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Monday, October 31, 2011

Not One, But Two GIVEAWAYS Today!

Well it was a time for parties, excitement, dressing up, and for a little trick or treating. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Today I hope you'll help me welcome Sable Hunter to Labelle Books. Sable is on the hot seat with a few questions to help us get to know her, and she's generously offered not one but two giveaways, her two newest releases with Secret Cravings Publishing:


Trouble comes calling on Kyler Landon. He falls hard and fast for his beautiful, mysterious neighbor after she saves him from a rattlesnake attack. The sexual tension mounts between them with each sensual encounter, but he soon realizes that Cooper has been hurt and is leery of men. So he sets out to teach her that a real man can be gentle, loving, and sexy as hell.

Trouble seems to follow Cooper, and Ky makes it his mission to protect her from her past. Kyler would move heaven and earth to keep her in his bed and in his life.



Arabella Landry is a witch on a mission. She is desperately seeking for the incredible lover that has been setting her dreams on fire. With the help of the powerful women in her family, she finds him. Unfortunately, he is completely paralyzed from a devastating rock-climbing accident.

Jade Landale, a conservative Texas Congressman falls head over heels for the beautiful woman that refuses to give up on him. Soon, his world turns topsy turvy as he finds himself embroiled in a world of magic, murder and the hottest, sweetest love-making imaginable.

To enter:
*Please be a follower of this blog. Leave a comment for Sable, and leave your email address.
The winner will be announced on Nov. 3

Welcome Sable,
How long have you been an author?

Sable: I have been writing for about three years and I self published my first novel in August of 2010. Since then, I have complete ten novels and sold five of those to Secret Cravings Publishing. I still self publish and enjoy every minute of the whole experience.

Congratulations on your success. I've read some of your stuff, and look forward to your upcoming releases. What is your favourite genre?

Sable: My favourite genre is erotic romance - by far. I love a love story, and when I was younger - and early in my writing process - I used to get frustrated that I didn't know the 'whole' story. It was exasperating to stand at the bedroom door and try to eavesdrop on what was going on. So - when I discovered erotic romance - I was hooked. My first read was Leslie Kelly's Slow Hands - and I was amazed at the sensuality. It was incredibly arousing and satisfying in every way - a wonderful plot, endearing characters and the hottest sex I had ever read. So, when I decided to write - I walked up to that bedroom door - knocked - was admitted and they let me sit down and voyeur to my heart's content. As far as I am concerned - any other genre is just - lacking.

*Grins* What is the biggest surprise you've discovered about the writing process?

Sable: The biggest surprise that I have discovered is that writing is not all there is to the process. The marketing and selling of the book is a huge responsibility. I have contact with writers who don't promote - and most don't sell. That's just the way it is - of course, once you begin to establish that reader base - it is incredible. I get about 5 letters a day on average from readers - most just wanting to know when that next book is coming out. And they get possessive about the series and about the characters and tell you who they want featured in their next book. I've learned to name my secondary characters 'hero' names cause now I'm stuck with one about Noah and when I made up his name, I had no idea he would end up the 'star' and here I was thinking Noah was a guy with a beard and a big boat and now he's got to be yummy and have big 'stuff', but not necessarily a boat. It will be fun.

That's awesome, can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?

Sable: Yes, I am writing the fourth in my Hell Yeah! Series. This one will be 'Badass', he is the fourth McCoy Brother - the wild child. His family are cowboys and run a ranch - but he rides a motorcycle and owns a bar. In this last book, it was discovered that isn't all he does - he is a Dom - which explains all that leather. His love interest will be Avery - the local Baptist preacher's daughter who has loved him for years, but he has pushed her away because he thinks he's not good enough for her. The last time we saw Avery she was calling a brothel in Nevada - seeking a little on the job training. Now - that's going to be a roller-coaster ride - I'm looking forward to it myself.

That sounds like a hot read! I'll be looking forward to that one. Now for a couple of fun questions. If you had a warning label, what would it say?

Sable: My warning label would say - “Beware - Hot Contents - May Cause Swelling”

LOL, you're precious. If you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?

Sable: Good Lord! I fall in love with my characters - especially my heroes. My beta wrote me the other day - she is a college student and told me that I had ruined romance for her. She said she will never find a man as perfect and possessive as one of guys - and she's right. I would love to have Kyler Landon in my bedroom for one night. I would love on that boy until the cows came home. He is the sweetest, sexiest, raunchiest rascal that ever came out of my dirty mind - except for his brother or the McCoys or - - oh well, they're all good.

I think most of us can relate. Gotta love those fantasy character's that we bring to life, huh?

What is the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Sable: Oh my goodness! I've ordered sex toys for research - and used them. I went to the western store the other day to find a quirt - just so I would know what it felt like (you know to hold- yeah right). I found some on the wall where they had the tack stored and I was standing there in a pair of tight pink jeans, a pink camisole - sandals and my hair up in a pony tail with a pink bow. I looked like cotton candy. And I took that quirt and popped myself on the butt. I squealed and jumped and giggled and popped myself again. That's when I heard this male guffaw and clearing of the throat behind me - - - - - I was caught! And he was cute. And I'll leave the rest of it to your imagination.

My imagination is running wild now, ha ha ha. That would be an awesome scene in one of your books too! Thanks for sharing *weg*

If you could choose to time travel, would you go backward or forward, and why?

Sable: I would go backward to western times. I like the whole western theme. Some of my favourite books are Sarah McCarty's and I would love to meet up with some of the alphas that she writes about. I don't like futuristic novels - futuristic sex - robots, spacecraft - all of that leaves me cold.
I'd like to thank you Sable for the entertaining interview. You're a remarkable woman, definitely one of a kind, and a very talented author. For those of you who would like to learn more about Sable and her books she can be reached through her email , her website , and through Twitter @huntersable. She welcomes any and all communication, and answers every email or website comment.

Sable leaves us with one last treat. So please enjoy the excerpt of A Wishing Moon below:

A strong wind began to blow and the cry of a hawk floated on the air current. The brisk breeze picked her hip length, dark hair up and caused the black curtain to whip around her face. She looked around to try and recognize where she was standing. A sense of familiarity dawned on her. She recognized this hill, a dome actually. Arabella stood on the top of a pink granite mountain near her home called Enchanted Rock. She'd not been there in years, but when she attended high school this had been a favorite place to hike and picnic.

A noise startled her, and just as she started to turn, warm hands slid around her waist from the back. They slipped underneath the silk nightie and moved over her breasts, cupping them gently. Recognition flooded her body as did a total welcoming.

“Hello, beautiful. I'm so glad you came.” Still holding her securely, he eased her back against him. His hands began a slow dance over her swollen, sensitive breasts. Her nipples hardened and became diamond points of sensitivity. His fingers circled, massaged, lifted and teased the grateful mounds of flesh. Weakness flooded her lower regions and she felt as if his hands on her body were the only thing tethering her to the earth.

