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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A GIVEAWAY and guest blog with Brenda Woody & Steve Tindle

I've given the blog to Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle for the day. I hope you all will give them a warm welcome. They've written an awesome post and have generously offered up a giveaway to one lucky commenter.

Welcome Brenda and Steve, the blog is all yours...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for featuring us on your blog and introducing us to your followers. First we’d like to tell the readers how we began writing together and a little bit about our books. BTW, there’ll be a drawing for one lucky commenter. See details below!

Steve Tindle and Brenda Woody were high school friends in Georgia who reconnected, on a social network, after 30 years of leading separate lives. During their re-acquaintance, they found their past and interests were similar; they had written poems, songs, and both had the desire to be published. Their combined experiences and fantasies inspired their first erotic novel Best Lover in Town, published June 2010 by Charles River Press. The rights for BLT were reverted to Brenda and Steve July 2011. Best Lover in Town was reedited and released with a new cover.

Janet Anderson is searching for sexual magic in the man who can match her in the bed. Janet suspects all this and more lies within her handsome boss, Nathan Lovett. During a work-related visit to Janet’s home, Nathan and Janet give in to an attraction beyond their control, and soon find themselves immersed in a pleasurable night of uninhibited sex and heated passion. To their dismay, their luscious interlude is interrupted, and Nathan must leave on a plane to a far away place; their whirlwind coupling on hold.

Three years pass, and with Nathan gone, Janet’s co-worker and best friend, Madison, urges Janet to end her mourning and explore other possibilities. Janet attends parties and events to fill the void left by Nathan, meeting four other men. Though she experiences new sexual delights and discovers more about herself; her suitors fall flat, and Janet is left longing for the touch of her Nathan. Will the best lover in town return to finish what he started?

Brenda moved to Dallas in 2009 to be closer to Steve, start a new chapter of her life and work on future books. Their second book Temptation Triggers, an anthology of seven erotic short stories, was released June 2011.

Temptation Triggers captures the wickedness of sexual fantasy, the mystery of unexplored territory and the fulfillment of open communication. Among these thought-provoking stories, two friends find themselves drawn into a dark erotic world, a woman encounters a mysterious man and a mature couple discovers hush-hush desires about each other. With different styles of writing, Temptation Triggers reveals erotica that is passionate and spellbinding.

Their latest release Triangle of Secrets, Book One, a ménage M/M/F story, was published October 2, 2011.

Triangle of Secrets, Book One, is the story of three ordinary people trying to make their way in the corporate world and keeping their personal lives out of it. Morgan, the Vice President of a prestigious company, dates her best friend and co-worker, Derek, to hide her secret affair with Scott, the much younger mail clerk. Derek appears with Morgan socially to hide the fact he is gay. He is afraid his lifestyle will hinder promotions. Scott wants out of the mailroom and will do anything his lover asks of him. What happens when Derek and Scott meet at Morgan’s house to fulfill her wildest fantasy? Will the triangle break or will it be completed?
Black & White Affair,
submitted in a holiday contest 2010 and received 3rd place, was expanded and is available as a short read.

Works in progress include Rainie’s Lake and Scarlett’s Cowboy to be released 2011, and future installments of ménage relationships for Triangle of Secrets.

As you can see we’ve been busy since we met up again. Our stories are penned with the perspective of both male and female point of view regarding sexual desires and pleasures. We both write the POV for male and female, and have been told by readers they can’t tell who wrote what. We compliment each other is this area. This is why it’s awesome writing as a team. We’re both open-minded and not worried at all about asking each other questions. And fans have told us how we met again is the start of a romantic story and we should write a book. Who knows maybe we will. *both of us smiles*

Jennifer, Thank you again for allowing us to visit! Readers, there’ll be a drawing. All you have to do is follow us on our blog either with Google or Networks, then come back here and leave a comment with your name you followed under and your email address. That’s it! The lucky winner will receive a copy of Triangle of Secrets, Bk 1 (ebook format their choice from Smashwords). Leave a comment today by 11 PM PST. We’ll draw our winner on Dec. 2.

Wow, not only do your books sound great, I love that you both found each other after so many years a part. I love a good second chance story with a happy ending. What a great post. Thank you Brenda and Steve for being on the blog and sharing your experience with us.

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Those sounds like some very hot books, also love the covers :) thanks for the opportunity at winning some of your work!
    GFC follower: Eva Perez


  2. woo hoo! love this couple! congrats on all your successes!

  3. Hi Eva and Liz! Thanks for stopping by. Can you believe it's December already! *shaking head* Still so much to do before the end of the year. We authors love stress Huh! LOL Good luck in drawing.
    Jennifer, I'm adding your site link to ours. I've already added it to Naughty Readers ~Brenda

  4. Please enter me in this contest. Thank you.

  5. Please remember you must follow our blog and then come back and leave a comment with the your name you followed under and your email address. Just a few hours left until comments close! ~Brenda Again thank you all for stopping by!

  6. This writing duo only keep getting better with each book they create! Good things happen to those who help others the way you two do! May your sales touch the stars, guys! Love you!

  7. These sounds like hot, awesome books! I cant wait to read more! Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  8. Hi Shadow, thanks for stopping by!Glad you enjoyed the blog post.
    Thanks for showing us some Love Deanna!
    The drawing will take place soon. ~Brenda

  9. We drew through and congratulations Shadow! You won a copy of TOS, Bk 1. I'll email you with a coupon for Smashwords. Have a great weekend everyone!
    Jennifer thanks again for featuring us on your blog.

  10. I hope I'm still in time for the contest but if not that's okay also. I loved the excerpt. After 18 years I wish I would be able to find my first love on facebook and reunite with him.

    I loved that man with all my heart and even after all these years I still love him. I wish you many sales with this book and a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

    Teresa K.

  11. Oh Teresa, yes you were late in commenting. But for commenting with such an heartfelt little story - we hope you find him too - we're emailing you a copy of our short read Black & White Affair in pdf. Enjoy! ~Brenda Happy Holidays to you too!


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