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Friday, October 21, 2011

Chasing The Dream, with Author Patricia Logan

I'd like to welcome Patti to the blog today, and I hope you all enjoy getting to know her better through this interview as well as the opportunity to check out this awesome new anothology Patti is promoting.

Welcome Patti!

How long have you been an author?
Patti: I’ve been a writer for 4 and a half years and a published author for just over a year.

Congratulations, can you tell us what's the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Patti: That it’s work. Some days you just don’t want to do it, you aren’t feeling creative or whatever and you have to sit down and do it anyway because you have a deadline and people are counting on you.

What is your favourite genre?
Patti: Male/Male and Male/Male/Male ménage

Hot, hot, hot! :)

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Patti: I actually just finished “The Slave’s Mask” yesterday. It’s a 30K novella contracted by Silver Publishing due out for Valentine’s Day 2012. It is one of three books that will be published under the cover called Masquerade. The other two stories are Lisa Worrall’s “Behind the Mask” and Sue Brown’s “The Layered Mask”. They will be released individually as ebooks and then as a paperback with all three books. The story takes place over the centuries. Sue’s is set in 1811, mine is set in 1863 and Lisa’s is current day. They all revolve around the same Valentine’s Day Ball in London. Mine is a light BDSM and is very fun.

I’m also working on “The Cowboy Queen” which will be the third book in my Westburg, Texas series after “A Very Good Year” which comes out in early 2012. That’s another fun romp with a tough cowboy who rolls his own cigarettes and a drag queen who falls in love with him.

Sounds like an awesome read, I'll have to keep an eye out for it once it releases. Congratulations again. I hear Silver Publishing is a great publisher to work with.

If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Patti: Mine would say “This chick has a very dirty mind and every man she sees she pictures in bed with another man, so watch out guys!”

LOL, now if you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Patti: It would be Trace Martin from “Warrior Nights”. He’s a wounded veteran of Iraq and a hero in my mind. Then I’d ask him to screw Kyle, his lover, in front of me. LOL

*Big smiles* I'd like ot thank Patti for answering these questions. For those of you who'd like to learn more about her and her work she can be contacted through her Facebook page at: , through her blog at: Or, through email:

Meanwhile enjoy the teaser she's left for us:

“Chasing the Dream”

Chasing the dream… something every one of us aspires to. But every dream is different for each individual. Some crave love, fame, or immortality. And for still others, they desire power and riches, and all that comes with it.

In this anthology, share in the vivid imaginations of five bestselling authors who are masters of the genre, each writing steamy, hot passionate stories of men loving men, men sharing their bodies, who hope to attain their own secret desires.

Come along for the sensual journey that awaits you, and get lost in this collection of must-have gay erotica. Let these stories steal you away to another world where hot men share their deepest hopes and fantasies with you, while they’re Chasing the Dream.

Excerpt from “Chasing Deuce” Patti's contribution to the "Chasing The Dream" anthology :

“Hey Colt,” the deep baritone of Slade Devlin’s voice slid up Colt’s back, ending in a shiver as the sound circled his body and gripped his cock. Colt, at six foot one actually had to crane his chin upward another several inches to meet the eyes as black as obsidian. He was sure they were some sort of brown in color but they were so dark and piercing that Colt shivered when the man looked down into his. As tall as Slade was, he was also strikingly built. His muscular body was one of the first things that Colt had noticed about him and had been attracted to. Slade was a master plumber, the best that Austin Plumbers had and his work clothes consisted of navy or black muscle T-shirts and khaki’s or faded blue jeans. No plumber’s crack here, no sir. The man was all man, from the tip of his closely cropped head with the devilish widow’s peak, to the bottom of his steel-toed Wolverine’s.
Colt cleared his throat and deliberately took a sip of the hot coffee he’d just poured as he stood in the break room Monday morning. He looked up at the olive-complected man in front of him. “Morning Slade,” Colt answered smoothly, breathing deep to slow his suddenly rapid heartbeat.
Slade smiled, and began a slow loop around Colt, looking him up and down as if to admire the goods. Colt tried and failed to stop a shiver that coursed through him. When Slade stopped in front of him, he advanced on Colt, causing Colt to stumble backwards nearly slopping his coffee as his butt hit the counter behind. There was nothing he could do but stare up into the dark eyes of the larger man. Colt’s lips opened slightly and he huffed out a breath as Slade leaned forward. He was inches from Colt’s face and he placed both hands on the counter behind Colt, effectively trapping him between thick biceps on either side. The smell that hit Colt’s nostrils was one of pure testosterone covered weakly by a spicy soap, clean and tangy. Colt’s cock thickened painfully and unable to reach down and adjust it, all he could do was stand there as a crooked grin spread across Slade’s face.

Get your copy today:

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


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