She raised her arms over her head and found his face, moving her fingers over his features as if memorizing them by touch. She tried to shift in his arms so they were face to face, but he kept her anchored where she stood. He continued to make love to her breasts with his hands, a steady circling, rubbing rhythm that ended every few moments at the end of her nipples, slowly distending them before beginning the sensual ritual all over again.

“That feels so good,” she panted. Her world condensed, until the manipulation of her breasts and nipples became the focus of her universe. An intense heat began building and adding to her torment, his lips and tongue began kissing the curve of her throat and shoulders. A tightening began in her vagina and even though he never touched her there, her slit began to dew in delightful anticipation. Never before had she known so much joy could be gained from touch alone. When the shivers began, his hands finally moved lower and slid beneath her silken panties to find the hot waiting folds, which vibrated ecstatically to his lightest touch. Her hips jerked uncontrollably as she rode his hand, tiny mewls of passion escaping from her lips.

Flushed with release, Arabella relaxed completely into his big, hard body. With a slight pressure, he turned her around and captured her lips with his. As she touched his waist, attempting to gain access to his manhood, his hands grasped hers intertwining their fingers.

“Not enough time,” he whispered. A vacuum of pressure seemed to pull him backward. “Find me.” These final words were spoken as the wind picked up once more and the night enclosed them in nothingness.

Get your copy today - Purchase links:



Secret Cravings Publishing:

Best Wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: So Beautifully Broken, by LACIE NATION

Rating: A definite thumbs up!

I was honored when Lacie approached me with a request to review her debut novel "So Beautifully Broken" and I can't say I was disappointed. It's been awhile since I've read something so heartfelt, and I had to share this with you all. So, here's my review:

From the heartfelt dedication to the author’s friends and family for their wonderful support, to the emotional beginning that hooked me almost immediately, I haven’t laughed, cried, or blushed this much from a story in a long time. Heck, I even hid my face a time or two as I felt the embarrassment, fear, anger, hurt, and happiness throughout...
Lilly has had it rough, and is stuck in her past. She’s been, manipulated, violated, hurt, and can’t let go of the guilt of losing her mother tragically. She blames herself, and thinks she needs the numbing affects of drugs to cope. Back in her home town, she’s offered a job at a club named Tilt where she meets a group of people who understand her pain and love her in spite of it, including the very sexy Jack, a former addict, who also happens to be her new boss.
Memories overwhelm her and she hits rock bottom, receiving a rude awakening when her best friend, and the only person she knows who cares gives her an ultimatum. She either needs to pull her life together, or lose her for good this time. She loathes in self pity going on one more binge before realizing she’s had enough. Its then she turns to the only person she knows who will completely understand what she’s going through for help. She’s in for the fight of her life, as Jack offers her not only his help and home, but his heart as well.

So beautifully Broken is a well written emotional tale that deserves recognition. It’s realistic, heartfelt, and will leave you in awe. I especially loved how strong the heroine was, and how supportive the secondary characters were as she fought to free herself from her personal demons. Of course, it never hurts to add a sexy, kind, protector in the mix either, *winks* just be sure to have a tissue or two at hand.

So here I finish the post with one last thing to say, pick up your copy today if you can. It's a well written emotional read that will definitely leave you wanting more from this author.


Lilly’s entire life has been filled with people who have manipulated, violated, and hurt her beyond repair. She is left feeling as though the numbing affect of drugs is the only way to cope. She’s back in her home town now and starting a new job at Tilt. What happens when she meets a group of people who understand her pain and love her in spite of it? What happens when she meets Jack, her boss and former addict? Will she be able to live a life filled with love and people who support her not tear her down?
Follow Lilly and Jack though their relationship as they fight demons from Lilly’s past that come back with a vengeance.

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~



Kiru Taye & Lelani Black

Kiru Taye has been chosen as Kellie Kamryn's winner. She's won a pdf copy of "Going For Gold."


Lelani Black has been chosen as Jennifer Labelle's winner. She's won a pdf copy of Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4). Enjoy them ladies!

I'd like everyone who took the time to participate.

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Teena Adams, And A GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm delighted to introduce Kellie Kamryn's heroine Teena Adams on the blog. Teena is a very imaginative gymnast in Kellie's new release Going For Gold, and while Teena is here on Labelle Books, Noel Lewis from my Leather and Pleasure series has taken over Kellie Kamryn's blog for an interview and a giveaway. Stay tuned for contest details below, and check out this link to meet Naughty Noel.

Welcome Teena,

What made you become a gymnast?

Teena: Well, I loved gymnastics as a little girl, but when I injured myself, I decided to go into cheerleading instead. I was able to keep up with a lot of my skills this way.

Well it's great to hear that you found an alternative that made you happy. How long have you worked for Jason?
Teena: Jason hired me to work for him five months ago, during summer camps. I was thrilled to be put in charge of the cheerleading program! He and his wife are great to work for, always so encouraging and supportive. We've got a great gym atmosphere - very positive place to work. And it doesn't hurt that I've got some great eyecandy to look at! *wink*

You sure do. Speaking of eye candy, what made you finally decide to openly flirt with your long time crush, Grant, at the office Christmas party?
Teena: *fans self* Well, he just looked so good in dress clothes! I see him all the time in t-shirts and track pants and believe me - he can fill out a T! But that night, I just wanted to peel away all the layers and see the ripped bod underneath *weg*

Are you glad you did?

Teena: Oh definitely! I believe a woman should at least take a chance on what she wants. If it doesn't work out at least you won't live with regret, ya know? It could have been a little awkward if he'd said no, but thankfully he's had feelings for me all this time too, so we decided to “go for gold”! LOL

You certainly did, and it was hot! So I'm dying to know was his apartment as fun as the gym at work?

Teena: *wiggles eyebrows* haha *blushes* Well, let's say I don't think there was one space we didn't christen and leave it at that. And two people with flexibility? One word - AWESOME!

I bet. The two of you are amazing together, can you tell us how long you've been dating now, and can you let my curious readers know if it's become serious?

Teena: It's going on six months now, and we're so comfortable together. It's like we should've been doing this all along. In the gym we remain professional, and we have our own responsibilities so we don't actually work together. We have our own space, but when the night is done - then we get personal!
Thanks for having me on the blog today and letting me spread the joy of my love for Grant!

It was our pleasure. For those of you who would like to learn more about Teena and Grant you can purchase "Going For Gold" at:

Buy Links:

In the meantime, enjoy this awesome excerpt that Kellie Kamryn has provided us with, and when you're done get your copy from the links above. Oh, and better yet it's CONTEST TIME:

Kellie has generously offered to give away one free pdf copy to one lucky commenter. So let's show her some love with comments, and don't forget to leave your email address for your chance to win.


It was an office Christmas party filled with sexual tension. Gymnastics coach Grant Howard couldn't keep his eyes off the newly-hired cheerleader coach. And sultry Teena Adams felt the same way about him. The “rah-rah-rahs” she felt were cheers of unbridled lust. From punch and cookies to sexual escapades on gym apparatus, you'll never look at Christmas parties or a trampoline the same way again. It's winner-take-all, when lovers are Going for Gold.

