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Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration and a Great Deal with Kiki Howell

What Inspires You?

No matter what we are doing, no matter what our passion, most of us I assume have things that inspire us. I find inspiration in all kinds of places for my stories.

For example, I have written one story based on a real life situation I heard that I just couldn’t shake, if you know what I mean. A woman I knew was being abused mentally by her husband and being forced into sexual situations she didn’t want to be part of. At the time, I read a spell called Cutting the Cords, a ritual where energy ties are cut after a bad relationship ends, and got the idea for my novella Rituals. I probably wrote it not only to process the information for one, but also to give the story a fictional happy ending.

I’ve written a story inspired by work – I’m a certified Feng Shui Practitioner. It was called Love & Marriage Cures and appeared in the eXcessica Happy Ending Anthology. In this one a marriage is in trouble and a girlfriend who practices Feng Shui comes in to evaluate her house. There are problems in the Love & Marriage Bagua which are addressed. This of course leads to unexpected changes. Would you believe this story was also based on my Feng Shuing the house from the abuse story above? It really got to me!

But, probably my best story of inspiration came after watching the movie based on the musical, Mama Mia where they took ABBA songs and mixed them all into a musical. Well, having a musical hubby, a singer/songwriter, I took the songs from his latest CD and arranged them so that they drove the plot of a novella I called The Sorcerer’s Songs. My husband said after reading the story that it was sort of surreal to have the character in the story write and sing his songs as if they were written for the sorcerer’s life because they all fit that fictional life so perfectly.

The story was a lot of fun to write, and a great writing exercise! I think I was so inspired by his music that the story practically wrote itself. The Senior Editor who accepted the story wrote these wonderful words about it... "I also want to note that you write about magick with a heart and understanding that's pretty rare. There's a ritual feel to the music performance in your story." Click Here to listen to the first song that inspired the story called "The Road" Really the whole premise starts from this song.

Now, a little info on the story. Just know this is one of my sweeter romances, so if you are looking for erotic, you might be disappointed in this one. Also, right now, there is a Special Sale at my Etsy Store, several copies of The Sorcerer’s Song and Weathervanes CD at a special price through me.

If I knew then, what I know now
I’d like to think I’d choose a different way to go
But, my mistakes have paved the way
Down this dark and lonely, dead-end road

Poised on a stool in a corner of yet another bar, in front of a crowd of maybe fifty, the harmonies he played reached out to those around him. The rhythms in his head stirred his heart. For a man of magic, a sorcerer with powers he had never asked for, his musical talents were sung spells. They were his weapon of defense against loneliness, bringing people to him like a siren’s song. Yet, for the most part, he let his music haunt the deeper needs of those who listened—letting musical phrasings stir wants unnamed or purposely forgotten. Although he felt but a living and breathing jukebox, these strangers who came to see him play were the only lives he could touch. He reached out to them with his songs.

That is until one night one of Adam’s songs lures him back toward his hometown, and he calls out for Stacey, the one he was forced to leave behind all those years ago. Only this time she wants answers as to why he left, and maybe a bit of revenge for the heart he destroyed.

Here is a link to the youtube book trailer video for this story if you would like to hear a few bits of the songs that inspired it:

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Kiki Howell
~where love is a mystical thing~

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


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