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Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Kellie Kamryn

I'd like to welcome Kellie Kamryn to Labelle Books. Today Kellie answers our interview questions, and tells us more about her newest Secret Cravings Publishing release, Rebound: Love and Balance.

Welcome Kellie, how long have you been an author?
Kellie: I’ve been an author for the last five or six years, writing to be published. It’s been in the last year that I’ve had acceptances and had my work published.

Congratulations, you're a fantastic writer, I've read some of your work. What is your favourite genre?
Kellie: I love to read historical romance – it’s like literally being swept into another world. Paranormal comes next and contemporary. I write contemporary and erotic romance currently.

Historicals are one of my favorites too!
What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Kellie: How the process evolves. At first I just wrote, no concern for rules or anything. Then I wanted to be good, so I took classes and learned things I’d long forgotten. With each new piece I write, I find I get better. I like seeing where I started and where I am right now. I intend to keep on improving!

So true, can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Kellie: My latest WIP is an erotic romantic suspense. I’m writing and planning it out, but it’s very hot, and I hope suspenseful! Tension abounds between my characters as he left her to seek fame and fortune. Or so she thinks. He knows he’s made a mistake and has come back to win her back and keep her out of danger. Needless to say, their first meeting is emotionally and sexually tense! My critique partner took a look at the first two chapters and said it was the best thing I’ve written to date. So, I’m glad to know I’m improving, LOL

It sounds great. If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Kellie: Like my logo says: Sweet and Sassy

*grins* If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Kellie: Do I have to pick just one? Right now I’d love one on one time with Sinclair Reed in my new WIP. He reminds me of someone sinfully sexy in real life ;)

DAMN! LOL, good for you, girl!
I'd like to thank Kellie for joining us today. For those of you who would like to learn more about Kellie and her work, she can be reached through these sites:,, and on twitter @KellieKamryn

In the meantime before you go check out the blurb, and the amazing excerpt Kellie's left us about Rebound: Love and Balance - and get your copy today!

An award-winning choreographer must face the only man she's ever loved then lost when they are teamed up to work together at a gymnastics camp for Olympic hopefuls.
Claire LeMay is at the top of her game - she's head of a prominent gymnastics facility with her gymnasts winning awards for her outstanding choreography. Now her biggest challenge is to coach alongside the man she's avoided for three years after he demanded she live in his shadow instead of forging her own path. Deeply hurt when Justin turned out to be no different than her parents or coaches, who controlled her every move for years, she strengthened her resolve to make her own way in life. Even though some of her decisions were hard-earned lessons, her life is her own and she wants to keep it that way.
After sinking every penny of his inheritance into his state-of-the-art gymnastics facility, Justin Black has achieved his dream. But even with hundreds of members and well-trained coaches, when Claire's presence invades his space, he reluctantly admits she's the one thing missing in his life. Oblivious as to why she walked out on him three years ago, he attempts to call a truce. As their old passion tumbles out faster than a gymnast sprinting down the vault runway, Justin knows he can’t let her walk out of his life this time. When the week comes to a close, it becomes clear they are in the same impossible position as three years ago.
Are they destined to repeat the same old routine or will they be able to choreograph a new one?

“We’re adults. We can share a bed to sleep. No big deal.”
She glanced away, hoping he couldn’t see her cheeks blush. “Exactly.”
He tugged on the other end of her blanket to get her attention. When her eyes met his, he asked, “Unless you’re chicken?”
Her eyes narrowed to slits. “That only works once.”
He stared her down. “I dare you to share a bed with me for the night.”
She sat heavily on the edge of the bed and slipped off her sandals. “That is a stupid dare.”
“No stupider than it was for me to fall for you and your little anxiety attack over performing the full-in this morning.”
She crossed her arms in front of her chest and blinked at him. “I don’t know what you’re
talking about.” Her lips twitched as she fought a smile.
“Don’t play innocent with me.” Justin grabbed his pillow and smacked her in the face with it.
She squawked in surprise.
“You knew I’d take the bait,” he said. “I never could resist helping you.”
She took up her own pillow, kneeled on the bed, and hit him back. “Then you shouldn’t
have been spying on me.”
He smashed his pillow into her ribs, nearly knocking her over.
She righted herself and took a swing at him, hitting him square on the side of his head,
causing him to give it a vigorous shake.
The next thing she knew they were in the midst of an all-out pillow war. On their knees on the bed, they took turns whacking each other over and over. It felt good to take her frustration out on him.
Finally, he wrenched the pillow from her hands, took hold of her wrists, and yanked her up against his chest. Her nipples hardened on contact, and she inched back, hoping he wouldn’t notice.
His eyes flicked downward and then up. A slight move, but she saw it. She bumped her
pelvis lightly into his and felt his bulging erection. Good. She wasn’t the only one affected by their physical proximity.
She wrenched free of his grasp. “That’s not fair, using your size against me.”
He shrugged. “All’s fair in l– war.”
Interesting slip up, buddy. She thought back to the days when they had wrestled with one another and he had used his strength to win. If memory served, she’d come up with some pretty creative ways of gaining the upper hand. He was in for a big surprise if he thought she’d give up so easily tonight. Even after all this time, she still had a few tricks up her sleeve.
She hopped to her feet and kicked one leg out, her shin connecting with the side of his
ribcage. Caught off guard, he toppled sideways, ending up on his back with her on top, her knees on either side of his torso, her hands pinning his arms to the bed.
Surprise registered on his face, but it wouldn't last long, and she knew it. She sprang off the mattress, flipped over his head, and landed on her feet on the floor. Quickly, she turned, and twisted his arms together in her grasp.
“Shit,” he muttered. “I’d forgotten how quick you are.”
Fresh out of ideas, she let go of him, having no desire to put herself in a more vulnerable position. But, she failed to step away fast enough. He reached above his head, grabbed her at the hips, and sat up while flipping her forward.
A squeal escaped her lips, and the next second, she was suspended upside down in the air with her face an inch from his crotch. She wet her lips at the sight of the bulge there.

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Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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