Teena's heart pounded against her breastbone as she led Grant into the darkened gym. The light from the waiting area filtered through, outlining all the equipment. Now that she had his attention, could she keep it? It wasn't normally like her to be so bold. But what the hell? Take a chance, right?
A flush stole over her body as she wondered if she could follow through with living out her fantasy. So many nights, she'd lain awake in bed after coming home from the gym, fingering her pussy, wishing his tongue could take the place of her fingers.
Her clit throbbed just by being in contact with him now. And he's only holding my hand! She headed to the trampoline, and then let go of his hand as she hopped up on the apparatus. As she began a series of slow bounces, she said, “Let's see who can double bounce the other first.”
He chuckled and the low, throaty sound sent desire skittering throughout her system. “Sounds good.” He launched himself up onto the trampoline.
Teena bounced higher, keeping her eyes on his. At first they bounced in tandem, but then with their difference in weight and height, they quickly fell out of rhythm. The goal was to jump as close to the other as possible until one “double-bounced” the other, causing them to fall.
Grant showed no mercy, obviously in the game to win. He jumped so close to her, it bounced her back and she tumbled onto her back with a shriek. Before she could scramble into a sitting position, he'd pounced on top of her, pinning her down onto the bed of the trampoline.
Her eyes widened as she took in the lusty gleam in his eyes. His hard cock pressed into her pelvis, his desire unmistakable. She swallowed hard, not fighting to get away.
“So...” Words failed her at the moment.
He ground his cock into her mound. “So.”
Heat washed over her like a wave. She flexed her fingers, and wiggled her body so her breasts moved against his chest.
His nostrils flared, and his eyes narrowed. She ran her tongue over her upper lip, and he closed his eyes, a tortured expression on his face. “I can't take it anymore.”
“Can't take what?” she whispered.
His eyes fixed on hers again. “How much you turn me on.” He rubbed his dick against her again. “Feel this? This is a constant state around you.”
She blinked. “Really?”
“Fuckin' right. Since the day you walked in the bloody door.”
Her heart leapt that she'd had that kind of effect on him. At least she hadn't been alone in her lust. “Grant?”
“Kiss me already.”

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

FREE READ and a GIVEAWAY with Kiki Howell - WINNER!

Congratulations, Denise Z.!

A Congratulations goes out to Denise Z. I'll be passing along your contact information to author Kiki Howell so you can tell her which ebook from her backlist you'd like to have. I'd like to thank you all for participating. Please stop by again for more interviews, guest spots, event updates, new releases and plenty of future giveaways.

Best Wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Free Read, and a Giveaway!

I'd like to welcome back author Kiki Howell. Since Halloween is approaching fast, today Kiki has decided to treat us with a free paranormal short story called Caught Under The October Moon.

Stay tuned below, answer one question correctly about this amazing free read and you're entered to win an e-book from Kiki's backlist.

To enter:

Leave your answer and email address in the comments section below. I will then pick a winner on Oct. 27, and announce it on the blog.

Goodluck, and enjoy!

Caught Under The October Moon, by Kiki Howell

The meshing colors of the fallen autumn leaves crackled under the weight of her bare feet, similar in sound to the fire she'd made which burgeoned around the stack of dry logs. Once she felt the heat infiltrate her body, she shed her deep burgundy, velvet clock and watched as it fell to the ground like pouring wine. Turning, she lit the red candles and spicy incenses of cinnamon and ginger on her makeshift altar. The small flames threw flickers of light that danced upon the various fruits and vegetables that decorated the tree stump. Lost in her rituals under the light of the October Blood Moon coming through the thinning canopies of the treetops, she neglected to hear the approaching footsteps.

The final shift of the brush as a man came into her clearing startled her. She turned on her visitor. Forgetting that she was standing there fully exposed, she stared into the eyes of Mitch, a friend from her apartment building who lived two floors up and one door over. Despite the fact that she had developed many quaint friendships, no one there knew she was a witch. "What are you doing here?" She asked reluctantly, as she followed his eyes down over the erect nipples of her breasts to the small patch of hair between her thighs. Unable to avoid turning to get her robe, she was forced to display her backside to him also.

"I saw a cloaked figure enter the woods and debated about checking it out until I saw the flickers of light through the trees." She blushed as he had stumbled over the words. "I couldn't sleep. What are you doing here at three o'clock in the morning?"

Thoughts rushed through her mind as to if he would approve or disapprove of her Wiccan ways. She momentarily felt like a trapped animal as he took a few steps towards her. The baggy, wrinkled sweatshirt he wore now didn't prevent her from being distracted by the images of him shirtless this summer.

"Listen, Brianna, you don't have to be afraid to tell me. I won't judge you. You know I'm not like that." He turned to face her then grabbed the front of her robe gently with his hands and fondled the crushed velvet between his fingers. "Will you feel better if I confess something first?"

"I don't know." Her voice sounded strange even to her as apprehension and excitement commingled making her insides tremble. The smell of him drifted over the short distance between them, and she closed her eyes as she took it in. She could never deny to herself the attraction she had to him, but he had never made any advances before to show her he felt the same.

"Then here goes." He stepped in making his hands, still holding her robe, press up against her abs. Her hands, still holding her robe protectively closed, touched his hard chest. "I have wanted to be alone with you, since the first time I met you, so that I could see how you would react if I did this…"

The warmth of his breath brushed over her face before the fullness of his lips crushed down on hers. He brought his hands up into her hair, and the chill of his fingertips felt like pure magical energy.

Mitch kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear, "Relax, Brianna. I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel better." She became acutely aware again of her nakedness under her robe as heat pulsed through her core moistening her with desire.

"Now why are you out in the woods in the middle of the night buck naked? I can't get that image of you out of my mind." He pulled her against him tighter, and she let her pinned arms move to her sides allowing his jean-covered hardness to touch the skin of her stomach where her robe had opened slightly.

"I am Wiccan, and I was celebrating the Esbat of the October full moon." She dared to let her hands move onto his hips as she spoke liking the way they felt against one another.

"I like holding you, and I am thrilled that you are not pulling away."

"Then it doesn't matter to you that…" A kiss interrupted her question. He penetrated her lips with his tongue and swept it over hers.

"That you are a witch? No, you can explain that more later. All I can think about now is getting my hands under your robe." She felt her smile all through her body.

"Then touch me," she said as she withdrew from his embrace and let her robe cascade to the ground again. He didn't immediately come to her. First, he slowly unclothed himself, barely taking his eyes from her body. She liked the way it felt, to be exposed to him. The thoughts she'd secretly had of them together over these past months welled up within her as his palms cupped over her breasts. He kissed her briefly again before cradling her body to his and guiding her down to the ground to lie upon their discarded clothing. As leaves crunched and slim branches cracked, she gave thanks again to that moon above her for the bounty she had been given. She reached out to finally touch him. as he kissed her body.

