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Monday, April 16, 2012

An Amazing Giveaway and a few Tasty Excerpts with Wicked Leanore EVERYONE IS A WINNER!


Want a trip to Nowhere, Arizona? Were gonna have a TAG PARTY!

Madeline found this out. A hardhearted executive from Los Angeles, she came to Nowhere Arizona to finish a deathbed request for her mother. The quest became a living journey to find her heart and soul.

The man for the job of discovery to Madeline's heart? Well, he may not be a man in the mortal sense of the word.
Welcome to Nowhere… Land of Hot Sun and supernatural mirages. Do not adjust your browser. You aren't lost. You just stepped into a place where anything may happen. You might just find out that everything? Means nothing at all.
“Talking to me like that.” She huggedherself and sat facing away from him.

Devon leaned closer. “Like I want you?”

More shivers attacked her skin, and she attempted to keep her body still. “Yes, like that.”

“Or like I want to touch you?”

Tensing, Madeline's senses accelerated to the point of insanity. She tilted her head back and breathed through her nose. A scent like sweet pine from a fresh rain in the forest drifted over her. A fragrance of pleasant days and soothing summer nights remembered from her childhood.

“Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”

Madeline shuddered. “Oh, God.”

Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”

She gulped and squeezed her arms even tighter in a struggle to hold herself together. “Why don’t you?”

He grew quiet for a moment. “Because I want it to be your desire, not the whiskey or the magic.”

“I've never felt anything like this before.” The swirling vortex of need and desire cascaded through her.

“It’s mostly the water, but I can help you.” At his offer, exhilaration coursed through her. “But, I won't touch you,” he added, and crushing disappointment rippled over her. “If I could touch you, though, I would grab you and lower you down. I would use my mouth on you and my fingers. I’d open you and stick my tongue into you."
Madeline tried to slow her panting, feeling light-headed. The seductive spell of his voice wove around her like a blanket of sensual heat.
“I would bring you to the brink of climax with just my tongue. Then I’d plunge myself into you as you come.”

A wave of insurmountable yearning ripped through her, and moisture seeped from between her thighs. “Unh,” she breathed out.

“I’d pull your body up and bend you over. You’d be open and wet with need and wanting.”

“Ohh!” she shouted and put her hands between her legs. Out of control, Madeline shoved her fingers into herself.

Devon lightly touched her back with his bare chest as he spoke. “I’d thrust in and out as you grew wetter and wetter.” Inexplicably, she could feel it while pushing her fingers into herself. “You would be overflowing with me,” he purred at her. With his soft-spoken words, her tensing body shuddered. “In and out, pumping you deep and hard as you come on my cock.”

Madeline experienced the fantasy, and even the sensation of the pumping and sliding of his cock in her pussy. Her body tightened with a throbbing ecstasy beyond any she'd ever known. A powerful wave of orgasm engulfed her. “Ohh!” Her inner thigh muscles spasmed as her torso stretched out.
“And when I came, you’d climax again, and I’d suck on your nipples as my cum flowed into you.”

“Dev, please?” she pleaded. The orgasm did not recede, and her body throbbed wildly as she came onto her own fingers. Madeline envisioned what he described. “Stop!” she shouted, suspended in a vortex of rapturous splendor and suffering. “Oh, God, stop!”

He continued with his vocal fucking. “I’d mount you as they do in the wild. I’d reach around and play with your nipples as they hung down, aching for my touch.”

“No.” Her body plunged into climax again as his voice vibrated through her and she helplessly moaned.

“I’d grind into you and slide out, faster and harder and deeper until…” he whispered the sexual stimulation to her ear again, “…you’d come for me.”
“Ahh!” Madeline spasmodically came against her fingers again. “Ohh, oh.” Her body collapsed to
the bed, and she released a relieved groan.


Dev pulled his mouth away from her neck while one of his hands lowered. “I am gonna lift your dress up Madeline.” He smiled to her cheek. “I figure you know me well enough now.”

She bit her lip as her body began to throb.

He pulled her dress up to her waist. She was breathless as she stared out at the colors of the rock cliffs and she could smell the sweet pine scent of him as she nervously breathed in through her nose. “But Dev, where are we going to---?”

He removed his hands for a moment.

What are you doing?” She grabbed a hold of the horse’s mane to keep steady.

His hands returned, he grasped her hips and pulled her up. She drew in a sharp surprised breath as he lifted her body and moved her back toward him. “You’re really not going to—?”

With a swift motion, he pulled her hips down onto his lap and entered her. She gasped as her eyes rounded and her body shook.
“What?” He leaned close to her ear again. “You’ve never ridden before?”

She felt herself get wet around his cock as it went high up inside of her. She drew in another shaky breath as she hung onto the mane. The movement of the horse’s walk caused her body to move up and down on him. “Oh,” she moaned aloud as the rhythmic sliding became intensified by his grasp on her hips.

