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Friday, March 2, 2012

The 'Flashed' Birthday Giveaway

A good friend author Kiki Howell celebrates her birthday on March 7, and to help celebrate she's asked me and five other authors to create a book based on some of our flash fiction for you all. Currently on Amazon for .99 it will be offered free March 3 through 7th on the Amazon KDP Select program: 

For those of you without kindles, or if you happen to miss the free days then leave a comment on this blog post with your email address and I'd be happy to hold a giveaway for a FREE pdf copy.


To say much in very few words can be a challenge, but flash fiction gives authors a chance to show their voice, their writing style, and their passion for the stories they write.

Flashed, the anthology, gives you six authors and a lot of smoldering hot flash fiction. In it, Kiki Howell is thrilled to be joined by five authors who she loves to read. And so, she invites you to experience what she loves about each author: Jennifer Labelle’s emotional writing, Sommer Marsden’s gritty and sexy style, Cassandre Dayne’s scorching hot intensity, Emma Hillman’s sassy heroines, and Abby Hayes wild child ways, along with her own paranormal and erotic romance in this anthology.

The combination is flirty, fun & deliciously explicit.
Praise for the Authors of Flashed

“I loved how Cassandre build this world, LOVED the characters to pieces, loved that I cried at one of the main characters passing, loved how Devin found the love of his life even while loosing a job he really didn’t care for to begin with. This book needs to have a part 2. Cassandre?” - Michele from Top2Bottom Reviews on Forced Fantasies by Cassandre Dayne

“Dane is a person who has lived through a lot of tragedy in his life, but he still remains a good person. Steele, despite all that has happened to him, has a good soul that transcends the pages of this book. I would say this book is not for the faint of heart; it is not warm and fuzzy in nature but if you like your men rough, hard, and ready for anything, Punchback is a must read.” Tina on her Reviewers Choice for February 2012 – Talking Two Lips on Punchback by Cassandre Dayne

" of the tops storytellers in the erotica genre." ~Violet Blue about Sommer Marsden
"I will read ANYTHING that Sommer Marsden EVER writes. She is just that damn good." ~Seriously Reviewed

"I just love Ms. Sommer Marsden’s paranormal books, they have suspense, action, love, and a lot of twists. And I can't forget about the humor she uses to flavor the storys. Her style is easy to follow and captivating. It fascinates and seduces you, making you automatically one of her fans." ~Dolce Amore for Booked Up

"This was a memorable, remarkable and phenomenally scorching read. Don't miss out on these hot encounters and the ultimate fantasy." - Night Owl Romance on Location, Location, Location by Emma Hillman

"Ms. Hillman's writing is tender and sweet, arousing and poignant." - You Gotta Read Reviews on Back to Life by Emma Hillman

"Kiki’s use of words and descriptions is indescribable and weaves a kind of magic around the reader." -ParaNormal Romance Reviews about The Healing Spell by Kiki Howell

"Kiki has such a way of extracting deep feelings from her readers. She has such a handle on peoples emotions you would almost swear it was an otherworldly talent." ~ Raquel Vega-Grieder about Working Out The Kinks by Kiki Howell

What a truly memorable and original novel Torn Asunder brings to life the very essence of 19th Century England and Ireland, and in doing so, provides the reader with the feeling they are actually there! Only a rare talent can accomplish this, full of magic, drama and romance, Kiki Howell joins the ranks of the very top supernatural writers! ~A James Mason Community Book Club MUST READ, Review by Rick Friedman, Founder

“If there was one book that I would encourage my friends and family to read this would be it. To say I was totally blown away by all the characters and the plot is an understatement. I have never read a book like this in my life and cannot wait to see what author Jennifer Labelle comes up with next.” ~LASR Reviews on Meant To Be by Jennifer Labelle

“What a sensational short read! Spice it Up is the perfect hot and spicy addition to your erotic romance collection! With Heidi and Nathan both being open to different sexual experiences, Spice it Up features MF, MM and MMF all in a 40 page package without feeling gratuitous or excessive.” ~Just Erotic Romance Reviews on Spice It Up by Jennifer Labelle

“Though the author gave us a nice plot and story, she also gave us steamy intimacy scenes that were an added bonus. We were also given a sexy epilogue that I liked and thought ended perfectly.” ~Romance Novel Junkies on Second Chance Love by Jennifer Labelle

"Warning: please refrain from reading Finding Paradise while in the presence of others, as frequent relief may be required. Holy smokes this book is HOT! Both the erotic and the mundane are terrifically portrayed in Finding Paradise… For exquisite sex scenes, amazing writing and the "real talk" feel for online chat, Finding Paradise is certainly deserving of a JERR Silver Star Award. Bottom line, find your own bit of paradise and pick up Finding Paradise ASAP!" - Just Erotic Romance Reviews about Finding Paradise by Abby Hayes

“This is the first book I have read by Abby Hayes and to say I was intrigued with where the story was going is an understatement. I was expected a little girl on girl, perhaps a menage but a full fledged partner swamp and orgy...I was tickled beyond belief.”– Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Reviews on Finding

And, if you've got the time don't forget to stop over to Kiki's blog to wish her a happy birthday too.


  1. WOW!! Thank you!! I can't wait to check it out!

  2. No problem, Mel. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy Flashed.

    I'm also giving away pdf copies for those of you who don't have a kindle. In that case please leave a comment with your email address.

    Best wishes,


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