As she felt the full weight of him, he said, "I feared this moment would never happen."

"Anything can happen under a full moon."

~Why is Brianna naked in the woods in the middle of the night?~


New Contemporary Pagan, Erotic Romance by Kiki Howell

Working Out The Kinks , a short story


Making an appointment with his ex-girlfriend under a fake name, David buys himself one hour to get her attention. Hoping to apologize and remind her of their time together, he intends to do whatever he has to in order to make Meredith, a practicing Wiccan, forgive him for being idiot enough to have listened to those around him and choosing his political aspirations over love.
Meredith is resistant to let David anywhere near her heart again. Desperate, David plays all his trump cards and suggests a sexual magick ritual which incorporates the BDSM lifestyle he and Meredith used to experiment with. The methods he uses may be unconventional, like sensory deprivation and sensation play intended to build trust and to achieve altered states of consciousness. But David is more than willing to do whatever it takes if he can just get Meredith to agree.

Genres: Pagan, Contemorary, Erotic Romance

Adult Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language and Sex Magic with mild BDSM Elementsfrom Rebel Ink Press
Working Out The Kinks is now available at Amazon and Barnes& Noble

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chasing The Dream, with Author Patricia Logan

I'd like to welcome Patti to the blog today, and I hope you all enjoy getting to know her better through this interview as well as the opportunity to check out this awesome new anothology Patti is promoting.

Welcome Patti!

How long have you been an author?
Patti: I’ve been a writer for 4 and a half years and a published author for just over a year.

Congratulations, can you tell us what's the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Patti: That it’s work. Some days you just don’t want to do it, you aren’t feeling creative or whatever and you have to sit down and do it anyway because you have a deadline and people are counting on you.

What is your favourite genre?
Patti: Male/Male and Male/Male/Male ménage

Hot, hot, hot! :)

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Patti: I actually just finished “The Slave’s Mask” yesterday. It’s a 30K novella contracted by Silver Publishing due out for Valentine’s Day 2012. It is one of three books that will be published under the cover called Masquerade. The other two stories are Lisa Worrall’s “Behind the Mask” and Sue Brown’s “The Layered Mask”. They will be released individually as ebooks and then as a paperback with all three books. The story takes place over the centuries. Sue’s is set in 1811, mine is set in 1863 and Lisa’s is current day. They all revolve around the same Valentine’s Day Ball in London. Mine is a light BDSM and is very fun.

I’m also working on “The Cowboy Queen” which will be the third book in my Westburg, Texas series after “A Very Good Year” which comes out in early 2012. That’s another fun romp with a tough cowboy who rolls his own cigarettes and a drag queen who falls in love with him.

Sounds like an awesome read, I'll have to keep an eye out for it once it releases. Congratulations again. I hear Silver Publishing is a great publisher to work with.

If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Patti: Mine would say “This chick has a very dirty mind and every man she sees she pictures in bed with another man, so watch out guys!”

LOL, now if you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Patti: It would be Trace Martin from “Warrior Nights”. He’s a wounded veteran of Iraq and a hero in my mind. Then I’d ask him to screw Kyle, his lover, in front of me. LOL

*Big smiles* I'd like ot thank Patti for answering these questions. For those of you who'd like to learn more about her and her work she can be contacted through her Facebook page at: , through her blog at: Or, through email:

Meanwhile enjoy the teaser she's left for us:

“Chasing the Dream”

Chasing the dream… something every one of us aspires to. But every dream is different for each individual. Some crave love, fame, or immortality. And for still others, they desire power and riches, and all that comes with it.

In this anthology, share in the vivid imaginations of five bestselling authors who are masters of the genre, each writing steamy, hot passionate stories of men loving men, men sharing their bodies, who hope to attain their own secret desires.

Come along for the sensual journey that awaits you, and get lost in this collection of must-have gay erotica. Let these stories steal you away to another world where hot men share their deepest hopes and fantasies with you, while they’re Chasing the Dream.

Excerpt from “Chasing Deuce” Patti's contribution to the "Chasing The Dream" anthology :

“Hey Colt,” the deep baritone of Slade Devlin’s voice slid up Colt’s back, ending in a shiver as the sound circled his body and gripped his cock. Colt, at six foot one actually had to crane his chin upward another several inches to meet the eyes as black as obsidian. He was sure they were some sort of brown in color but they were so dark and piercing that Colt shivered when the man looked down into his. As tall as Slade was, he was also strikingly built. His muscular body was one of the first things that Colt had noticed about him and had been attracted to. Slade was a master plumber, the best that Austin Plumbers had and his work clothes consisted of navy or black muscle T-shirts and khaki’s or faded blue jeans. No plumber’s crack here, no sir. The man was all man, from the tip of his closely cropped head with the devilish widow’s peak, to the bottom of his steel-toed Wolverine’s.
Colt cleared his throat and deliberately took a sip of the hot coffee he’d just poured as he stood in the break room Monday morning. He looked up at the olive-complected man in front of him. “Morning Slade,” Colt answered smoothly, breathing deep to slow his suddenly rapid heartbeat.
Slade smiled, and began a slow loop around Colt, looking him up and down as if to admire the goods. Colt tried and failed to stop a shiver that coursed through him. When Slade stopped in front of him, he advanced on Colt, causing Colt to stumble backwards nearly slopping his coffee as his butt hit the counter behind. There was nothing he could do but stare up into the dark eyes of the larger man. Colt’s lips opened slightly and he huffed out a breath as Slade leaned forward. He was inches from Colt’s face and he placed both hands on the counter behind Colt, effectively trapping him between thick biceps on either side. The smell that hit Colt’s nostrils was one of pure testosterone covered weakly by a spicy soap, clean and tangy. Colt’s cock thickened painfully and unable to reach down and adjust it, all he could do was stand there as a crooked grin spread across Slade’s face.

Get your copy today:

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Different Kind of Paranormal, by Gabrielle Bisset

Today I'd like to welcome author Gabrielle Bisset, as I turn over the blog to her for the day.


~A Different Kind of Paranormal~

When I began to write romance, it had been after years of writing paranormal fiction. I’d read romance since I was a teenager, and one night after a dream, the idea of a race of people called Aeveren came to life. From that first dream came the idea of destined ones, an important part of my new novel, Destiny Redeemed.

Aeveren are people descended from humans but blessed by the Archangel Raziel with the gifts of reincarnation, powers beyond what humans possess, and destined ones, fellow Aeveren they are drawn to across distance and time. When an Aeveren is given a destined one, that person is their soul mate until one of them moves on after their fiftieth lifetime. Each lifetime the two destined ones return to together, they are called to one another through their Aeveren biology.

In Destiny Redeemed, the hero has had three destined ones because he’s an ancient Aeveren in his forty-seventh lifetime. Amon is a rare and powerful Aeveren because he was born with his ability to manipulate time in his first lifetime thousands of years ago. He’s used his power for his own pleasure for ages, and even lost his last destined one when she refused to stay with him because of his behavior. The heroine in the story, Thea, is in her forty-fifth lifetime, but because she’s a healer for their race and expected to devote herself to her fellow Aeveren, she’s never been blessed with a destined one.