His hands came around, under her sundress and he tweaked her nipples with his warm fingers.

The movement jolted her insides and she began to climax immediately. “Oh no,” she whispered desperately as the powerful orgasm took her. She had never envisioned anything like this before in her entire life and she'd wanted the ride to go on forever…


This giveaway may be a little different I call it, 'The tag party':

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I'd like to thank Wicked Leanore for joining us today, not only does she treat us with hot book covers, and sizzling excerpts, she's also generously offered to giveaway two of her books to EVERYONE who comments and joins her TAG party so let's show her our appreciation.
COMMENT with your email address, and click on her Amazon TAGs to get your copies of both books. It's that simple!
I've read the Nowhere Arizona series and take it from me folks these are two books you'll want on your must have list. You won't be disappointed. I absolutely loved them.
Enjoy the tag party!
Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Totally tagged :) Love the excerpts to both of them....REALLY HAWT!!!!


  2. I am not shy about my admission of love for Devon and the Brave. These books are lustful, sexy, and written with the detail and care that is Leanore Elliott. Those two excerpts gave me some lovely flashbacks. I need one of those lightning pools for my own use! I've tagged, liked, and can't get enough of this couple!

  3. I tagged, liked, tweeted... LOL and I had a great time doind it!
    Sherifredricks @ charter .net

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  5. Tagged, bagged and loved!


  6. Wow,

    I've tagged and just love the excerpts. These books are hot, hot, hot!

    Teresa K.

  7. Tagged! Thanks so much, I would love them in Kindle (mobi/Prc) if possible
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
    (it is a j after the _)

  8. TAGGED!!!!!! i would love them on Nook...

  9. Wow, it's starting out to be a great turn out. I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by to show Leanore your support. Don't forget to subcribe to the Labelle Books email feed, or add yourself to our GFC following. We've got giveaways galore on a weekly basis.

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  10. Nora Chipley Barteau Tagged and thank you so much for such a great offer! I will spread the word!!

  11. Hi lady! :) I had fun talking with ya in chat the other day. Sorry that i couldnt stay very long. Hope your having a great day! I tagged and liked both books. And i already have The Sunset Warrior~Nowhere Arizona. :D I have just about all of your books! ;D Woot, woot!! Thanks for sharing! And for the awesome giveaway! Wishing ya all the best!

  12. Tagged both...

  13. Hello, I tagged both books on Amazon and I want to say "Thank you" for the gift. I LOVED the excerpt. I would love to have the books in a format that would work with the Kindle app please!!

    1. SORRY forgot my email!!! I was thinking about reading those smoking hot books!!

  14. Tagged both books! This is the first time I've tagged ANYTHING on Amazon.

    Congrats on your success.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  15. Tagged! They both sound great and HOT! Can't wait to read on my Kindle!

  16. Hi Lenore,
    thank you for such a great giveaway. i love this series, i already have The Sunset Warrior but would love to have Gateway To The sun~Nowhere Arizona. i liked and tagged as many of the tags as it would allow me (15). i look forward to reading Gateway to the Sun as i really enjoyed the last book.

    tammy ramey

  17. Hi Lenore!!
    I Tagged!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I haven't read these yet. I am excited to start them.
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  19. Okay, I am floored! LOL Keep posting newcomers, and the ones above will start getting the emails tonight. Thanks so much for making my Muse Leanore, feel like she's a star, gotta keep her happy to get those stories spun. Emailing books now!

  20. Hello Leanore & Jennifer,

    Thank you Jennifer for hosting Leanore Elliott on your Blog, Labelle Books, today. Thank you Leanore for taking time out of your busy day to spend with Us & share some Scorchin’ HOT Excerpts of your Very Hotttt NOWHERE, ARIZONA Series & also offering your Extremely Generous NOWHERE, ARIZONA Series Tag Party Giveaway.

    In the Newsgroups I'm a Member of, I heard so much about the first Book in your Series, "The Sunset Warrior~Nowhere Arizona" (Nowhere Series), so I have already purchased this book a couple of weeks ago. I just LOVE Drool-Worthy, Panty-Melting, Smokin’ Hot Books & in reading the Excerpts from it, I knew I just had to have it. Unfortunately I have been under the weather & behind on my reading, so I haven't had the privilege of reading your first Book yet, but it's heatin' UP my eReader, waiting for me. LOL

    I did go to Amazon & tagged both Books 15 times each, as many choices as they would let me under my name PaParanormalFan (Renee) at email I have to say Leanore, "Gateway To The Sun~Nowhere Arizona" (Nowhere~Book Two) sounds just as SMOKIN" Hot as your first book, I would be sooooooo thrilled to added your 2nd Book to my eReader as will be Sizzlin' then. LOL

    Thank you for this VERY Amazing Giveaway! What a Wonderful Gift of your Hard Work to give to the Fans of your Writing! Thank You.

    Take Care Ladies & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan Renee’ S.
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