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Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing to an Audience with Kharisma Rhayne

First…thanks so much to Jennifer for allowing me to come back and mess up her nice organized blog. ☺

I’ve been thinking a lot on writing to an audience. As writers, should we write to one? And, if we do, how do we really know which one is the right one for us? I can promote all day long. I love hanging out with my Twitter followers and on Facebook with those that have liked my author page as well as on my main profile page. I absolutely love it. But, ask me to pick one exact type of book to write and I’m lost.

It would seem I’m the exact opposite of most writers. They tend to say they don’t do so well with promoting and prefer to write. While I do really enjoy writing, I couldn’t do just one thing. Even Stephen King picked up a pen name to write some of his books.

I imagine that if I could have readers tripping over one another for the next book in a series, it might motivate me to write that series a little faster. I know I hate waiting for the next book in a series from my favorite authors. So, I wouldn’t want them to have to wait forever to see what happens next. But, I fear, even if I sold billions of the first book in a series, I couldn’t write just that series. My brain is all over the place and if I try to trap it and make it do one thing, it literally rebels and I can’t get two sentences written, let alone an entire book.

As far as reading, I read across the board too. You never know what you might find on my book shelves or on my Kindle. Actually, I have a feeling most would be shocked to look at the variety on my shelves. I read from fiction to non-fiction. I read from paranormal, to historical, to crime, to horror to erotica….and more. My reading can’t be defined and I would guess the same holds true for my writing.

If someone were to email me and tell me they’d really like a book of one style or another or a certain type of plot, I’d try to write it and provide the best book I could in the end. Saying no seems to be another thing I can’t seem to do. Besides, I love a challenge and if there’s something I don’t already have jotted down as a future book idea – I’m excited to find it. I think I’d need four lifetimes to write all the books I have blurbed to be written. Who knows? Maybe one of my daughters will take up writing and I can pass it on to them.

So, my take on writing for your audience is: I write what I like and beg and beg someone to like it. However, I’m always open to hear ideas on what someone would like to see come out from me. The biggest thing we’re told as writers is to write what we like. Since I like to read pretty much everything, that’s an easy task for me.
My upcoming release from Rebel Ink is book 2 in my Living Deadly Series. It’s called Holding on to the Pain and is scheduled to be released February 17, 2012. I love history and the series shows this on and off through each book. I’ve also made my main character, Xander—a Vampire, very special to me. The reason he becomes one is explained in book 1. Again, it was just my take on it. In book 2, Xander starts to get comfortable and even bored within his new Vampire skin. There is sex within this book as well as a scene that is mffffff.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:
Xander steps into his new life as the very first Vampire. His desire for war and killing only increases and his conscience is non-existent. The only thing close to that desire is his need for women. He lusts after them even more than he had as a human.
At time passes, humans become toys for him to meddle in the affairs of. Xander finally finds warriors worth turning into his companions. He begins to create a force of mass destruction -- a force of only the best Greek warriors turned Vampire. His undead elite army.

To find out more about this series and my others and all the genres I am writing in, you can find my blog here and Kharisma Rhayne Books here.

I’m also on Twitter here and Facebook here and here.


Sounds like a great book Kharisma, and I love that sexy cover☺ . Thank you for coming on Labelle Books, and hey, feel free to mess up the blog anytime you like *winks* it's been a pleasure to have you as a guest.


Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Wow.. So much to say and you've said it all. Reading all genres makes you a wonderful writer! I've read several of your books and enjoyed every one of them! I'll probably end up rereading all of them too. lol Wonderful guest post and blurb! Thank you!


  2. Thanks so much LaQ -- and thanks for stopping by.


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