The fact that my characters are drawn to one another doesn’t mean they don’t have to overcome obstacles to be with one another, though. Just as with humans, being meant for someone rarely means the course of love runs smoothly, to paraphrase Shakespeare.

Here’s an excerpt from Destiny Redeemed to give you a taste of Amon and Thea:

Amon watched as the pale green flecks in Thea’s blue eyes seemed to dance. He hadn’t noticed how beautiful her eyes were before—how incredibly breathtaking she was, overall. Her face was so close, her pink lips just inches from his...
He certainly didn’t mind her touching him anywhere since her touch was naturally pleasing to start with and only became more so because he wanted her. And he didn’t mind the feel of her soft lips on his skin, either. In fact, he had a number of other places he’d like her to visit with those lips.
As he looked into her eyes now, he saw not only beauty but desire and insecurity. What a wonderfully interesting woman this healer was!
Slowly, Amon saw the insecurity disappear from Thea’s eyes, leaving only desire for what he offered. Need filled his cock, making it impossible to leave their little interlude unfinished. Months of loneliness had made him respond to her touch far more than he ordinarily would have, he reasoned. This was nothing more than the simple need to sexually be with another.
But he’d seen the look on her face before, when Sevine had come to him and found he was her destined one. That was impossible with Thea, though. He still had a destined one, regardless of how she’d manipulated him with magick to escape him. He couldn’t be another’s destined one as long as his still hadn’t finished her fifty lifetimes.
He knew it wasn’t right for him to lead Thea on if she wanted more than he could give, but she was so close and she’d felt so good next to him earlier. All those painful nights in Nil had left him with an emptiness he yearned to fill, and he wanted Thea to heal that too.
Leaning in to her, he caressed her soft lips with his before increasing the intensity of his kiss. Afraid she would back away, he cradled her face in his hands as he slipped his tongue into her warm mouth.
She returned his kiss with a passion that signaled she wanted him. When she moaned into his mouth, Amon knew he didn’t want this to end with a kiss. As she began to feast on his mouth, he guided her onto his lap, setting her up against the base of his rigid cock. Realizing her position, she pulled away, frightened, but with his hand on her lower back, he trapped her against him.
“Please let me go,” she begged.
“I can’t do this.”
Amon’s mind listed the reasons why she possibly couldn’t, crossing off all but one. “Do you have a destined one?” he asked, searching her eyes.
Thea dropped her eyes to look at his chest and stopped trying to get away from him. Quietly, she answered his question. “No, I don’t have a destined one. I’ve never had one in forty-five lifetimes.”
Amon couldn’t imagine what mistake of nature had been made to ensure the sweet creature that sat on his lap remained ultimately alone for so long. He’d been a heartless fuck for many of his forty-seven lifetimes, and he’d had three destined ones.
Thea said nothing but continued to avoid his gaze.
As soon as he said it, he hated himself. She most likely wouldn’t know why every life promised her she’d be alone.
“I’m a healer. It’s uncommon for us to be blessed with destined ones. Our calling is more important than our individual happiness.”
Every word she said dripped duty and loneliness between them. Amon looked up to see her eyes filled with tears, and his heart broke for her. He’d often thought of how unfair his life had seemed in the past year, but he knew he’d done more than enough to deserve his sentence in Nil. Thea had done nothing to deserve her fate.
He wiped the tear that had dropped onto her cheek with his finger and lifted her chin to make her meet his gaze. He couldn’t just sleep with her now. The look on her face showed him that she mistakenly believed she’d finally found a destined one in him.
“I’m sorry, Thea.”
Thea began to cry, her tears flowing down her face from his rejection. God, he felt like a fuck!
“Let me go,” she said sadly as she pulled away from him.
Amon knew he should just release his hold on her, convinced her emotions were bound to begin affecting him at any moment. But he couldn’t. He was responsible for much of her sadness and needed to do something to fix what he’d done.
Putting his arms around her, he pulled her upper body to his, holding her tighter as she resisted more. As she sobbed into the side of his neck, her body softly heaved against his. Wanting more than anything to make her feel better, he stroked her long blond hair while her crying flooded his ears.
Amon braced himself for his reaction. He’d always fed off the emotions of others and used them to his own benefit, careful to minimize his exposure to sadness. He vividly remembered Callia’s effect on him and dreaded a replay of that with Thea as he was sure his body couldn’t take much more abuse, but with relief he remembered that his destined one’s curse on him only worked if he was in love with the woman. Safe in his belief that while he’d grown to care for her in the short time he’d known her he wasn’t in love with Thea, Amon held her until her crying stopped and she was still in his arms.
Lifting her head, she wiped her tears from her face. “Why don’t you want me as your destined one?”
A lump formed in his throat at the sound of the sadness in her voice. There was nothing he’d like more in this world than to have Thea for his. But that couldn’t be.
“It’s not a choice, Thea. It’s just not possible.”
He looked into the beautiful eyes of the one who’d already given him so much kindness and hated what he had to say.
“Thea, I already have a destined one.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for having me here at your blog. To read another excerpt and find buy links for Destiny Redeemed, visit my blog at


You're very welcome, Gabrielle. Feel free to stop by at anytime and keep us in mind for your next release :)

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~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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Labelle Books Reviews "Working Out The Kinks" by Kiki Howell

Giving it A Thumbs Up!

I was given an ARC copy of this shorty story, and although I enjoyed it, in no way did I promise to give it a good review.

I hope you enjoy this review of Kiki Howell's newest release "Working Out The Kinks" It's a great read!


Making an appointment with his ex-girlfriend under a fake name, David buys himself one hour to get her attention. Hoping to apologize and remind her of their time together, he intends to do whatever he has to in order to make Meredith, a practicing Wiccan, forgive him for being idiot enough to have listened to those around him which meant choosing his political aspirations over love.

Meredith is resistant to let David anywhere near her heart again. Desperate, David plays all his trump cards and suggests a sexual magick ritual which incorporates the BDSM lifestyle he and Meredith used to experiment with. The methods he uses may be unconventional, like sensory deprivation and sensation play intended to build trust and to achieve altered states of consciousness. But David is more than willing to do whatever it takes if he can just get Meredith to agree.


Meredith has a heart to mend, her own. After the love of her life David broke it the month before she doesn't want him anywhere near her or it again, but when he suddenly makes an appointment in her massage parlour to see her under a false name, all her plans fly right out the window. Her heart aches, and her love comes to surface again. But, there's no way she's going to make this easy for him.

David buys himself one hour to convince her how stupid he was for letting her go, and he's not taking no for an answer even if he has to play out one of Meredith's fantasies to persuade her, a kidnapping. Both from two different worlds, David decides to leave behind his conservative ways and join Meredith, a practicing Wiccan, for the rest of his life. He suggests they try a sexual magic ritual incorporating the BDSM lifestyle they both like to explore to prove to her how serious he is about her. Now if only he can get Meredith to agree...

