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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Labelle Books Reviews THE SUM OF ALL, by Emma Hillman & Kiki Howell

Rating: A definite Thumbs Up!

When a spell goes wrong and two witches find themselves stuck in a house with a plethora of paranormal creatures, tension rises and sparks ignite. A gaunlet is thrown down, a contest is born rules are drawn up, and soon, the two women are living out the fantasies they'd never thought to have.
Who will be the best? Will jealousy prevail? Or, will they get their hearts snared by one or two of those Alpha males?

I'm new to Emma Hillman's work but I'm quite familiar with Kiki Howell's and she certainly knows how to deliver.
Mae and Esperanza have a lot in common. Not only are they both witch's but they're also best friends. One night, Mae finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her and Esperanza rushes over to offer not only support, but to also keep Mae out of trouble. But, Mae wants revenge for her hurt and what better way than to secretly cast a spell to give her ego a boost. In comes four sexy men to the plot, a vampire, a shifter, a fey, and a sorcerer. All four men are dominating, horny, and eager to please, but who gets to have their way first?
Mae becomes overwhelmed , yet excited about the situation she's put herself and Esperanza in. You see, these men are too much temptation but how do they decide? She's more drawn to the vampire and scorcerer, while her best friend has some serious chemistry going on with the shifter and fey. All six decide to share, and to make things more interesting a contest to see who's the best in bed is constructed. No magic, no shifting, or no biting are allowed but rules are broken, lust is a given, and an unexpected love conquers in the end making me want this hot little read to go on and on, it was that good.
I was drawn right from the start as this hot explicit tale draws you into the fantasy created. Four gorgeous men, two women, and a night that has nothing but pleasure on the agenda, will leave you wishing it was you in their place. Well done ladies, this story definitely has my thumbs up with a recommend to buy.

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Best wishes,
~Author Jennifer Labelle~


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! Emma and I are so happy that you liked the story.

  2. I was glad to do this for you, and it was one hot read. :)


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