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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A GIVEAWAY & an Interview with Jamallah Bergman

Jackson Belle, the son of a prominent family of landscapers and architects whose work has been the “Showcase of the South”, goes to take what he thinks is a routine job for his father who is soon in bed after a fall. He soon finds himself going to Gladstone Manor, a home well known in town as a house that once would host grand balls and parties for the town. But is nothing more than a shell of its former glorious self. Soon Jackson finds himself diving deep within the mystery of Gladstone Manor and its owner Brooke Langley.
Brooke Langley’s life at Gladstone Manor at one time was wonderful and she enjoyed the many memories she had as a child, watching the many people coming to the parties and balls that her parents would give. But a tragic accident leaves Brooke in seclusion, afraid of what the world outside of the Manor would think of her now. It isn’t until Jackson Belle comes into her life and shows her that someone does care that slowly starts to come out to the world and soon finds
true love as well.
I'd like to welcome author Jamallah Bergman to Labelle Books. Today Jamallah answers our questions and has generously offered a pdf copy of her new Secret Cravings Publishing book 'The Lady Of Gladstone Manor'.
So you all know the drill, in order to enter for a chance to win it you've got to show Jamallah some love and leave a comment with your email address. We'll announce the winner on Monday March 26th.
Welcome, Jamallah, How long have you been an author?
Jamallah: I’ve been writing stories since I was about 12, just writing things that popped in my head but it wasn’t until I got older that my stories were more of the romantic side. I wrote my very first “completed” story when I was about 16 and I still remember it to this day. As I got older, the stories became more “intense” and more “sexual” in manner. I can honestly say that I don’t know how many stories in total I have written over the years.

What is your favourite genre?
Jamallah: Interracial, Contemporary and now Paranormal.
Sounds like we have a lot in common. *grins* What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Jamallah: Oh lord, how long it takes before your story is edited. It seems like you’re on edge waiting and waiting and waiting to hear something back, I know I was on pins and needles throughout the entire waiting process when my first story was being edited. But now what I end up doing is trying to occupy my mind on other things while waiting.
You certainly have to be patient in this line of work for sure. I try my best to start on another WIP while I wait or treat myself to one of the many novels on my TBR list. Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Jamallah: Right now I have a 3rd contract with Secret Cravings Publishing on a book called “Special Kind of Woman”, I was writing this book while waiting for the lady to be edited. And right now I am looking over a story that I got the idea about from a dream I had. Basically it deals with a woman who gets a call that ends up being a wrong number from a man and well….all I can
say is that it’s something that there are things that she never expected would happen afterwards.

Sounds great! Can you share your top three writing goals?
Jamallah: 1) To one day have one of my stories put into film or at least on the Hallmark channel. 2) To just get better in how I write my stories. 3) To have one of my stories at least be in the top 100 list.
If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Jamallah: Proceed with caution
LOL, What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
Jamallah: Oh my….well I honestly have no shame in my game really, so I have to say that I got to make someone I was with into a “human sundae”. Too much fun for words….wouldn’t mind doing it again but of course I’ll have to find that special someone to have that adventure with.

*grins* sounds like a tasty experience, and I for one hope you find that special someone to try it out, in the meantime it would certainly make a great scene in a book..hmmm
I'd like to thank Jamallah for joining us today. It was a pleasure to have her on the blog. For those of you who would like to learn more about Jamallah and her books she can be reached through these sites;
Please enjoy the excerpt below, and don't forget to buy your copy today!


Once he took himself another shower and got dried off and got some pajama pants, Jackson called his mom back.
“Did you have a good shower?” asked his mom.
“Yeah, it kind of cleared my head a bit I guess. Well where do I begin?” he asked her.
“Where all good things do my dear but at the beginning. Now tell me what is on your mind?” Nancy told him with a chuckle as he did the same.
“That night after we had left your place and I was taking Brooke home, it was real quiet the entire time we were going to the Manor. She thanked me for bringing her to the house I told her something, I don’t quite remember what but I do know that I had put my hand on hers while I was talking and I left it there when we stopped. I honestly wasn’t thinking it was bad to do that but she asked me to turn on the AC, which I did. When we got to the Manor I walked her up to the door and we talked for a moment more and then just before I was about to say goodnight, she kissed me on the cheek.” Jackson said as he felt himself blushing about the experience once more.
Nancy had a smile on her face that widened as big as all get out. “And what did you do after that?”
“I didn’t get the chance to do anything; she high tailed it back inside the house. But I don’t know momma, I have never felt like that before in my entire life. And after that I’ve been fussing with
myself about this kiss she gave me. It was a simple kiss for Christ sake momma, why in the hell am I thinking about it more?”
“I think you like her more than you really know Jackson, I think you love her.”
“There is no way I can be in love with Brooke, what makes you think that momma?” he asked her.
“I saw how you looked at her during dinner and how she looked at you as well. I can tell when two people are in love with each other. I mean you obviously have been together basically every other day or so, she’s never even been around another man since her father and the butler and you’re the first person besides the help that has treated her like a human being and not a freak. It’s been something that she’s been wanting for a very long time and you just happen to be the one. Just keep being her friend sweetheart and I think you’ll know when the right moment for you to let her know how you really feel.” Nancy assured her. They continued to talk some more
until she told him good night and he got off the phone too. He sat there for a moment and thought to himself, “Maybe I am in love with her.”

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


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    1. It's alway a pleasure to see you on here Tracey D, thank you for stopping by. :-)

  5. Hi Jamallah,
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