Working Out The Kinks is a very sensual kinky little short that I enjoyed reading as the author incorporates her unique style of a realistic scenerio with paranormal elements. The intimacy, sex, and chemistry between the hero and heroine are scorching, and it'll leave you wanting more. Great read!

Don't forget to click on the Amazon link above to get your own copy today! :)

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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An Interview with Author Avril Ashton

Welcome Avril!

Today Avril is on the hot spot as she answers our interview questions and talks about her new paranormal romance "Till Abandon" which releases on October 17.


They call her ‘The woman in white,’ whisper ‘Death-Bringer’ with their last breath, but no one knows exactly what she is. Not even Voltaire herself. The deadly magic within her is a living thing, able to crush anyone and everything with a blink. Abandoning the blood-soaked world she’s used to, Voltaire seeks out the one constant in her tired life—the green-eyed wolf in her dreams. She’s ignored the wolf’s call for years, afraid to surrender, but danger haunts her mate. He needs her.
Wolf-shifter Blake Montez is in the middle of a war, battling the usurpers intent on taking over his territory. Unfamiliar magic hums in the air, unnoticed—it seems—by everyone but him. He finds the source already under his nose, in his home. The delicate woman in white knows things no one should know, and the heat simmering between them is unlike anything he’s ever felt. His wolf recognizes her as his mate, though Blake remains unsure he can trust her.
Voltaire sets out to prove herself with time running out, enemies are on the prowl, some foreseen, others remain cloaked in shadow. She and Blake team up, fighting side by side, but in the end Voltaire might be the biggest threat to their love.

Buy link: Total-E-Bound:

Interesting, paranormal romances are one of my favorite genres can you tell us what your favorite is?
Avril: Erotic Romance in all in its sub genres.

Awesome, and how long have you been an author?
Avril: I’ve been writing seriously for three years. Before that I was just a reader with an itch…not that kind LOL

What is the biggest surprise you’ve discovered about the writing process?
Avril: That it has very little to do with actual writing. Surprised the hell outta me.

Can you tell us about one of your current works in progress?
Avril: Which one? LOL I am currently working on three Works in Progress. The one closest to completion is Jayce and Wes’ story from Make Me Sweat. Their title is still being debated but I’m loving the dynamic between two headstrong men who refuse to give up or give in without a fight. A whole lot of surprises are in store for those waiting patiently…surprises and hot sex.

Sex and surprises, huh? I'll have to keep an eye out for that one. ;) *Rubs hands together* now for a couple of fun ones;

If you had a warning label, what would it say?
Avril: Depends on the time of day, but the usual consensus would be ‘That B*tch crazy!”

LOL, and if you had the chance to meet one of your characters privately, who would it be and what would you do?
Avril: It’d have to be Sasha from A Wicked Ride. The instant she came into view I’d hold up my hands in surrender, then we’d talk shoes.

I enjoyed reading A Wicked Ride, and thought Sasha was pretty awesome too. I want to thank Avril for joining us today on Labelle Books, for those of you who would like to learn more about Avril and her work here are her links:

Avrils website:
She's on Facebook at and you can follow her on Twitter: @AvrilAsh

And, as a parting Avril has decided to tease us with an awesome excerpt below;

Till Abandon excerpt Rated R for language,

“Will you fucking die already?” Voltaire pressed the right heel of her gold Zanotti’s into the bullet hole in the man’s neck. The idiot keeping her from her date struggled—a futile effort, if she did say so herself. His cobalt-blue eyes stared up at her from his position on the floor, pleading for mercy while his body twitched. Wet sounds gurgled in his throat, then he coughed. Dark red blood flew everywhere, dotting the back of her heel and running like a red stream down the corner of his mouth. Pink tears leaked from his eyes.
“Damn it, now look what you’ve done.” She lifted her foot off his throat to inspect the damage to her shoe. “I bought these today, specially for this occasion, and you go and fuck them up.”
Men. Can’t train them, or horsewhip them in the middle of the street. What the hell is there left to do? Kill ‘em.
She knelt beside the man, who was getting bluer by the minute, and shook her head. “You know, that colour does great things for your skin tone.” She grabbed the sleeve of his white shirt and wiped off her heel. Blood pooled under him, sinking into the plush, grey carpet. She glanced up at the digital clock on his desk. He had some fabulous things in this office—she’d take a tour of the house if she wasn’t so damned strapped for time.
Hah, strapped.
A dull buzzing started on the left side of her skull, annoying as a mosquito.
“Will you stop already with the fucking mind control? You’ve been trying it all night, and has it worked?” She lifted an eyebrow and projected her thoughts to him. Obviously not. You pissed off the Council and they’ve marked you for extinction. She bared her teeth. “Unfortunately for you, they gave you to me as a going away gift.”
Tugging the bowie knife from her ankle strap, she slashed his throat with a flick of her wrist.
“That’s for taking up so much of my goddamn time.”
She fished the disposable cell phone from the back pocket of her jeans and pulled off her black gloves with her teeth. Hitting the redial button, she straightened and stepped delicately over the body on her way to the door.
“It’s done.”
Voltaire paused at the threshold and took one last look over her shoulder to admire her handiwork. Damn, sometimes she astonished even herself. The married father of four hadn’t batted an eye when she’d sent him a drink at the bar then offered herself to him for the night. She gave him bonus points for not taking her to his marital home. Apparently Mr Moneybags kept an apartment downtown for his nightly hook-ups.
Fucking men. Is nothing sacred anymore? Sure, she’d been paid a couple of mil to kill him, but still.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

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Writing About A Location, by guest Author Drea Becraft...

I'd like you to help me welcome guest blogger Drea Becraft. Today Drea talks a little about plot development and her work. Welcome, Drea!

Writing About A Location
Blog By Drea Becraft

I don’t know about other people but I choose a location by chance. Though most of my cities are made up in my head I do however use some cities that are real. Hell I even use a country I have never sat foot in but I always hope I one day will.

In The Thrice Princess my characters end up in a castle in Ireland, a modern castle I am not to keen on not having toilets lol. I did a little research for this story because of coarse I have never been there so I couldn’t describe it without looking at pictures of the country side and old castles.

Now I live in a little town with a lot of history that they won’t let us live down. As the signing place of The Treaty of Greenville and the birth place of Anne Oakley I have nothing but respect for small towns and their ancestry. Hell if I wanted to I could hop in the car and take a ten minute drive to go see where Anne Oakley is buried but if I was to write a story about this town I would still have to do a lot of research.

Now my newest release Forgetting The Yesterdays is set in the city of Columbus, OH. While I have been there more then once I still did a little background into hotels and all the other buildings there. I enjoyed writing about a city in my home state, even if I don’t know the capital lol. I have done a lot of traveling as a child and I look forward to using those experiences in later books.

