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Monday, March 26, 2012

Another GIVEAWAY and an Interview with the Amazing Lauren Pilla

Today I have the lovely Lauren Pilla on Labelle Books, and she's generously offered a pdf copy of Hotel Sinn to one lucky commenter.

You know the drill, leave a comment, follow the blog if you haven't already done so, and leave your email address in case it's you that is the lucky winner.
We'll announce the winner on Thursday March 29.

Welcome Lauren, how long have you been an author?
Lauren: First, I'd like to say thank you for having me! This is my first interview, hope I get all the answers right. *crosses fingers* I officially became an author in October of 2010. My first contract was Carly's Delight in a Christmas Anthology by Evernight Publishing.

LOL, there are no right answers, hun, we're just happy to have you here. Congratulations on your recent success. What is your favourite genre?
Lauren: I love pretty much every genre, but paranormal and historical romance are my top favorites.

I have to agree with you there. What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Lauren: Hmm, biggest surprise... That my characters really do hijack the story!! I would have a clear plot happening in my head and then when I begin to write, it changes. Sometimes I don't even see it coming till after it's typed.

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Lauren: My current wip has a little bit of everything. There's action, romance, a creepy villain, and some paranormal. My leading lady happens to be a siren with the gift of song. It's a different take on a siren, since she doesn't have any fins but human legs. She has had to deal with tragedy and betrayal at a very young age. She's hardened her heart and only her true soul-mate can thaw out the ice around it.

It sounds awesome. Name your top three writing goals?
Lauren: Goals, it's good to have goals. My top 3 are easy in theory. The first one, write more stories. Easy enough. My second one is the challenge. Finishing one wip before starting four others. I currently have about 3 started and one floating around in my head. It's not bad, but I want to get them completed. The third goal I have is toughest and that's don't put so much pressure on myself. If the muse takes a vacation, well I should take one too. This year I'm trying not have that "finish the wip or the world will end" feeling. It also makes for a more creative story line when your relaxed.

Those are great goals that I think would apply to most of us. Great answer.
If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Lauren: If I could meet one of my characters it would be Bo, from Demon Protector. Sexy, strong, and a great cook!

If you could choose to time travel, would you go backward or forward, and why?
Lauren: If I could time travel, I would go backward in a heartbeat. I would love to live in a castle, with secret passages of course.

I'd like to thank Lauren for joining us today, for those of you who would like to learn more about Lauren and her work she can be reached through these sites:
FACEBOOK:!/pages/Lauren-Pilla-Author/304322266296329 or
on her BLOG:

In the meantime please enjoy this blurb and excerpt for a sneak peek of Lauren's paranormal romance Hotel Sinn:

Hotel Sinn. She attended in hopes of reuniting with the dangerously sexy man who’d invited her. However, Anastasia would soon find out that having a one night stand would turn into something permanent in more ways then one.

Victore, a vampire, was sent out by the master to complete a task for the one hundred years ritual. But when he set eyes upon Anastasia, she had intrigued him and he was unable to resist temptation. After a night of pleasure Victore hid Anastasia in his suite only to be betrayed by a fellow vampire.

Now Victore and Anastasia are trapped, in an inescapable place, where anything can happen.

"I'm glad you came."
More dirty thoughts crossed her mind. Oh Lord help me, his voice sounds like sex. Is that even possible?“Yes, I'm glad I came too. My name is Anastasia, by the way." She held out her hand to shake his.
He took her hand in his and turned it to kiss the top. His onyx eyes never left hers. Her body melted, her knees went weak, and she felt a tingle between her thighs. Staring into the man's black eyes, the world around her seemed to fade away, leaving just him and her.
"My name is Victore."
She barely heard him speak, and when he let go of her hand, she came back to reality. Weird.
"Are you feeling all right?" he asked, concerned.
"Yes, I'm okay; it's just a bit warm in here, and I've had a few glasses of wine already."
Victore extended his hand, and she immediately took it without a thought. Get a grip, girl, control yourself. "Come, let me show you the terrace and you can get some fresh air."
She could barely think with her arm in his, feeling like a hormonal teenager. Anastasia didn't go gaga over a guy like one of those brainless girls. Did she?
"Do you like what you have seen so far?" he asked. Anastasia nodded slowly, regaining control over her brain cells. She liked everything, including Victore.
"Everything is exquisite." She pointed to the ceiling. "Were those carved? The beams?" she asked.
"Yes," he said simply, and she frowned. Music began to play as they crossed the ballroom floor.
"Oh, Victore, would you care to dance with me?" she said excitedly.
"I thought you wanted to get some air?" he replied.
"Yes, I do, but after one dance," she pleaded. What was happening to her? Pleading? She didn't plead.
He twirled her around, and she faced him and his dark, sexy eyes. His pale skin brought out every dark feature—his hair, his eyes, and his suit—against his flesh. He pulled her close to him, his arm wrapping around her waist. She felt the heat from his body and something else. No, it couldn't be. The tips of his fingers slightly grazed the top of her ass, and she nearly lost it. Her breast pressed tightly against his hard, muscled chest. Her legs intermingled with his, and she inhaled, smelling his cologne, an aroma of male and spices. Was there anything better?


Get your copy today!

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I am a follower and email subscriber. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

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  3. Love the excerpt! all the best with the book!

  4. This sounds amazing!! I loved the excerpt. I will be adding this to my TBR list!
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  5. Lauren Pilla is a new author for me but not for long. Hotel Sinn sounds like a great read. I'm adding it to my must have list.

    I enjoyed bot the interview and the excerpt; both were great reads.

    Tracey D
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  6. ~IT's WINNER TIME!~

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