Progeny and Blood Bonds!


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