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Monday, October 31, 2011

Not One, But Two GIVEAWAYS Today!

Well it was a time for parties, excitement, dressing up, and for a little trick or treating. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Today I hope you'll help me welcome Sable Hunter to Labelle Books. Sable is on the hot seat with a few questions to help us get to know her, and she's generously offered not one but two giveaways, her two newest releases with Secret Cravings Publishing:


Trouble comes calling on Kyler Landon. He falls hard and fast for his beautiful, mysterious neighbor after she saves him from a rattlesnake attack. The sexual tension mounts between them with each sensual encounter, but he soon realizes that Cooper has been hurt and is leery of men. So he sets out to teach her that a real man can be gentle, loving, and sexy as hell.

Trouble seems to follow Cooper, and Ky makes it his mission to protect her from her past. Kyler would move heaven and earth to keep her in his bed and in his life.



Arabella Landry is a witch on a mission. She is desperately seeking for the incredible lover that has been setting her dreams on fire. With the help of the powerful women in her family, she finds him. Unfortunately, he is completely paralyzed from a devastating rock-climbing accident.

Jade Landale, a conservative Texas Congressman falls head over heels for the beautiful woman that refuses to give up on him. Soon, his world turns topsy turvy as he finds himself embroiled in a world of magic, murder and the hottest, sweetest love-making imaginable.

To enter:
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The winner will be announced on Nov. 3

Welcome Sable,
How long have you been an author?

Sable: I have been writing for about three years and I self published my first novel in August of 2010. Since then, I have complete ten novels and sold five of those to Secret Cravings Publishing. I still self publish and enjoy every minute of the whole experience.

Congratulations on your success. I've read some of your stuff, and look forward to your upcoming releases. What is your favourite genre?

Sable: My favourite genre is erotic romance - by far. I love a love story, and when I was younger - and early in my writing process - I used to get frustrated that I didn't know the 'whole' story. It was exasperating to stand at the bedroom door and try to eavesdrop on what was going on. So - when I discovered erotic romance - I was hooked. My first read was Leslie Kelly's Slow Hands - and I was amazed at the sensuality. It was incredibly arousing and satisfying in every way - a wonderful plot, endearing characters and the hottest sex I had ever read. So, when I decided to write - I walked up to that bedroom door - knocked - was admitted and they let me sit down and voyeur to my heart's content. As far as I am concerned - any other genre is just - lacking.

*Grins* What is the biggest surprise you've discovered about the writing process?

Sable: The biggest surprise that I have discovered is that writing is not all there is to the process. The marketing and selling of the book is a huge responsibility. I have contact with writers who don't promote - and most don't sell. That's just the way it is - of course, once you begin to establish that reader base - it is incredible. I get about 5 letters a day on average from readers - most just wanting to know when that next book is coming out. And they get possessive about the series and about the characters and tell you who they want featured in their next book. I've learned to name my secondary characters 'hero' names cause now I'm stuck with one about Noah and when I made up his name, I had no idea he would end up the 'star' and here I was thinking Noah was a guy with a beard and a big boat and now he's got to be yummy and have big 'stuff', but not necessarily a boat. It will be fun.

That's awesome, can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?

Sable: Yes, I am writing the fourth in my Hell Yeah! Series. This one will be 'Badass', he is the fourth McCoy Brother - the wild child. His family are cowboys and run a ranch - but he rides a motorcycle and owns a bar. In this last book, it was discovered that isn't all he does - he is a Dom - which explains all that leather. His love interest will be Avery - the local Baptist preacher's daughter who has loved him for years, but he has pushed her away because he thinks he's not good enough for her. The last time we saw Avery she was calling a brothel in Nevada - seeking a little on the job training. Now - that's going to be a roller-coaster ride - I'm looking forward to it myself.

That sounds like a hot read! I'll be looking forward to that one. Now for a couple of fun questions. If you had a warning label, what would it say?

Sable: My warning label would say - “Beware - Hot Contents - May Cause Swelling”

LOL, you're precious. If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?

Sable: Good Lord! I fall in love with my characters - especially my heroes. My beta wrote me the other day - she is a college student and told me that I had ruined romance for her. She said she will never find a man as perfect and possessive as one of guys - and she's right. I would love to have Kyler Landon in my bedroom for one night. I would love on that boy until the cows came home. He is the sweetest, sexiest, raunchiest rascal that ever came out of my dirty mind - except for his brother or the McCoys or - - oh well, they're all good.

I think most of us can relate. Gotta love those fantasy character's that we bring to life, huh?

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Sable: Oh my goodness! I've ordered sex toys for research - and used them. I went to the western store the other day to find a quirt - just so I would know what it felt like (you know to hold- yeah right). I found some on the wall where they had the tack stored and I was standing there in a pair of tight pink jeans, a pink camisole - sandals and my hair up in a pony tail with a pink bow. I looked like cotton candy. And I took that quirt and popped myself on the butt. I squealed and jumped and giggled and popped myself again. That's when I heard this male guffaw and clearing of the throat behind me - - - - - I was caught! And he was cute. And I'll leave the rest of it to your imagination.

