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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome Michele Hope. There's a contest too!

Well I'm pleased to introduce you all to a wonderful author, Michele Hope. Michele is on the hot seat today as she introduces us to her latest release Service Rendered, and allows us to get to know her a little bit as she answers our interview questions. Michele has also generously offered to give away one pdf copy of Service Rendered to one lucky commenter.

To enter:

-Follow the blog and leave a comment with your email address. That's it!

Welcome Michele,

How long have you been an author?

Michele: Like most people, I've heard it said you're not really an author until you become published. So I officially propelled myself into this fuzzy world (where everybody is a writer) back in May with the release of "Robusto" from Summerhouse Publishing. Since then, matters have rolled along pleasantly enough with two more releases, one in the pipeline and a bunch on the drawing table. No wait, that's my husband, the renown illustrator. I have ideas rolling around in my little pea brain and sooner or later I'll commit them to paper? A word doc? Or just memory, depending on if the bass are hitting. Beats banging away on some old Smith & Corona typewriter like Hemingway and all the other greats did.

Well great you are *smiles* congratulations on all your success and we'll definitely be looking forward to future releases. What is your favourite genre?

Michele: I DON'T KNOW! Kinda' like I don't really have a favourite color or food. I like the romance and erotica because my hunky husband writes with me. Or schemes with me or develops story lines with me or just plainly supports me. I've mentioned this before, but we wrote a full length, true romance novel not long ago and a friend who knows more about the genre suggested we write some erotic shorts, submit to the various presses and see if we could get a few published before sending off inquiry letters. Now and happily so, that's happened. I think we may be ready to truly finalize our novel and see what happens. *shrugs* Who knows?

I think it's awesome that you work so closely with your husband, and I'll look forward to the updates about when your novel will be published. What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?

Michele: That I'm a pretty good speller? I avoid over analyzing most things but realized that for me, writing is like having a good conversation. I can see and hear my characters, be in their hearts and psyche. I suspect most of us are slightly voyeuristic and it's been fun being a blue-bottle fly on the wall while these characters play out moments and scenes. Ask that Benjamin Russell boy about blue bottle flies. I sent him one!

That's awesome! Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?

Michele: Why yes, I can. *hums contentedly* Oh, you're waiting! Sorry Jennifer. I forget myself occasionally. My husband, partner in life, love, crime and all matters and I, *whew, deep breath* live on our farm in Louisiana. This is undoubtedly the most mystical, magical place I've ever known. It's primordial, ancient and alluvial. He brought me here some years ago and has taught me (patient southern boy) so much. He has taken me to remarkable places, I have met real life characters from olden novels. Sometimes he points out certain things to step around. Voodoo and alligators are two of those things. Our latest book is nearly ready to send off and though there are no alligators, there are witches! There's one that lives down our sleepy bayou, although I only ever glimpsed her once. I prolly' oughta mention there's a LOT of sex too! This story ain't for the timid!

Where you live sounds beautiful, definitely interesting, and who doesn't love a scorching read *smiles* or at least I do. You've read some of my stuff. *snickers* If you had a warning label, what would it say?

Michele: Patience please; I'm as slow as this lazy land all around me!

lol, If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?

Michele: In the few books we've had published to date, our protagonists have remained the same. We have allowed them to play in various and fun settings, plying their charm and command over other sometimes willing, sometimes unsuspecting characters. Everybody gets lucky! My leading lady is prone to introspection and danger in the latest books. I like both. I'd love to have for café au lait and beignets one morning here at the farm. Or maybe have my extreme guide husband take us up the bayou to explore. I'm betting a shopping adventure with her would, how should I say, daringly fun!

Cool, If you could choose to time travel, would you go backward or forward, and why?

Michele: Oh most assuredly back to the time hoop skirts and grande balls! Around me everyday are the treasures of all this history, romance and culture. I love to stroll on the galleries of these magnificent ante bellum homes with a Pimms Cup in hand. I'm a lucky girl, I have done just that with my Southern boy on my arm.

Okay last question, I promise. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?

Michele: Jennifer! Now you just stop that.

