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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Teena Adams, And A GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm delighted to introduce Kellie Kamryn's heroine Teena Adams on the blog. Teena is a very imaginative gymnast in Kellie's new release Going For Gold, and while Teena is here on Labelle Books, Noel Lewis from my Leather and Pleasure series has taken over Kellie Kamryn's blog for an interview and a giveaway. Stay tuned for contest details below, and check out this link to meet Naughty Noel.

Welcome Teena,

What made you become a gymnast?

Teena: Well, I loved gymnastics as a little girl, but when I injured myself, I decided to go into cheerleading instead. I was able to keep up with a lot of my skills this way.

Well it's great to hear that you found an alternative that made you happy. How long have you worked for Jason?
Teena: Jason hired me to work for him five months ago, during summer camps. I was thrilled to be put in charge of the cheerleading program! He and his wife are great to work for, always so encouraging and supportive. We've got a great gym atmosphere - very positive place to work. And it doesn't hurt that I've got some great eyecandy to look at! *wink*

You sure do. Speaking of eye candy, what made you finally decide to openly flirt with your long time crush, Grant, at the office Christmas party?
Teena: *fans self* Well, he just looked so good in dress clothes! I see him all the time in t-shirts and track pants and believe me - he can fill out a T! But that night, I just wanted to peel away all the layers and see the ripped bod underneath *weg*

Are you glad you did?

Teena: Oh definitely! I believe a woman should at least take a chance on what she wants. If it doesn't work out at least you won't live with regret, ya know? It could have been a little awkward if he'd said no, but thankfully he's had feelings for me all this time too, so we decided to “go for gold”! LOL

You certainly did, and it was hot! So I'm dying to know was his apartment as fun as the gym at work?

Teena: *wiggles eyebrows* haha *blushes* Well, let's say I don't think there was one space we didn't christen and leave it at that. And two people with flexibility? One word - AWESOME!

I bet. The two of you are amazing together, can you tell us how long you've been dating now, and can you let my curious readers know if it's become serious?

Teena: It's going on six months now, and we're so comfortable together. It's like we should've been doing this all along. In the gym we remain professional, and we have our own responsibilities so we don't actually work together. We have our own space, but when the night is done - then we get personal!
Thanks for having me on the blog today and letting me spread the joy of my love for Grant!

It was our pleasure. For those of you who would like to learn more about Teena and Grant you can purchase "Going For Gold" at:

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In the meantime, enjoy this awesome excerpt that Kellie Kamryn has provided us with, and when you're done get your copy from the links above. Oh, and better yet it's CONTEST TIME:

Kellie has generously offered to give away one free pdf copy to one lucky commenter. So let's show her some love with comments, and don't forget to leave your email address for your chance to win.


It was an office Christmas party filled with sexual tension. Gymnastics coach Grant Howard couldn't keep his eyes off the newly-hired cheerleader coach. And sultry Teena Adams felt the same way about him. The “rah-rah-rahs” she felt were cheers of unbridled lust. From punch and cookies to sexual escapades on gym apparatus, you'll never look at Christmas parties or a trampoline the same way again. It's winner-take-all, when lovers are Going for Gold.

Teena's heart pounded against her breastbone as she led Grant into the darkened gym. The light from the waiting area filtered through, outlining all the equipment. Now that she had his attention, could she keep it? It wasn't normally like her to be so bold. But what the hell? Take a chance, right?
A flush stole over her body as she wondered if she could follow through with living out her fantasy. So many nights, she'd lain awake in bed after coming home from the gym, fingering her pussy, wishing his tongue could take the place of her fingers.
Her clit throbbed just by being in contact with him now. And he's only holding my hand! She headed to the trampoline, and then let go of his hand as she hopped up on the apparatus. As she began a series of slow bounces, she said, “Let's see who can double bounce the other first.”
He chuckled and the low, throaty sound sent desire skittering throughout her system. “Sounds good.” He launched himself up onto the trampoline.
Teena bounced higher, keeping her eyes on his. At first they bounced in tandem, but then with their difference in weight and height, they quickly fell out of rhythm. The goal was to jump as close to the other as possible until one “double-bounced” the other, causing them to fall.
Grant showed no mercy, obviously in the game to win. He jumped so close to her, it bounced her back and she tumbled onto her back with a shriek. Before she could scramble into a sitting position, he'd pounced on top of her, pinning her down onto the bed of the trampoline.
Her eyes widened as she took in the lusty gleam in his eyes. His hard cock pressed into her pelvis, his desire unmistakable. She swallowed hard, not fighting to get away.
“So...” Words failed her at the moment.
He ground his cock into her mound. “So.”
Heat washed over her like a wave. She flexed her fingers, and wiggled her body so her breasts moved against his chest.
His nostrils flared, and his eyes narrowed. She ran her tongue over her upper lip, and he closed his eyes, a tortured expression on his face. “I can't take it anymore.”
“Can't take what?” she whispered.
His eyes fixed on hers again. “How much you turn me on.” He rubbed his dick against her again. “Feel this? This is a constant state around you.”
She blinked. “Really?”
“Fuckin' right. Since the day you walked in the bloody door.”
Her heart leapt that she'd had that kind of effect on him. At least she hadn't been alone in her lust. “Grant?”
“Kiss me already.”

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~


    Here's the direct link to Jennifer's character interview as there is the blog hope and other things going on this week-end on my blog! but stop by because Jennifer is giving away a copy of Naughty Noel!

    Thanks for having me here Jennifer!

  2. Hot excerpt! Best wishes with your book, Kellie

  3. You're welcome Kellie :) It's been fun!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Kiru Taye. It's always a pleasure :) Good luck!

  5. Good luck with the book Kellie. If the excerpt is a taste of how good it is it should do very well :D

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  6. Tina's a smart chick to keep the relationship apart at work. So lucky they work in different departments. That hot romance at 'the office' can get a little awkard.

    Kellie and Jennifer--great interview. Good Luck Kellie

  7. It can also get a little awkward :)

  8. And the winner is - Kiru Taye! I'll be emailing you shortly. congrats :)


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