Blurb: Forget The Yesterdays:
Release Date: September 12, 2011
For Buy Links:

Some say the past defines us, others say to forget it and move forward. For Jack McCloud, the past plagues him with what could and should have been. After the death of the only woman he ever truly loved, Jack finds that forgetting the yesterdays is harder then he ever imagined. Impossible, until one woman comes into his life and turns it upside down making him rethink where his future leads, and whether he really wants to survive it on his own.

Samantha Larsh, a single mother, only wants what is best for her and her newborn son. So when offered a job at ARC Management, she is elated at the opportunity to provide the life they both desperately need. One day, one job, and one secret later her life would be forever changed. Can the future handed to her by fate be enough for her to look forward to tomorrow, or is she forever doomed to live in the shadow of yesterdays ghost.


His dream began with the sound of the surf reaching his ears, the sunlight gently shining through his closed eyes.

“Are you just going to lay there?”

Peeking through his lashes, he saw Tina. “I was working on my tan.”

“As if you aren’t already too good looking. The last thing you need is a tan.”

Grabbing her hand, Jack pulled her down on top of him, holding her to his chest. “It’s been a couple of months. I missed you.”

“You know I have places to go and people to see.”

Reaching up, he tucked a piece of her auburn hair behind her ears. “Too busy to haunt
little old me, huh?”

“Never!” Leaning down, she kissed his mouth, running her tongue along the seam of his lips, asking silently for entrance.

Jack pulled her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it lightly, at first, then more forcefully. Running his hands up and down her bikini-clad body, he reveled in the feeling of her skin beneath his hands.

Pulling away slightly, Jack looked up to her face as the sun shown behind her, giving her the appearance of having a halo. Tears shown in her eyes, making him wonder why she was so sad. They were on a beach together, nothing could be better.

Reaching up, he brushed the tear from her cheek. “What’s the matter darlin’?”

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

“What are you talking about? We always have tomorrow.”

“I can’t keep coming to you, Jack. It’s time you move on. I want you to be happy.”

“I won’t be happy without you. I can’t be happy without you.”

“Yes you can and you will. Promise me you will move on.”

Turning his face away from her, he watched as the surf receded into the sea. Feeling her small hand cupping his cheek, he allowed her to bring his face back to hers.

“Please, Jack, for me.” A tear ran down her cheek, hitting him just below his nose and running down his lips.

Licking the tear away, he ran his hands up her arms to the back of her head, pulling her down to meet his hungry lips. Kissing her with every ounce of love in his body, he couldn’t stop, like a man possessed. Never leaving the kiss, he rolled over on top of her, her back in the sand.

Pulling away from her mouth had been about the hardest thing he ever had to do, but he couldn’t resist looking into her hazel eyes. “I can’t promise, because I never want to break a promise to you T. I will try my best… that I can promise you.”

“That’s all a girl can ask for.”

“I will never stop loving you, never.”

“I’m not asking you to. I believe there is enough love in your heart for more than one though.”

“I seriously doubt it. No one is you Tina, you’re the one I need and want.”

“I know but sometimes, the heart knows what it can and cannot handle before the brain catches up. Trust your heart baby, it will never steer you wrong.”

A loud beeping sound seemed to come from the waves, getting louder and louder with each beep.

“Its time for you to go, I love you. Always have, always will.” Kissing him, she disappeared in front of his eyes.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Reaching for the alarm clock, Jack pressed the snooze button and sat up in bed. Blinking to clear his eyes, he could have sworn he saw Tina standing in the corner of his room, waving goodbye.

“I love you, always have, and always will.” Jack smiled at her as once again she disappeared, leaving him to stare at the empty room.


Wow, what an emotional excerpt. I'd just like to thank Drea for stopping by Labelle Books today. It was a peasure to have you, and I wish you many sales.

Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~

WINNERS For the Naughty Noel 100 Follower Contest, Congratulations!

First of all I'd like to thank all who have participated. I really appreciate the response given, and hope that you all will continue to check in from time to time. There will be other contests in the near future. Having said that it's now time to announce our winners!


Kharisma Rhayne


Pommawolf_Emeraldwolfeyes (aka Darcy)

The turn out was so great I've decided to to choose two winners :) I hope you both enjoy Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4).

One woman, three men, and one sexy holiday performance. Get your copy today!

Best wishes,

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Naughty Noel 100 Follower Contest!

Well the fourth installment of my Leather and Pleasure series officially doesn't release until tomorrow (Oct.7) but it is now available on my publisher's site and on Amazon.

Buy links:

Romance Divine:


And in celebration, I'd like to do a giveaway. I want to reach 100 GFC followers on this blog, once I do I'll pick and announce one lucky winner to recieve a pdf copy of my new sexy, kinky, short - Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4)

So click to join our GFC followers if you haven't already done so, and then leave a comment on here with your email address. That's it! And, if you're already a follower, no worries just comment with your email address and your in it too!

Oh, and while you're at it don't forget to check out the Tirck or Treat Giveaway hop post below for a chance to win some tricks and treats :) you won't be disappointed.

~Naughty Noel (Leather and Pleasure 4)~

One woman, three men, and one sexy holiday performance...

Noel Lewis has had a lot of firsts in her life, but this holiday season she's making memorable. She's the star of her first holiday performance at the fetish club she works at, Leather and Pleasure, and finds herself leading her first menage a quatre for hundreds to see, unleashing her naughty side. Nervous at first, she soon realizes that she's a natural on stage and aims to please.

Julian, Jake, and Josh love to be dominated, and when they get an offer to accompany the sexy new waitress to perform a holiday show, they all jump at the chance for different reasons. Jake, and Julian like to play the field, but Josh has secretly admired her since she started working there. So when the chemistry is so great between them while performing, he's thrilled hoping it will help convince her that they'd be great together.

Get your copy today, and enjoy!

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Welcome Guest Author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Please help me welcome guest author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, as she takes over Labelle Books for the day.

One of the questions I often field both here in the real world and out in cyber space is where do I get my ideas. Although it seems like it would be an easy question to answer it isn't always because all ideas don't begin the same. Some of my story ideas spring into my mind almost full blown begging to be written. Others begin as a small seed that must be planted in my imagination, tended and allowed to grow. Sometimes I can trace the origin of one of my stories to a specific idea or thought and sometimes I really don't recall just what spark ignited the creative fire.
When I sat down to write what became Witness Protection Program, my new novel that debuted on Monday from Rebel Ink Press, I had just written another novel that won't be out until sometime next spring, Miss Good Samaritan. That novel deals with an undercover officer in Tulsa who is wounded but doesn't want to blow his cover and when a young woman who knows him only from church happens to come along, he begs her to help him. So when I began Witness Protection Program my mind remained tuned toward law enforcement officers and covers. So when I began my next work, I could envision a young woman as part of the Federal witness protection program who is caught in gunplay at a discount store. When she attempts to exit to safety, a federal marshal grabs her and she soon learns that her new life just ended. When she's whisked away to a rural safe house, she has no idea what will happen next.
So I wrote back to back novels that are very different but share a few common denomenators. The funny thing is that although I wrote Miss Good Samaritan first, it will appear months after Witness Protection Program that followed in. One of the many things I've learned since making the leap from writer to author is that the book sold first may not be the first published. The first novel I signed a contract with a publisher actually became my sixth novel and when what work comes out is up to the publisher, not me.
A lot of different elements figured into this particular novel. The farm where the safe house is located is based on a farm that once belonged to one of my dad's friends, a place I visited often as a small child. The setting in Southern Arkansas is a place that I love and find very beautiful. Kendra/ Deborah's career in radio is based, in part, upon my own years spent in broadcasting. Like a recipe, however, a novel has many ingredients and sometimes, if one's cooking skills are good enough, you can add a little extra spice even if you don't really know why.

