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Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Interview with Author Avril Ashton

Welcome Avril!

Today Avril is on the hot spot as she answers our interview questions and talks about her new paranormal romance "Till Abandon" which releases on October 17.


They call her ‘The woman in white,’ whisper ‘Death-Bringer’ with their last breath, but no one knows exactly what she is. Not even Voltaire herself. The deadly magic within her is a living thing, able to crush anyone and everything with a blink. Abandoning the blood-soaked world she’s used to, Voltaire seeks out the one constant in her tired life—the green-eyed wolf in her dreams. She’s ignored the wolf’s call for years, afraid to surrender, but danger haunts her mate. He needs her.
Wolf-shifter Blake Montez is in the middle of a war, battling the usurpers intent on taking over his territory. Unfamiliar magic hums in the air, unnoticed—it seems—by everyone but him. He finds the source already under his nose, in his home. The delicate woman in white knows things no one should know, and the heat simmering between them is unlike anything he’s ever felt. His wolf recognizes her as his mate, though Blake remains unsure he can trust her.
Voltaire sets out to prove herself with time running out, enemies are on the prowl, some foreseen, others remain cloaked in shadow. She and Blake team up, fighting side by side, but in the end Voltaire might be the biggest threat to their love.

Buy link: Total-E-Bound:

Interesting, paranormal romances are one of my favorite genres can you tell us what your favorite is?
Avril: Erotic Romance in all in its sub genres.

Awesome, and how long have you been an author?
Avril: I’ve been writing seriously for three years. Before that I was just a reader with an itch…not that kind LOL

What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Avril: That it has very little to do with actual writing. Surprised the hell outta me.

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Avril: Which one? LOL I am currently working on three Works in Progress. The one closest to completion is Jayce and Wes’ story from Make Me Sweat. Their title is still being debated but I’m loving the dynamic between two headstrong men who refuse to give up or give in without a fight. A whole lot of surprises are in store for those waiting patiently…surprises and hot sex.

Sex and surprises, huh? I'll have to keep an eye out for that one. ;) *Rubs hands together* now for a couple of fun ones;

If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Avril: Depends on the time of day, but the usual consensus would be ‘That B*tch crazy!”

LOL, and if you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Avril: It’d have to be Sasha from A Wicked Ride. The instant she came into view I’d hold up my hands in surrender, then we’d talk shoes.

I enjoyed reading A Wicked Ride, and thought Sasha was pretty awesome too. I want to thank Avril for joining us today on Labelle Books, for those of you who would like to learn more about Avril and her work here are her links:

Avrils website:
She's on Facebook at and you can follow her on Twitter: @AvrilAsh

And, as a parting Avril has decided to tease us with an awesome excerpt below;

Till Abandon excerpt Rated R for language,

“Will you fucking die already?” Voltaire pressed the right heel of her gold Zanotti’s into the bullet hole in the man’s neck. The idiot keeping her from her date struggled—a futile effort, if she did say so herself. His cobalt-blue eyes stared up at her from his position on the floor, pleading for mercy while his body twitched. Wet sounds gurgled in his throat, then he coughed. Dark red blood flew everywhere, dotting the back of her heel and running like a red stream down the corner of his mouth. Pink tears leaked from his eyes.
“Damn it, now look what you’ve done.” She lifted her foot off his throat to inspect the damage to her shoe. “I bought these today, specially for this occasion, and you go and fuck them up.”
Men. Can’t train them, or horsewhip them in the middle of the street. What the hell is there left to do? Kill ‘em.
She knelt beside the man, who was getting bluer by the minute, and shook her head. “You know, that colour does great things for your skin tone.” She grabbed the sleeve of his white shirt and wiped off her heel. Blood pooled under him, sinking into the plush, grey carpet. She glanced up at the digital clock on his desk. He had some fabulous things in this office—she’d take a tour of the house if she wasn’t so damned strapped for time.
Hah, strapped.
A dull buzzing started on the left side of her skull, annoying as a mosquito.
“Will you stop already with the fucking mind control? You’ve been trying it all night, and has it worked?” She lifted an eyebrow and projected her thoughts to him. Obviously not. You pissed off the Council and they’ve marked you for extinction. She bared her teeth. “Unfortunately for you, they gave you to me as a going away gift.”
Tugging the bowie knife from her ankle strap, she slashed his throat with a flick of her wrist.
“That’s for taking up so much of my goddamn time.”
She fished the disposable cell phone from the back pocket of her jeans and pulled off her black gloves with her teeth. Hitting the redial button, she straightened and stepped delicately over the body on her way to the door.
“It’s done.”
Voltaire paused at the threshold and took one last look over her shoulder to admire her handiwork. Damn, sometimes she astonished even herself. The married father of four hadn’t batted an eye when she’d sent him a drink at the bar then offered herself to him for the night. She gave him bonus points for not taking her to his marital home. Apparently Mr Moneybags kept an apartment downtown for his nightly hook-ups.
Fucking men. Is nothing sacred anymore? Sure, she’d been paid a couple of mil to kill him, but still.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Loved the interview! Book sounds wonderful!

  2. LOVE your warning label... great cover too

    Dawne P

  3. Thanks all for the comments and Jennifer for having me over :)


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