My imagination is running wild now, ha ha ha. That would be an awesome scene in one of your books too! Thanks for sharing *weg*

If you could choose to time travel, would you go backward or forward, and why?

Sable: I would go backward to western times. I like the whole western theme. Some of my favourite books are Sarah McCarty's and I would love to meet up with some of the alphas that she writes about. I don't like futuristic novels - futuristic sex - robots, spacecraft - all of that leaves me cold.
I'd like to thank you Sable for the entertaining interview. You're a remarkable woman, definitely one of a kind, and a very talented author. For those of you who would like to learn more about Sable and her books she can be reached through her email , her website , and through Twitter @huntersable. She welcomes any and all communication, and answers every email or website comment.

Sable leaves us with one last treat. So please enjoy the excerpt of A Wishing Moon below:

A strong wind began to blow and the cry of a hawk floated on the air current. The brisk breeze picked her hip length, dark hair up and caused the black curtain to whip around her face. She looked around to try and recognize where she was standing. A sense of familiarity dawned on her. She recognized this hill, a dome actually. Arabella stood on the top of a pink granite mountain near her home called Enchanted Rock. She'd not been there in years, but when she attended high school this had been a favorite place to hike and picnic.

A noise startled her, and just as she started to turn, warm hands slid around her waist from the back. They slipped underneath the silk nightie and moved over her breasts, cupping them gently. Recognition flooded her body as did a total welcoming.

“Hello, beautiful. I'm so glad you came.” Still holding her securely, he eased her back against him. His hands began a slow dance over her swollen, sensitive breasts. Her nipples hardened and became diamond points of sensitivity. His fingers circled, massaged, lifted and teased the grateful mounds of flesh. Weakness flooded her lower regions and she felt as if his hands on her body were the only thing tethering her to the earth.

She raised her arms over her head and found his face, moving her fingers over his features as if memorizing them by touch. She tried to shift in his arms so they were face to face, but he kept her anchored where she stood. He continued to make love to her breasts with his hands, a steady circling, rubbing rhythm that ended every few moments at the end of her nipples, slowly distending them before beginning the sensual ritual all over again.

“That feels so good,” she panted. Her world condensed, until the manipulation of her breasts and nipples became the focus of her universe. An intense heat began building and adding to her torment, his lips and tongue began kissing the curve of her throat and shoulders. A tightening began in her vagina and even though he never touched her there, her slit began to dew in delightful anticipation. Never before had she known so much joy could be gained from touch alone. When the shivers began, his hands finally moved lower and slid beneath her silken panties to find the hot waiting folds, which vibrated ecstatically to his lightest touch. Her hips jerked uncontrollably as she rode his hand, tiny mewls of passion escaping from her lips.

Flushed with release, Arabella relaxed completely into his big, hard body. With a slight pressure, he turned her around and captured her lips with his. As she touched his waist, attempting to gain access to his manhood, his hands grasped hers intertwining their fingers.

“Not enough time,” he whispered. A vacuum of pressure seemed to pull him backward. “Find me.” These final words were spoken as the wind picked up once more and the night enclosed them in nothingness.

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Best Wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. My goodness Sable you have a way with words. LOVE the exerpt, I would love to win copies cause you sound like an amazing writer and a really cool person too. man I wish I could write as much as you!

    p.s. Buying sex toys for research always awesome!

  2. thank you - its so nice to meet you - I hope to talk to you again

  3. Great interview! Your books sound awesome! Please enter me in your contest, I'd love to win one.

  4. Fantastic Interview! Both books look amazing... they're definitely going on my to-read list!

    And just in case you need someone to win... :)

  5. I loved the excerpt and what a great, fun interview :) I know I'd love to be with one of the heroes we write about! As I always say: Keep dreaming, keep believing... Dreams can come true!

    The book sounds great, so I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

  6. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I'll announce the winner on Nov. 3 Good luck!

  7. Loved the excerpt and interview - I'd love to be entered into the competition :)

    lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk

  8. I should have said "Winners". I'll announce both winner's on Nov. 3 So Who wants Trouble and Who would like Wishing Moon. Think about it :)

  9. I would love to win either. The tack store incident was great. I will be adding these to my TBR wishlist.

  10. Thanks all of you guys - I appreciate all of your kind words. I give away books every month in my newsletter contest. Email me at and I'll send you one there two - I'm giving away jewelry, candles and several books.

  11. Great excerpt! I'm adding
    wishing Moon to my TBR list. I'm also going to head over to your website and sign up for your newsletter!
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  12. This is the first I have seen/heard of WISHING MOON but it is now on my wishlist! And I love the story about the quirt. I would have died on the spot (very shy).
    June M.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  13. I bought the quirt - it was a good investment and made a new friend to boot - Thanks June and MJ

  14. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing with us today. I have not had the pleasure of reading Sable's work and would love to. I am always interested in finding new (to me) authors and books to hoot about.


  15. Thanks for the great interview! It's awesome reading about how you create your characters and your research *g* Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway.



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