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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Courageous Dare - Another Amazing Lacie Nation Read

I've always been a sucker for a good emotional love story, and I was honored to have the opportunity to read Courageous Dare by Lacie Nation since I enjoyed some of her previous work so much. With that being said I have to say the oppinions in this review are strictly my own. I was given this book to review honestly and although I loved it, in no way did I promise it would be a good one.

Baylee Crawford thought she had her whole life figured out, right up until she accepts a scandalous little dare involving a mysterious man that makes her throw caution to the wind. When she falls completely in love with her mystery man, how will she cope when she has to say goodbye to him as he leaves for war?
When a tragedy threatens to tear her world apart, Baylee is left feel lost and has no idea how to help her family in the midst of this loss. Follow Baylee and Nash through a tale of love, passion, longing, war, and tragedy.


The story begins between siblings as Baylee Crawford welcomes home her big brother, and twin, Ethan while he's on leave from Afghanistan. To celebrate they throw a big halloween bash were Baylee meets some of his sexy soldier friends, inlcuding the sinfully gorgeous Nash Jensen. There are instant sparks, and when an innocent turned adventerous game of "truth or dare" starts, Baylee finds the courage to make her move on him.

They have seven weeks of bliss together with a ton of surprises along the way, but that changes once Nash and then Ethan have to return to duty leaving Baylee and her family in constant worry until their safe return.

Tragedy strikes just when things begin to perk up again, and Baylee and her family are not sure how to pick up the pieces. Is it Nash, her brother Ethan, or both? Find out for yourself and follow Baylee, and family on their journey of friendship, love, grief, and strength as this amazingly emotional love story tugs at your heart strings.

Ms. Nation is fabulous when it comes to instantly hooking a reader from the very beginning, and knows how to draw out the right amount of emotion along the way. I'm not sure I've cried this much over a book in my life, but it was well worth the read. This book begins as a fairytale, with tragedy along the way, and has a bittersweet HEA in the end.

So I encourage you to again check out Ms. Nations books and get your copy today. You won't be disappointed. Just be sure to have a box of kleenex handy. You're going to need it.





Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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