Here's the blurb for my just released Witness Protection Program:

When a routine trip to the local discount store turns into a gunfight, Kendra Driscoll must face the fact that her witness protection cover is blown and she's in federal custody until further arrangements can be made. Tucked away in a safe house in southern Arkansas, Kendra reverts to being Deborah Kincaid, for now.

When Timothy Campbell dodges bullets and throws Kendra Driscoll into his van, he knows better than to mix business with pleasure. Witnesses are off limits. Period. So why is it then that Cam finds himself impossibly drawn to the woman he's charged to protect?

As Kendra gets to know Cam, she realizes he isn't as unyielding as he looks. Underneath his gruff exterior, Deborah finds a kind, sensitive man and soon, she realizes she's falling in love. And when events turn ugly and Cam suffers a life-threatening injury, it's up to Deborah to face her enemies and deal with the danger for the last time.

And an excerpt from their first meeting:

"Don't scream," a male voice whispered in her ear. Whoever he might be, he was behind her and she couldn't see him at all. However, he smelled of Irish Spring soap and peppermints. "Take my hand."
She tried to ask why but with his hand blocking her mouth, she couldn't speak so she shook her head to refuse. He snatched her left hand with his free one and jerked hard enough she had to move with him or be drug behind. He took his hand off her mouth but she didn't dare make a sound or speak. In a crouched position, he maneuvered her past three more open freezer cases and then went wide to the left through a door that led back into the storerooms. Once that door swung closed behind them, he stood upright and faced her.
He loomed tall above her, six feet or better, lean and lithe. His blue jeans fit his chiseled body like an outer skin and his plaid flannel shirt looked cozy. On his hip, a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber pistol fit into a nylon holster attached to his wide leather belt. His black eyes bored into hers, vital and filled with strength. The solemn expression on his face seemed carved from solid granite. He looked capable and very dangerous. In fact, he reminded Kendra of a leopard she watched once at the zoo, graceful and somehow beautiful, yet deadly.
Out in the store somewhere, more gunfire roared and screams followed, but he didn't flinch or react. She cringed with each blast, fighting the desire to drop on the floor. If he hadn't held her in his grasp, she'd dropped, too. His height and lethal manner intimidated her but not enough that she didn't attempt to break free.
"Let me go!" She twisted her hand, struggling to work loose.
He snorted and gripped harder.
"Relax. I'll get you out of here safe and sound. Just stay calm and be quiet."
Her anger kindled, his bossy ways made her old-fashioned mad and without thought, she spoke, her voice louder than it should be.
"I'm not going with you. I won't be a hostage," Kendra told him, her voice high-pitched and nasal. "Leave me alone and go turn yourself into the authorities!"
He laughed aloud as he reached into his front jeans pocket pulling out something he thrust in her direction; a gold badge formed with an outer circle around a five-pointed star. "United States Marshall" was etched around the rim.
"Maybe I should've introduced myself," he said with what might've been a smile on a less serious face. "I'm Timothy Campbell, United States Marshall."
The reality sank in with speed. He wasn't one of the shooters, but a law enforcement officer and Kendra wondered why he wasn't out there, taking down the suspect and saving lives in plural instead of just saving her own. Questions flooded her brain so fast she didn't know where to begin or what to ask. He must've read the curiousity in her eyes because he pulled her forward toward a back exit off the storeroom.
"Ask me whatever you want later," Timothy Campbell said. "Right now, we need to move. Let's go."
He towed her outside with speed and into a waiting black Humvee where he opened the rear passenger door, shoved her inside and followed her onto the seat. Before Kendra could assimilate anything more, the vehicle pulled out and reached the busy highway within seconds. With the discount store fast vanishing behind them, she realized her car remained in the parking lot but at least her purse still dangled from her shoulder. Numerous emergency vehicles raced past them headed for the scene. She counted three ambulances, two fire trucks, multiple squad cars and more.
"Wait!" She said, fumblingfor the seat belts. "Where are we going? I need to cover this breaking story. Shouldn't you be back there, helping people or something?"
He turned to her, his face still impassive.
"We're going somewhere safe and the only place I need to be is here with you."
Anger flared, stronger than fear. Her routine grocery-shopping trip halted with violence forced her to take cover, and now Kendra found herself in a black SUV hurling down the highway at breakneck speed. She'd rather be anywhere else, even still crouched behind the freezer case in fact. Where she should be was outside the store with a press pass and a microphone in her hand.
"I don't want to be here," Kendra snapped. "Take me back to the store, please. I'm the news director for the local radio station. I need to cover this story."
The Marshall shook his head.
"No you don't. Do you know why the shooter was at that location?"
She had no clue.
"Let me guess. Did they overcharge him? Not have what he wanted in stock? Or was it just the first place he found where he could go postal?"
Her sarcastic tone failed to get a rise but his reply struck her like a slap across the face.
"He wanted you Deborah. You're the target."
She caught her breath and held it, fear snaking through her body like live electricity. Her first response to hearing her name, the name her mother picked out for her twenty-seven years earlier, was to run. If she could've leaped from the fast moving vehicle, she'd done it but since she couldn't, she tried to bluff it out instead.
"Who's Deborah? My name is Kendra Lou Driskell."
He focused his full-strength stare on her and made eye contact.
"That might get you brownie points but it won't cut the ice with me. If you say it to the wrong individual, you might end up in the county morgue. You and I both know you're Deborah Kay Kincaid and that you've been in the federal witness protection program for two and a half years."
His harsh tone cut through her feeble bravado like a steak knife through a tender T-bone steak. His voice had a no-nonsense quality that refuted any possible arguement but she heard a kindness beneath the gruff words that steadied her long enough she was able to sit back and exhale.
"How do you know they were after me?"Kendra asked, wondering if she could just be Deborah again sonce her cover was now transparent.
"You're watched, of course. We had a tip that proved to be correct," his voice remained even. "Everyone in the program is monitored. Didn't you realize that?"
"No, I didn't."
A chill crept up her spine as comprehension that someone kept track of her everyday, maybe each hour sank in, and her notion of hard-won privacy was just an illusion. So was any real safety, she mused, if someone tracked her to Bargain Mart and started shooting. She wan't safe. Worse yet, she never had been.

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