Ha ha ha, fine. There'll be no naughtiness today then. For those of you who would like to learn more about Michele Hope and her work you can friend her on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100002210387209

I'd like to thank Michele for stopping by. Please enjoy this excerpt she provided and don't forget to buy your copy of Service Rendered today!

A handsome, charming and slightly dangerous couple depart their Creole plantation home for an evening of elegant partying, Old South style. Our prettiest of Southern belles has given thoughtful consideration, not only to her ensemble, but to the many possibilities the evening may hold. She loves to be entertained! After arriving at the grand antebellum home for a charity ball, their evening progresses in friendly and warm hospitality. Bourbon flows and the jazz plays on. The night heats up, an unexpected flirtatious encounter with an equally beautiful woman sends the lovely young chatelaine in search of her handsome and commanding husband. She finds him at the bar, suggesting playtime. Their moment leads to seduction and a beautifully appointed guest room. Further charity plays out in the mirror of an antique vanity . . . with a young bartender, unwitting tourist to it all.


As I walked from our bedroom toward my waiting bath, it was you who was waiting, sly assassin that you are. Without a word, you spun me around to face the wall, my appeal extinguished by your cupped hand, the towel falling to the floor in silent witness. Your restraint lessened as I knew resistance would be futile then I felt your finger tips caressing my arms, outlining my shoulders, tracing down the center of my back. Closing my eyes, I could sense your breathing, still in control yet beginning to rise in concert with my diminishing will. You chose this seduction and I became your compliant and ready victim, needy of your resolve. The delicate nape on my neck rose in electric response and I could smell you in the ionic air. The scent of power. I knew what to do.
Without prompt, I extended my arms to the wall, pushing back against your power. Full of grace, I bent at the waist, offering the barest of resistance. Then the slap to my bare bottom. "Yes!" The sharp crack of palm on flesh reverberated down the short hallway, ricocheting off the bathroom's cool tiles. The report came back to me at light speed. "Spank me one more time," my hushed plea. "and then I will surrender." I stood on tip-toes, arching my smarting buttocks high for your access. Another smack to the same cheek. I welcomed it. My legs spread, my toes struggled to gain purchase on the hardwood floor. I felt your hand massage the sting with gentle caress then handle my breast coarsely, my nipples stiff and aching. Compelling me more, you prepared me with a single finger. I adored letting it all be about you. Because I am in your sphere, I'm pulled ever closer and closer, only to be set free. Oh God! Yes . . .
You had your way with me and never ever selfish, you allowed for my pleasure before your own. That nobility is your manner and with a kiss to the back of my neck and sweet reminder, " How I love you," you disappeared with the same stealth as your assault. Like the dove, I was released.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Hello Michele and Jennifer! I have watched Michele grow in her writing, set aside her fears of marketing and become a remarkable brand. Good luck and may your book sales soar! I tweeted this interview to our followers. Hope you have many new fans come by and visit! :) ~Brenda bestloverintown at gmail dot com Pssst, yes, I want a chance to win Service Rendered! LOL

  2. Consider yourself entered :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. yaya can i enter to win :D hehe you two are so funny :D hmmmm maybe i should be saying something else but hey :D i love silly girls like me :)

  4. lovely and interesting interview, we all would like to know the last question. hee hee ! gret questions and great comments ! i still am waiting to get services rendered for christmas !

  5. Great interview, and best wishes on that novel!

  6. I love how you and your husband collaborate on projects together -- that's so wonderful!


  7. Congratulations, Brenda and Steve. You're our WINNER for today!
    Thank you to all who participated.

  8. Ah Michele, you are such a naughty vixen. If I keep following around behind you from Blog to Blog - your husband might get the wrong impression. Of course Jezebel, the shape-shifting bottle-fly you gifted me with, probably wouldn't like it either. BTW; Jezebel is starting to grow on me. As always, another delightful interview. Ms. Labelle, I love your Blog - I have just become a follower.

  9. Great interview! So cool that not only do you have the support of your hubby but you write together! All the best :)

  10. I am just the opposite- I race through everything, slow is not in my vocabulary- sigh

    Great interview


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